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Forever Friends Baby Hanger Decoration - A tutorial

Thank you for all the comments left on my baby hanger (for want of a better word eh? - sounds a bit sinister LOL).... I made it 'off the top of my head' if you like - with no instructions or sketch to follow - I hadn't researched to see if it had been done elsewhere and had a set of instructions, however, I'm convinced that I must have seen something similar - perhaps a sample on Create and Craft - but never a demo.  Anyway, while I say I didn't follow a tutorial - I don't claim to be the first to ever make one, or invent it - but, I do want to share with you how I did it, as it really does make a nice alternative to a card - or a bought gift.

I made mine using images from the Forever Friends CD - one which I am sooo smitten with.  Just before I start, for anybody out there that does have the CD set themselves - you may or may not think a lot of the software that is used with the images.  I have to say that I don't actually use it as I find it rather restrictive and limited, so I imported all the images on to my PC so that I can use them either in My Craft Studio or Microsoft Publisher.  This way it allows you to mix images and papers from the different collections i.e. a paper from the 'love' collection, with an image from the 'baby' collection.  The software provided doesn't allow you this capability, so I find it very restrictive from a creative perspective.

Anyway, back to the hanger...  I've decided to do my own tutorial to share with you so here it is.  If there is anything that I haven't made clear on this tutorial - please e-mail me or leave a comment with your preferred contact method on so I can get back to you.

What you need:

  • 3-5 Images of your choice (If for a new baby or a gift for someone, one of these will be your sentiment or a poem or similar)
  • Backing papers
  • Mirri card
  • Ribbon
  • foam pads
  • Adhesive
  • Nestabilities - I used: Classic Squares Small, Classic Squares Large and Classic scalloped Squares Large
TOP TIP: by choosing either a checked, dotty or striped paper - you can use the pattern as a guide to avoid having to measure (this is what I did anyway)!
1)  First of all, die-cut your chosen images and sentiment panel with No.7 die (one being the smallest and 7 the largest) from the Classic Squares Small collection

 N.B. Because I used digi images for my hanger, I re sized all them all in Publisher; click insert, find your image, then double click on the box, the measurements come up in the task bar in the top right corner of the screen.  To make sure your image will die cut OK, ensure that either the width or height of the box does not exceed that of the measurements of the die. This should ensure that all your images are approximately the same size, so repeat this on all your images.
2)  With die No.7 (the largest) from the Classic Square Large collection, die cut your mirri card mats (you could use a contrasting plain card or pearlised card instead of mirri).

5) With die No.6 (the largest) from the Classic Scalloped Square Large collection, die cut your design paper/backing paper.  You need double the amount of the number of image panels you've cut (e.g. if you have 5 image panels, cut 10 DPs)

6) Cut 2 lengths of ribbon to go between each panel, e.g. if you have 5 panels, you will need 8 lengths of ribbon (4 lots of 2).  4 panels - you will need 6 lengths of ribbon (3 lots of 2); 3 panels you will need 4 lengths of ribbon (2 lots of 2).

n.b.  you can have the gaps between your panels as long as you like.  However, a reasonable gap for this project is 2 inches.  You could either cut the ribbon up, or have 2 lengths running all the way down the panels - but this would make it harder to control.

For a 2 inch gap, cut each length of ribbon to 6 inches in length.  2 inches on each panel to secure.

Now you should have all your components ready to assemble - as follows:

1)  lay your largest mat (the scalloped square) on the table - pattern facing down (or if double sided - the pattern you want on the outside should be face down).

2)  adhere 2 lengths of ribbon.  you can see here that I've actually used the scallops as a guide to where I've attached my ribbon.  Note that the scallop between the two ribbons is the centre of the entire scallop square.  Using either the scallops or a patterned paper as a guide will mean less measuring.

 3) put adhesive on another scalloped square (I use my ATG gun), then place it on top of the scalloped that you have just attached your ribbons to.  This will hid all the 'workings' and create the panel on which to put your image.


4)  Add a second scalloped square to the ribbons ensuring they line up with the same scallops...  To ensure all mine were correct lined up, I put some markings on a piece of scrap card stock as follows:

 5)  when your ribbon is secure, add another2 strips to the bottom before you put your other scalloped square on to hide everything

carry on until you have completed all your panels.
6)  Mat all of your images to the mirri card (or whatever you are using)

job done!!!

This hanging project can be used for all sorts of projects - you could spell words by putting a letter on each panel; use stamped and embossed images, dry emboss the mirri card mats - or use different card stock for the matting.  The possibilities are numerous.  You could even do a Christmas themed one to hand as a decoration in your home using Christmas images, Christmas coloured card stock and Christmassy ribbon - how lovely that would be.

I really hope that you go and create one of these hanging decorations for yourself - and come back here to tell me all about it - I'd love to see what you make - and just doing this tutorial has inspired me to make some more using different themes - you could even use photographs of loved ones, a pet instead of an image and give this as a gift.

Please remember;  while I'm sure I didn't invent this hanging project by any means - it would be really nice that, if you made one following my tutorial, you credit me if you blog it, and linked this tutorial for others to follow - hope you don't mind me saying that bit.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial -  my next post will be about my masquerade mask fiasco (not so easy to say!!!).

big hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula. Fab tut. Makes a fab gift. I've done something similar with salt dough letters and animals to make a wall hanging.
    A x

  2. Excellent tutorial Paula. And a lovely result!

  3. Wow, fab tut Paula, youve made it look so easy! What a clever trick to use the patterns on the card or the shapes of the nesties to help with the measuring, oh thats definitely a woman thing isnt it!! We find the best way of doing things!

    As you say, it would look fab in xmassy themed images etc too, I really now just need to hibernate in here for a week to do all of the crafting things that I am desperate to do!

    Off to bed now as Steves got a half night and just appeared home, talk about life being back to front in this house?!

    Thanks for your great tut!
    Keryn x

  4. Great tutorial Paula and yes Baby Hanger does sound a bit sinister lol! Have a great week. Tracey x

  5. Hi Paula! Great tutorial and post, and I've read some of earlier posts I missed. Will continue reading tomorrow and leave some more comments! Love new photo of you... lookin' really pretty!!! Sending you lots of hugs and thinking of you!

  6. Well done on putting the tutorial together Paula, great project and great gift idea :-)
    Hope you're doing ok :-)
    Anne xx

  7. Hi Paula! This is such a sweet project and such a nice gift idea!



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