Monday, 11 October 2010

Long time - no post....

Well, hello!

Seeing as I haven't blogged - as in posted for a while - maybe the longest time between posts for me(?), I thought I'd come on here and tell you about a few of the things that I've been up to in the last couple of weeks (if I can remember)!!!

First of all, I'm on a new regime of medication since I went to the pain clinic so I'm persevering with those, and so far, I've not been experiencing the high level of pain that i was - and because that seems a bit better - some of the other pains that were still there lurking 'underneath' that one (that's the only way I can describe it) have come to the fore... Anyway, as I said, it seems to have taken the edge off the pain (happy dances) (well, its not quite got that good yet)!!!  However, I think (?) I mentioned in my last post that the side effects of the new tablets... well, if it didn't say on the leaflet that I'd have memory impairment, I'd have seriously thought I was going mad.  The number of arrangements and appointments I've missed (despite having them written down) is just too embarrassing to share with you.  I can talk without either a) forgetting what I was saying b) repeating something I've already told somebody c) using the wrong words for things (I called the cat a human being the other day)...  The best thing I've done recently though is asking the OH to take me to the NEC at Birmingham on Friday just gone (8th Oct) to the ICHF (Craft Fair)... Because I only broke it to him on the Sunday that I wanted him to take me ( he doesn't work Fridays as he does his hours Monday to Thursday) on his day off... well, the request wasn't met with much enthusiasm, but he agreed.  Funny thing is, he was working in Birmingham all week, but he kept asking me to get the directions.  I told him that it would be signposted as we approached Birmingham - and its not like he shouldn't know how to get there huh?  And, we've been before anyway.  On Thursday night, he came back home from the pub quiz (he went on his own, sat on his own and ended up in the tie-breaker question at the end... but he lost - the question was something like 'when did the 100 year war start?' - he'd got no idea.  He was 'head-hunted' while at the quiz, as he got more right on his own than quite a few groups with many 'heads' did...  Eldest DS didn't go as he was poorly, and so was youngest DS.  They've been off school all week.  Anyway, he came home from the quiz and asked me to get the directions and look at a map of the NEC to see if there was anything local that he could do while I was browsing.  I checked to see if I could pay on the door and couldn't find the details - after a bit of searching - DS came and sat beside me and said 'its not until next month... the date is 4-7th November'... well, i could have punched myself - but everyone here thinks its highly amusing.

So, he's promised to take me in November (if I'm OK on the day), so if any of my lovely blog buddies are planning to be there would care to meet up and witness 'madness' for themselves - please let me know if you're going and you're up for it - I'd love to put a face and voice to a blog header!!! LOL.

Well, i haven't been blogging much, or rather, blog hopping too much recently - so if I haven't been by your blog, its not personal, although on the odd, rare occasion, I have been having short spurts at catching up with a few blogs - but they are short spurts!!!  I have been meandering a lot on the inter web, doing a bit of craft shopping too.  I've been thinking about starting my Christmas cards - goodness knows it appears that I have enough time!!!  A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Lynn (Linby) came to see me - and of course - we NEVER stopped talking. We were going to do this and that, I was going to give her a demonstration of my Cinch which I bought from QVC on easy-pay and had only got it out of the box the week before Lynn came by.  I bound a 100 page document for my eldest Son which is a book he'll be required to refer to time and time again over the course of this year - his final A-level year.

Anyway, as I said, Lynn came by and we just talk away... the time just flies and we still have plenty that we needed to share with each other, but time just runs out. 

Looking back on my last few weeks, I've got to say that I recon I've spent more time replying to e-mails than anything else!!!  I did take pics of my desk on the last two Wednesdays, but didn't take part because but the time I've been waking up its been way late to take part by the time I've got my act together. Anyway, the last time I did take part - I made a balls up with the link - which was a sign of things to come!
Anyway, I thought I'd show a few bits of what I've been up to recently - in no particular date order, but where I can remember, I will give details of the project (just in case you're interested)!!!

gift bag - using Pink Petticoat 'roses' collection DP

side view showing ornate handle attachments
showing tag sat inside bag

The above are pics of a little handbag I did for a friends daughter who did really well in her GCSE'sfabby templates and tutorials are is called Mel Stampz - well worth a visit.  I loved making this and my friends daughter loved it.  I put a little tag inside with my greetings on, and also put some chocolates in too... the tag was the card substitute if you like with the bag being an envelope which makes a card a bit more of a gift and helps it to stand out from the rest.

The DP is from a collection from Pink Petticoat called Roses and the colour is called Ocean.  If you've never been over to the PP store or blog - its well worth a look as there are some great collections - which come in 52 stunning and very modern colours.   The fancy ornate bit has been done using a cuttlebug ornamental die  - left (middle) die.  It was attached to a strip of the card then secured the handle with tiny flower brads. 
The handbag flap was made using 2 pieces of cardstock cut using the Spellbinders No. 8 label, pierced pieces all around the edge, then got my lovely embroidery threads out and sewed both pieces together. I then embossed this with the folder called 'Textile'.  This was then scored in two places - the measurement between the two scored lines was the width of the bag opening so that the flap sits in place comfortably.  The back was secured with brads, and the front had a little tab of hook and eye tape.  To finish the front off, I glued the die cut shape from the same ornate die using the bottom left shape (see above pic).

rear of bag showing how the flap is secured by brads

front of bag showing the ornate 'clasp' with a gorgeous gem in the middle

inside of the bag, this shows the embossing off really well
I'm in the process of making another one of these bags to put a little gift of some costume jewellery for another friends daughter.  I'll show that one too, when I've finished it.


FF card approx 8x8 size, decoupaged by printing image of a few times
Inside of card, with tag of baby's birth details :O)

The above picture and card were made for a friend/colleague who had just had a baby girl (way back in July)!!!  Because of one thing or another, we didn't get together until about 3 weeks ago when she came to my house and I met the little lady - Jasmine.  She was 9 weeks old already and had masses of hair - but still felt and looked like a newborn... sooooo cute.  I had a little cuddle until it started to ache, be she was so lovely.  Anyway, the above projects were made as follows:

Ikea frame, Elli image and ALL papers in the image from Pink Petticoat - elephant image was paper pieced and slightly decoupaged.  Flowers, leaves etc were punched from cardstock printed with PP design papers.

Was made using the Forever Friends CD ROM which is awesome.  The circular images on the card front were cut using nesties and matted on a slightly larger scalloped nestie.  The tag inside with the birth details on was printed on the PC then die cut using Spellbinders labels 8.

tent card using Kanban tree image

I made the above card for my Mum's best friend, Carol.  Mum and Carol went to school with each other - in every single class together throughout their school life.  I thinks its wonderful how they are still friends after all this time.  While I was growing up, mum wasn't really in touch with her.  Not sure what happened, but they got back in touch and now Carol goes to see my mum every week - sometimes twice.  I recon they'll end up living together one day in a nursing home for the elderly... Carol is one of those lady's that everyone will know when she's around... actually, she is polar opposite to my mum in loads of ways - she's loud and swears a lot, my mum is a wallflower and doesn't swear.  Carol is so funny and good company for my mum - its been good to have her in mums life, especially after dad died.  

Card details:
This card was made in the tent style 150x150mm square.  The layers were made using cardstock I've had for a while.  The tree was inked up using blue ink (sorry i can't remember which i used), then blinged up using various gems and pearls.  Apparently, she absolutely loved it. :O)

Well, not a small post (as usual), but i can be forgiven since i haven't posted in a while!  Also, i think I've given value for money with all these different pics and projects!!!

There are loads more, and I would have blogged them sooner had I felt like it - but hey, I'm doing it now :O)

I will post some more later!

Bye and thanks for reading - hugs, 

Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula,
    I'm glad that you're getting a bit of pain management finally, but that is a bummer about the memory stuff! You need a personal assistant :) I know it gets wearying dealing with all of that, and it must feel like if it isn't one thing it's another. It's so nice to see you posting- I love love love that gift bag you made, embossing adds such a fabulous classy look to anything you use it with.

  2. So glad to hear the pain is improving. Would like to hear you were pain free but at least it's in the right direction. Memory probs?...Write it all down on post it notes and leave them where you can see them :-) I do :-)
    Lovely makes on your blog today.
    A x

  3. Hi Paula
    Glad to hear the pain is a bit more manageable, your creations are stunning, I esp like the little bag so much detail its gorgeous, I have to write notes for everything or I forget, so your not alone there.
    Chris x

  4. Hi sweetheart, pleased to hear that your pain is receding, if only a little at the moment. Fingers corssed it will improve for you. A shame about your memory though. As Annie says...use post it notes my lovely!

    Gorgeous pieces of work!!! I love the ornate handles on the bag! HUGS XXX

  5. Hi Paula. Good to hear from you again. Glad the pain management is improving. I write everything down now - post it notes are great. Lovely cards and that handbag is just gorgeous. Take care. Kathleen x

  6. OMG Paula-that bag is soooo gorgeous. Take care hun.
    Linby x

  7. Me again - just like when we meet up and I think of another thing to tell you! You changed your pic to the one you showed me! Also fab link to those templates - that will keep me going for years!
    Linby x

  8. Very glamorous photo Paula! and good to know you are feeling a little better. Glad you enjoyed your visit from Linby - what a lovely lady she is isn't she. x Jo

  9. Glad your pain management is better, if not yet totally right. Memory problems are the bane of my life lately and I'm not on any medication!!

  10. Good to here your pain is a wee bit less. I have been off work for over 3 months as my ME has had a bad flare up so I know what it is like to have a bad day....I am still waiting for a good day. I really enjoyed your post, especially the little faux pas with the date of the show. I know where you are coming from especially the bit about starting a conversation and then forgetting what you are talking about. I have been known to go out in the car and forget where I am going.....but hey you've got to laugh ( well it is better than crying) Take care



  11. Me again, I was so busy blabbing I forgot to say that I think your gift bag is absolutely fabulous


  12. What a relief gal, to hear that your pain medication is actually having some effect at last. Can't tell you how happy I am that you feel you're moving forward - the whole tone of your post has proved that. Lovely, lovely projects - my word, when you do it, you really do it good!


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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