Thursday, 14 October 2010

WOYWW (on a Thursday again)!!!

Phew, what a day I had on Wednesday...

little sleep during the night, woke up early, 3 parcels delivered (only one for me- even the dog had a delivery!!!), phone call from OH "have you made my dad a card" - no mention of a card for their wedding anniversary - although they don't send us one (no comment)... but it was their 50th.... well, that's the last i remember from the conversation the night before.

Phone call from my mum - "My kettles broken" (she'd only had it in June - and can't find the receipt) "I've not had a drink for 2 days" (which turns out to be untrue because she'd been boiling water in a pan.... "Come down here, I'll lend you one of mine" (not that I have loads of kettles laying about the place, but I do have a decent one that I take camping - or glamping as my OH calls it - nothing less than electric hook up for me and mine!!!  We've not been this year but was still accessible, so OH got it out for her as she was coming down on her 'scooter'...

She turned up with a friend in tow while I'm rushing about making this 50th Wedding Anniversary card.  As my craft room now had mums friend sat on my chair, and mum sat on the sofa, I ended up standing up to print things out (that I'd designed on MCS first), then sat to the dining table to cut out and assemble... "could you pass me a length of gold ribbon please" I said the the OH... "I want a touch of gold on here but don't want to make it obvious by making it a gold card"... of he goes to get my box of ribbons... comes back, chooses one, watches me while i cut it, secure it then tie a bow round it.  Mum and her friend disappear after 2 cuppa's, i go back in the craft room to try and find a suitable 50th Wedding Anniversary poem.. not a lot of them around, but find something suitable.  Then I ask him if he's gonna arrange them a bouquet of flowers or does he want me to do it... then he says  "Its not their 50th until next year"... jaw-dropped-on-floor!!!  "but you said last night it was, we discussed it" .... further discussion took place on how he hadn't said it was tomorrow - I couldn't argue because its likely he didn't say it after all - tablets 1- Paula 0!!!  Oh well, I said I'll have to start another from scratch and save that either for someone else (don't exactly know anyone due for their 50th Anniversary mind), or save it for next year (if I remember that I've done one LOL)!!!

So, made another, but left construction until tomorrow.

I've not taken part in WOYWW for the last 2 weeks - even though i have taken pics of my desk... by the time I've even nearly got round to it, its been rather late, and for me at least, the moment has past.
So, in all the mayhem that was today, I didn't even take a pic - but believe me when I say it is worse that the ones I taken over the last couple of weeks.

Here's the first pic which was taken week before last!

scruffy desk

Oops - a bit of a mess!!! On the top of the mountain you can see 2 ATG gun boxes - well, I ordered one and it just wasn't working so phoned the company up where I got it from and explained that it appeared to be broken as it wouldn't wind the waste backing paper around the second spool - and it was set up exactly right and according to the video that was on their website.  The guy said he would send me another and just throw the first one away - it wasn't viable to send the cost of postage to get it returned.  Second one came... OH looked at it and discovered that the first one had been set up wrong (it actually came set up, but I'd ripped the tape, hence me having to put the tape on according to the video.  The spool and spring had been put together upside down by whoever put the additional tape in that I'd purchased... so, thanks to their stupidity - i have two guns for the price of one - one with 12mm tape in and the other with 19mm tape in... cool!!!

HHHmmmm seeing the pic and knowing its far worse is shouting at me to get it cleared up later... maybe when I've finished the 49th Wedding Anniversary card of perhaps!!!!

He is a pic of the desk from last week

Actually, last week doesn't seem as bad as the week before, meaning that i must have tidied it up in the meantime - then reverted back to scruffy - then some!!!   In this pic, you can see my new Purple Cows 2in1 trimmer and guillotine.  The guillotine is really great, very precise and crisp.  However, the trimmer (which is detachable from the main bit), but it is almost meant for a left handed person - you have to action the trimmer with your left hand - which I'm having trouble with anyway as I can't exhert any pressure on the slider thing - I suppose I could use it upside down.  My other trimmer, which is a Carl trimmer is the right way round, so maybe its just that I'm used to using that one - who knows!!! 

If you want to join in with WOYWW - Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday - pop over here to Julia and she'll tell you all about the rules (or rather lack of them) - shows you how laid back it is, I'm two weeks late!!!  And it can't be all that bad, we're on week 71 with membership growing weekly!

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Hugs - and bye for now, 

Paula x x x


  1. Yep, you live up to your Long, LONG posts, but I love every word you write. Laughed SO hard at the card and all the pitfalls. Your mom is a riot, at least the way you describe her. And YES, I jumped out of the line to send you warm WOYWW greetings from #2 this week.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post... just shows how you coped with all sorts of extraneous probs!
    By the way, I love your new profile picture! I also loved the card and picture you sent to Twiglet!
    I've subscribed to the email thingy and so I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Your desk is messy! I love it. It's great!

  4. Always enjoy your posts - it's worth waiting for! Hope you get the 49th anniversary card finished later! Hope you have a better day today.

  5. It's good to know you manage some lovely crafting with all your pain and problems [and I've of course seen some of it in real life...gorgeous] and I'm really pleased to see you aren't wasting your time cleaning up :-)
    Take care. Don't do too much.
    A x

  6. Aarrgh! Love how he patiently trots off to get gold ribbon and doesn't twig! How funny. Well at least you didn't lay it all on for them a year early - we threw a big party for both sets of parents for their goldens - 3 weeks apart!Glad to hear that you're coping with the odd visitor and up to a little crafting. Tidying up the table isn't crafting - get one of the boys to do it (under instruction, then you can save your energy for actually being at the desk!!

  7. he he oh hun did laugh at your post,as he trots off to get the ribbon,then tells you its not there 50th oh would have gone mad still mine would not even have got the ribbon for me,great messy creative desk hugs cheryl xxxx

  8. Aaarrgghhh no!! I couldn't work in that space, it would make me too crazy! Had a good laugh over the tale of your mum and her friend, not to mention your DH. Never mind, we get there in the end ....

  9. Hi Paula - just had to put my gorgeous pic and birthday card on my blog yesterday. They are both really lovely - thanks lots. Annie rang me to say- could I call at her "sorting office" to collect a parcel!! Its her little joke cos she ends up with mail for me, her 3 kids and her neighbour these days!! I do hope you are feeling better - at least you are managing a little bit of craft work - tho I guess it still causes much discomfort. You are a treasure - all the best. Jo

  10. Paula you are so funny. I loved reading your post. LOL
    I found it so hard to buy a cutter I liked but my 20 year old dahle is still going strong and has outlived all the others.

  11. Paula, I love reading your posts. They are so funny. Glad you are getting a wee bit crafting done. I was thinking about getting one of those cutters - glad you mentioned about it being left-handed. Will maybe have to think again. Take care and don't do too much. Love Kathleen x

  12. What a day for you - what an entertaining post. Your mum sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. Your desk really is as messy as you claim - perhaps you could ask your very obliging husband to clear it up - after all if he can get the ribbon for you . . . :)Kind regards, Elizabeth (Silverscrapper)

  13. Hi Paula, love your 'scruffy desk' thanks for popping by my blog


  14. Still getting used to my hubby's "roundabout" dates, numbers and information - after 13 years. Room looks great with some fun stuff...
    sasa 10

  15. Ooh it is rather untidy Paula - but then look at mine and pot and kettle spring to mind hahahahaha
    Glamping - I love it! What's your mum like LOL
    Hope you've had a good day
    Hugs Anne xx

  16. It must be like looking for buried treasure - that is one very creative workspace! Love it :-) Christine #7

  17. Funny, funny, story, maybe you should write a book! If you can find any room on your workdesk. LOL Just think you are ahead of schedule on your cards for 2011! Hugs Linda C #78

  18. What an enjoyable post - thanks for the laughs!

    Sherry 118

  19. Men! Need I say more?
    Thanks for sharing the desk and its progress and for the amusing chatter which I thoroughly enjoyed. Take care. #142

  20. I love busy desks! They just show your creativity!

  21. Paula, your post made me laugh out loud. i dont mind if it's photo of wed or thurs if you write such entertaining posts.
    thanks for popping by to my blog earlier. caroline #1

  22. The anniversary card story made me laugh - maybe you should just take the gold ribbon off and stick a '-1' by the number, then blame the OH lol! Like the new profile picture by the way

    Alison x

  23. A really messy crafty space this week! And well, I've done that, put the wrong number on something before now, and no body's said, not til it's posted off! Happy Woyww

  24. Loving your messy desk and hope Mum got a new kettle hun x


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