Wednesday, 27 October 2010

WOYWW 27th October

Did October really happen - how come we are at the end of it already?  

It’s been a sparse month for me in blogging and card making/crafting terms... I just haven't had the energy or motivation - i need a kick up the jaxi!!!

Thanks to all those who stopped by last week on WOYWW - I did reciprocate all my visits (I hope), and did try and get round everyone - then I had a couple of days when I barely opened the laptop (probably because most of the time it was under a pile of rubbish)!!!

On Monday, I had a rare excursion out... my son took me to town where i bought a few bits and bobs.  It was a struggle - but fortunately I had my DS with me who made a great bag carrier!!!  When we went into the pound shop to see if there were any crafting bargains to be had (not many mind), he did that teenager thing - he kept moaning that he didn't want to be in the shop and that it was awful... mind you, there were a group of staff in one corner slagging off a colleague who was on the tills.  DS recons it’s because she looked normal and the rest didn't like it because, in his words (a teenage thing), they were all munters!!!   I didn't bring him up like that - honest, but you have to laugh because he was probably on the nail.

That afternoon/evening/night I brought that piece of furniture in to the conservatory that was in the garage - (I think I’d put in my last post that i was going to have it restored to its original pride of place...).  Mind you, when I say I brought it in - of course I mean that my huffing and puffing OH did it - sighing all the time - does anyone else's OH do that - instead of just saying they are hacked off for some reason - they just huff and puff to make you feel guilty...  My mum recons it's my fault.

Anyway - the big unit is now where the smaller cupboard was.  The smaller cupboard is now where the TV (all 32" of it) was on its low unit.  A piece of board has had to be put on to ensure the oversized TV (that used to be in the lounge before we got the 42" plasma 3 years ago (and overpriced because they were new on the market and i could now get 2 and a smaller one for what we paid for ours) - (sorry I digress..) anyway the TV is now there and higher.  The sofa is in the same place, and the doors to the garden are still accessible.
The unit that the TV was on now has my printer with two sets of drawers underneath that houses the papers I regularly use for printing on.  This is next to my desk – so is technically in the kitchen!!!!!!  Anyhow – I’ve yet to wire it up and check to see if it works while it’s there, so it may move yet.  The unit has casters, so I could turn it and angle it towards me if I need to.

The big unit has all my plain paper and cardstock in it, along with envelopes, my peel off fileI think of it as my very own stationery cupboard!  The open shelving is going to house my Cuttlebug and embossing folders, along with the scanner – which is a printer too – but I’m not using it as a printer – I just want to use the scanner function every now and again.

Inside (this isn't how it will stay as there are a few things i've yet to house properly and sort out.  The bottom shelf has one full large papermill box of hammered and linen cardstock in white and cream (thats the brown box on the right), the left of that shelf sees all my white cardstock from Century Paper Mill 300gsm and 190gsm.  The top shelf in the cupboard part needs sorting out.  I've hidden some crisps away from the children so that i can limit their munching - i'm trying to get them to eat fruit between meals rather than meals - they are growning, granted - but they have soup, sandwhiches or tortilla wraps while waiting for tea to be cooked - then guess what - they don't eat all of their tea.  Try reasoning with two growing teenage boys :O.

The top open shelves.  The weighing scales are actually the bottom part of my kitchen scales, but its there as I use it to weigh my post if i have a largish item to send:

The unit under the TV houses all my folders with my stamps in (that’s where they were before too), my decoupage and card kits, and all my boxes, frames, voltives, candles etc. etc. that are there for making into gifts.


Because of the extra storage, I’ve been able to improve the appearance of the Expedit shelves and its contents; hopefully I’ll keep it like that!!!

I’m pleased with how it’s all looking so far – a big thank you to my lovely Mum who sorted the big unit out (despite her own health issues), and sorted all my cardboard and jiffy bags out too.  There is a big storage box that i've put all my big equipment in such as my Purple Cows guillotine, Martha Stewart Score Board, my Ultimate Pro and my Carl paper trimmer.

It now remains for me to sort out my drawers under the desk, as I’d shoved everything in here off the desk so we could make a start… the desk, as you can see, still needs sorting out which will be done later so that I can do some crafting.  

Heres a pic of the desk

Here is the unit with the printer on - that used to have the TV on, and which technically sits in the kitchen... i'm not sure i'm happy with that, but here's the pic for now:

You may just be able to detect next to it the chair where Dylan sleeps - it wasn't originally intended for him, and before I took over the conservatory, it was in there - with another one, but he seems to like it and gets a bit out of sorts if someone else sits in it!!

Here is the view from the craftroom/conservatory into the kitchen.  The cat followed me when I took the picture - in fact she follows me everywhere.  She's back on the sofa in the lounge with me now, whereI am sat typing this up.

Thats it for piccies...

I am hopefully going to a friend’s (and former colleague) 60th Birthday party on Friday, so need to make a card. The invitation says that its fancy dress to reflect her love of 60’s rock.  She’s a 60 year old rock chick – who’s about 18-30 in her head… I hope she’s still like it when she’s 70!  I won’t be dancing or drinking – but wouldn’t miss the party for anything.  I went to her 50th, she came to my 30th, I was her bridesmaid a couple of years after that… So, I need to make her a suitable card.  I also want to make her one of those bags to house the present I got her – which is a bit of costume jewellery, which she loves!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  If you’d like to see more desks and craft spaces, pop over to Julia – who hosts this fabulous concept where all participants show their spaces – they all add themselves to Mr Linky – you go and see their space and hopefully leave some love!!! Julia can be found at the Stamping Ground…

Thanks for visiting – I look forward to reading your comments – and over the week – making a return visit to see your space.

Take care, hugs n stuff,
Paula x x x  


  1. Early, nut not as early as I was :)
    Super crafty space
    isnt it funny how our stuff grows and does that happen??

    Happy WOYWw
    mandi xx

  2. oh wow hun you sure have some,craft things here wow so much wonder how that happened he he hope your mojo returns soon hun hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Paula, What a lot of stuff you've got. I am going to Glasgow tomorrow and no doubt I will collect more stash and then hide it for a while! lol Hope you have a good time at your friends birthday party. Take care and rest before you go. Kathleen xxx

  4. So wonderful crafting space.
    Lot´s of stuff do you have.
    Thanks for sharing and happy crafting.

  5. My jaw is somewhere near the floor ogling at all your STUFF!
    Good Grief Paula, what heaven!

  6. Wow, what a fab tour of your superb craft space! Love all your cupboards and things!

  7. Hello Paula!!

    How lovely to actually see all of those places that youve talked of, Im always better with an image as my mind just gets itself into a right two & eight if left to its own devices!! Sadly, you know what I mean!! lmao!

    Awww, I was most touched by the photo of your black cat following you as you'd clearly left her for a moment to take the photo! Poppy is just the same but shes a dog, she trots a couple of paces behind me every single time I move, if only she were taller I could use her instead of a stick!!

    And the other bit was seeing Dylans chair! Awwww! I just wished I could see him in it!

    Youve had lots on your plate with all of this reorganisation, I reckon its a sign of your withdrawals from work as we all know that every 12mths theres the compulsory office reorg!!

    Your space is looking fab and just let your Mum know that I can come and get her as clearly she's being used as slave labour up there in Chester!! lol!

    Have a great week Paula and catch up with you soon! Enjoy the party!

    Keryn xxx

  8. What a lot you've got!!! I hope you can find some quality crafting time so that you can enjoy your big reorganisation - it looks bril.

  9. Hi Paula, I haven't managed to join in WOYWW this week as, not only am I still feeling rubbish, but OH has now taken to bed with man flu. I just hope I feel better as I want to go to craft show in Glasgow on Friday. Your space looks great, you have been working hard.


  10. Hi Paula I know what you mean about the OH huffing mine does that as well. Your space looks great and I love the cat sitting watching you.
    Elaine no39

  11. Loved the tour. Thanks. S #84

  12. you have a wonderful space, hope you feel more like crafting soon

    LOL 'munters' I love that ha ha

  13. Now that is a wow work area.. my kids are the same way in the craft store.. but my 8 year old son love stamps and has his own stamping area in his room.. I will have to share that one day.

    Shirley Pumpkin #41

  14. You were earlier than me :0) Blimey I forgot how much you have to say too ... I missed ya X

  15. You have been busy hon. Your space is looking fab. Hugs Pam x

  16. great tour, it takes so long to get a craft space properly organised doesn't it! but it looks like you've done brilliantly!

  17. Blimey you have had a shift around-I know you were threatening to do it but didn't realise it was going to be so all at once LOL!
    hugs Lynn x

  18. Ah yes, Paula is back! Enjoyed the tour this week and you email notification thingy is working just fine! I like how you're hiding food in the cupboard, are you sure it's from the boys??? Enjoy the party, sounds like a hoot!

    Brenda 89

  19. What a lovely tour around Paula! Your crafting space is abfab!!! Love what you've done with your 'new' storage units.

    Hope you enjoy the party on Friday.

  20. Wow, there's a lot going on!!! And yes, they all do the huffing and puffing... (well, at least yours and mine do...)

  21. Great tour Paula

    Penni (54)

  22. Thanks for sharing your space with us! I did have a giggle when i read the bit about your son in poundland sound very familiar to me :)

  23. Great craft space you have there. Thanks for sharing (no. 26)

  24. Everything seems so well organized. Love the Expedit shelves. THanks for the lookie see.

  25. Great to see organisation in action

  26. Thanks for all the pictures and the smile I got re son in the pound shop. Munters is now in my vocabulary.
    What a great mum you have. #46

  27. I love your 'box' shelves I could do with tose! By folders and box files always slip sideways and are so bursting I could do with another way to save them. Bit late but happy woyww!!

  28. Thanks for the tour ...glad you had a trip out ...take care of your self ....must get back to all this WOYWWing but all that there is at the moment is a pile of junk and a lack of mojo.xx

  29. your post made me smile. love the storage snoop thanks for sharing. caroline #14

  30. Thanks for the fab tour - looking good! Great space with wonderful goodies. Hope you find your way around and we get to see more ...
    sasa 28

  31. Well you sure have been organising every one else to do your organising!!
    Hope you have a great time tonight.

    Take care...

  32. Hi Paula, hope you've had a good rest after supervising your OH while he was moving stuff round hehe. I haven't joined in for a couple of weeks; last week I decided to steer clear of the PC most of the time and be more productive and this Wednesday I was at a 'playday'
    Anne xx

  33. Hey hunny.. loving your new looks studio, it looks lovely and light and airy in there :O)) Hope you have had chance to sit and make your card, sorry am late... as usual ROFL Have a good night tonight ;o)) BTW, Cat = sooooo cute!!! hugs xx

  34. I have really enjoyed the crafting tour. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 24)

  35. Loved the tour - love the idea that you're slowly spreading into the stop, the whole ground floor! Your mUm is a saint no doubt, but she's wrong about the huffing and puffing being your fault. It's his fault. Mine does it occasionally and I say if he's not prepared to verbalise then it's obviously very trivial!

  36. Loved the tour of your workspace - it looks as though you are getting it all very organised. Your son sounds just like my grandsons. And, at 62 I can identify with your rock chick - in my head I'm still 18 so happy birthday to her. Elizabeth #51

  37. I'm glad I was just sat down so I had a long time before my back gave out. Of course, I had to get up about half way through the post, although I didn't huff when I did (grin). Love the way the new area looks. You, your hubby, and your mom did a fantastic job with your space. It is lovely and light everywhere. Sorry I'm so late, but I still can't sit for long at a time (15).

  38. looking good paula!! bless your mum helping you to sort out. hope you are getting better hun,keeping you in my thoughts hugs Lou xxxxx

  39. ooh what a lot of storage - see I'd just have one mahoosive desk and pile the stuff in the middle and work in a quarter inch space on the edge...

    but then I am a bit envious of your organisation - much better than my way...



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