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WOYWW - 3rd November 2010

Hello Bloggers and Blog Buddies.

Its Wednesday again - then again, I could be wrong judging by my track record!!!  I tried to visit everyone who visited me, but in some cases blogger wouldn't either bring the comments box up, or post my comment... i think it also has something to do with my FireFox browser too - as quite often I have to do a restart on my laptop... and sometimes I have to switch off without it closing down properly - total pain in the backside!!!

Anyway - some of you may recall that I mentioned in my last WOYWW post that I was going to a 60th Birthday party on Friday... well, I turned up Friday to the venue recognised no-one after going to both function rooms at the venue - to phone home and be told it was on Saturday... probably why everyone was looking as me and OH funny!  One party was an 18th Birthday party and the other one, that i waltzed into trying to find the birthday girl, was a motor cross presentation evening - they really DID look at us funnily... OH said "didn't you see the motorbike and trophies in the corner?" - erm, NO!

Anyway - we went again on Saturday and had a jolly good time.  My friend had hired a Beetles tribute band which was fab!  I couldn't dance - but my toes were a-tappin'... great time was had by all.

Here is the card I made her:

This card is cased from the cards made by Helen at "It's all Fiddle Fart"... Its produced in Microsoft Publisher and decoupaged.  It turned out to be rather appropriate seeing as she had the tribute band at her party - but having worked with her for a number of years, I went to her 50th party and was also her Bridesmaid when she married in 2005, so I knew this would be the card I'd make for her!

Here is the gift bag I made.  I put two different necklaces in - one for her 'Rock Chick' look, and one that is more demure - and suitable for her days spent at her favourite 'Warner Hotels'!!!

front of bag

The bag was constructed in single sided pearlised black card, and because I didn't want it plain white on the inside, I printed large polka dots on it, which is from a Pink Petticoat collection.  The 'flap' of the bag was embossed with my new embossing folder and ties in with the polka dots on the inside.  The buckles on the side were die cut from the Spellbinders Shapeabilities Buckles, done in silver mirri card.  The ribbon is grosgrain. To hide the fastenings where the flap is fastened to the bag, I've used black pearlised card candy.  I then made a small tag from the card stock and put '60th' using a silver peel off.  The front of the flap was edged using the Martha Stewart wavy edge punch and fastens with a small piece of self adhesive hook and loop tape...

Right - onto the desk.  Its pretty tidy after last weeks bombsite (well I was about to sort it out and did so that afternoon like I promised LOL)

Not too bad - I tidied up after myself after doing a couple more projects last night which I'll post at a later date.  There are a few bits of paper left over from my latest project (will post later), the remote - very important, ball of string - not sure why that is there as I've not used it, another one of those handbag/purses to the right.  At the front of that is a pile of stuff from a bag handed to me by a policeman outside the local co-op... they were on a community safety drive and gave bags of leaflets and some useful gadgets away.  At the back on the right there is a couple of images from My Craft Studio - I printed them off and will use them at a later date.  Nothing else of much interest anywhere else really - just bits and bobs I've not put away - we all have 'em don't we?

Here is a swing to my sofa which is behind the desk and where I spend a lot of time when I'm not crafting.  Sitting at the desk is not always very comfortable for me so I sit here and watch TV or surf the net and blog and email friends - its great - like my own little studio!!!

Notice my pillow still hanging about which I need to put behind me wherever I sit (not on the chair to the desk though as it falls off then I run over it)!!!

Standing at the entrance to the conservatory/craft room - here's a view that puts it a little more into perspective:

It appears quite tidy at the moment - but teenage sons soon put paid to that if they venture in here - which they do from time to time or if there is something on the TV in the lounge they don't want to watch... funny thing is - they both have their own TV but take over the ones down here... When I was a teenager still at home, all I had in my bedroom that needed a plug was my lamp - they've got that much they need extensions - they even have plasma TV with built in Digital TV and DVD player - and their own aerial points to the full aerial and still try to dominate down here !!!

Right, that's my contribution to WOYWW - sorry it was a bit long - its soooo not like me (tee hee)!!!  If you want to see other contributions to WOYWW where fellow bloggers from all over the globe show their spaces (some might even have projects or WIP on) - pop over to Julia at the Stamping Ground, and she'll explain all.  Visit as many people you like who are added to Mr Linky and leave a message where you can!

Thanks for looking, hope you come back soon.

Paula x x x


  1. Sorry hun, I had to laugh... i have done that before so you are not the only bonkers one LOL Loving your bag card and the Beatles card... tis FAB! They is my favest band ever ever ever!! have a good day hun x

  2. love love love the handbag paula and oh boy do i need you to come and tidy my desk, its bad!!!! hugs Lou xxx

  3. hahahaha at blundering into a Motocross do!!! Sort of thing I would do!!! But you had an adventure & a party so thats good!!!, love that little bag, so elegant. mmm...wonder if I could get a sofa into my craft room XXX

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha - you should have stayed you may have made some new friends !
    Love the bag!!

  5. ooooh Paula I thought I was going to have an asthma attack brought on by hysterical chortles when I read that you two trounced into the hall on Friday! OMG that is just the sort of thing that would happen to me if I ever ventured out that is! Im so glad you went back the next night and had a really good time!

    Your black pearl bag is just BEAUTIFUL! I love love love it! ooooh it is truly gorgeous!

    Oh I know what you mean about the fact that your boys prefer not to want to watch thier own tvs and stuff in their own rooms, I reckon they are all like that at that age! Its something to do with liking the feeling that you're around quite, fairly close and they dont have to shout down the stairs when they want something!!! lol!

    What a lovely tidy desk Paula, Im far too ashamed to show mine, its a pigsty on legs!

    I saw the time that you were up last night when you commented on my blog, no wonder you have a crash pad downstairs! And very comfy it looks too!

    Catch up with you soon!
    Keryn x

  6. Hi hon bag n card look fab. No WOYWW from me today time is running away n last night hid in the bathroom 4 2hrs it was either that or being arrested 4 murder bloomin kids might put them up for adoption!!! Pam x

  7. Tidy tidy - get you! Love the bag you made-fab and her card is great.
    Lynn x

  8. Oh Paula, all dressed up and nowhere to go - lol. Glad you enjoyed it the next night anyway. Your birthday card is great, bet she loved it. I really thought that was a real handbag - it's fantastic and a present in itself.

    Your craft area looks wonderfully cosy and inviting, no wonder your sons can't stay out.

  9. Oh Paula - you make me laugh! Glad you enjoyed the party on the Saturay night. Fab handbag. Your desk is looking pretty tidy too. Hope you are well. Take care. Kathleen x

  10. Hi ya Paula, Lol what ya like you just wanted to nites out eh, luv the bag tis gorgeous, lovely tidy desk, luv the spalsh of pink on ya sofa, have great day,happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  11. Thanks for sharing your desk, its so, so tidy...
    I really love the cards, that bag is gorgeous...

  12. Wow I love your bag and thanks for sharing how you made it. Nice tidy desk today.

  13. Oh dear, what a mix up! Glad you were able to get there on the right night and had a good time. Love your sofa - it certainly looks very comfy!

  14. OMG that gift bag is gorgeous!

    We have more tvs than you can shake a stick at too, and you can guarantee the one I am watching is the one everyone else wants to use.


  16. Gorgeous bag, I LOVE it

    Super tidy desk
    Happy WOYWW
    mandi xx

  17. Brillant handbag giftbag-card! I love it!!! and I love how you have a sofa right next to your desk for relaxing down time :) It's been good emailing you over the past week or so. sorry i take so long in relpying work keeps getting in the way chat again soon Px

  18. I think we can judge your state of health these days by the length of your posts again!! You must be feeling a bit more like your old self as your posts are getting longer!! Love the story from Friday, good thing it wasn't a fancy dress party you were going to! Love the card and brilliant hand bag. We only have the one tv in our house and that doesn't get that much use! There is a bar of chocolate on my desk, well it's on a shelf really, but there is one there! Takes me months to eat just one bar!

    Brenda 87

  19. Great post - glad you got to the party in the end!! You sound a bit better - hope your aches and pains are improving.

  20. Fab card and gift bag - and I did chuckle at your tale of the wrong day for the party!!!

  21. Don't quite know what to say really. Fabulous post, as ever, with some really amusing bits. The card is great, and this bag is something else!!!!!
    I think it's inspired to use those buckles for the sidey bits. It looks simply amazing.
    Glad you finally enjoyed the party!
    Well done you!

  22. hahaha - we'll have to blame the meds, it's certainly not your age LOL
    The bag is gorgeous ;-)
    Hope you've had a good day :-)
    Anne xx

  23. what a great post this week paula, lots to look at and some fab cards/bags. I did have a giggle at the story. Not sure i would have 'fessed that one, lol. caroline #16

  24. Glad you made it to the right party! I would have died...really fab gift purse - great job and your space looks really fun too
    sasa 25

  25. That Purse is awesome!! I want one for my Birthday I love the bears on the cards you made in the other post as well.. They are so cute.

  26. Hey Paula -glad to see it's not just me working my way around the desks still!

    How funny that you turned up a day early, oops!

    The black bag is fab & a great idea :-)


  27. Love the handbag - it's just fab and I have a niece it would appeal to. Elizabeth #98

  28. Paula, what a gorgeous gift bag and card. I can't say I've done that with a party before - it's bad enough getting ready and out for one party let alone two!!! Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  29. That was too, too funny. Loved that you had the guts to admit you even went the wrong night. Let's hope it wasn't too far from home.

    That gift bag is to die for. It is gorgeous and so well executed. Not that you killed, but you know what I mean.

    Your conservatory windows give off a lovely view from your couch. I am so impressed by your green, green grass, too. And are you SURE this is your desk? Did you maybe go sneak a photo off the internet (grin)? Lovely clean up job.

    You would think being #1, I could get around quicker to visit. But I am almost in time for THIS week's WOYWW. Happy very belated!


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