Friday, 15 October 2010

Just one or two projects...

Well, good evening bloggers.  I thought I'd do a quick post with something I was working on for a few days...  its one of those little handbags that, to be quite honest are so easy to make, they could become quite addictive - and i can see me making some for Christmas too to put choccies in etc...

The design papers are both from the forever friends CD - I just love the hot pink with the white daisies on...  i matched the colour of the embroidery thread to the pink DP (well, I tried to match it), then used my very sharp poky tool to prick round the edges of the flap then sewed around it it - which keeps the two parts together that makes up the flap.  I remember when I was sewing it a few days ago, the sun was streaming through the lounge window and was so warm, so I sat on the windowsill as its a big(ish) bay.  Its a place that Dylan often goes to sunbathe, and so do the cats.  There are no ornaments in the bay window these days - as some have been broken in the past by the dog going mental at the postman, anyone that dares to walk down the street or when he sees one of the neighbourhood cats.  He goes off on one - then fusses them silly if he gets to them.  oops! There i go again, digressing!!

Back to the bag.  With this one, rather than secure the flap with brads at the back like i did with the one in a previous post, I used those book rings (i think that's what they're called).  To prevent them from ripping, i used my cropodile and put two eyelets in the back and also the flap.  Not sure if this picture shows the eyelets up very well, but its the best i got!!

The tag obviously spells out the recipients name.  The letters are die cut from the only set of alpha dies i have.  Its a sizzix set called 'Tina thinks you're cute' (who thinks these names up??)...  Its cut out of the same paper the flap is made from - - i forgot to say that i'd embossed the flap with the cuttlebug embossing folder 'Textile'.

The tassel was bought from the local Dunhelm Mills.  To be honest, they were a bit overpriced for what they are, but must admit that this one did finish the flap closure off very nicely.  The faux gem is actually a button, from a selection I bought from here which is an online craft shop called The Hobby House.  They sell them in a mixed pot of 25 for £3.99.  I snipped the thread loop off at the back so that it would sit flat.  I stuck this to the bag with princess pinflair gel (that stuff's good)!!!  To fasten the bag closed, I put a bit of hook and loop tape on.  TOP TIP:  If your hook and loop tape is a bit strong (and likely to pull away from the paper like mine was, snip away some of the hooks (the stiffer bit) or loops (the softer bit)

Anyway, my friend, whose daughter this bag was destined for (it had a pink and white gorgeous necklace in), unfortunately lost her brother just over a week ago, so I made her a card and popped it in with the parcel.  I also popped in a candle and glass voltive so that she could light it for him.  Here's the card

I took this photograph at night time and had my overhead desk lamp on, hence the bad shadowing to the card.  The sentiment is an Anna Griffin one from her sentiments collection.  The embossing folder is by Crafts Too, ribbon from stash - can't remember who the manufacturer of this is.  The label which the sentiment is on is a recent purchase and from the Spellbinders set called 'Fancy Tags', which I can see are going to be used time and time again.

I sent Sam, the recipient of the bag, a Gawjuss Gals birthday card and was one from a kit I bought a while ago from QVC.  Its a die cut decoupage kit and at first, I wasn't that keen, but looking back at the picture I took, I'm quite happy with it.  Obviously, with die cut decoupage you can make a card as plain or as elaborate as you want.  Some people don't think that using die cut decoupage and kits constitutes crafting, and I'll admit to feeling a bit of a cheat at times, but the only difference between this and say CD crafting, digi stamp crafting or stamping (as I see it) is, that someone has provided the raw, precoloured materials instead of having to do them yourself - how you assemble them, lay them out and embellish them up, is no different to any other crafting... or so I've come to realise - and to be honest, i didn't find it to be any quicker, but I'll tell you one thing, because of all the lovely images, it was sure hard to decide which one to choose.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Right, I think that's it for this post (nearly), apart from to say that earlier, I was feeling pretty great and while I wasn't exactly doing a tango in the kitchen while cooking tea tonight (did you get that, I was cooking tea), i did feel pretty great and singing and messing about with DS - I was also in a frame of mind to consider the prospect of going back to work.  Next March will see my 40th Birthday and I never in my wildest dreams considered the prospect of being off work sick - it just isn't in my game plan.  Now while I'm in a bit of pain today, recently I've had some better days and hopefully these are going to get more regular.  Maybe the painkillers I'm on are the right thing, but I just worry that the side effect will be the thing to hold me back.  I'm hoping that everything will sort itself out soon.

Finally, if you read my post yesterday, you will remember my saga with the wedding anniversary card/year.  I thought it was my out-laws in-laws Golden wedding anniversary but its not until next year.  Its also the FIL Birthday, so I'd made two cards for him too - one from Darren and one from the kids.  I had to stop and start a new one.

Anyway, because getting the 'new' card finished was such a rush, i didn't take a pic of it, however, here is a pic of the card that would have been.  I abandoned it as soon as he said it wasn't their 50th.

If I discover anyone else who is celebrating their 50th, I might finish it off!!!  This was made using the My Craft Studio 'Tattered Lace' CD which has the ability to do these lovely books and scrolls.  The rose is also a decoupage from the same collection too... just imagine, i sat there ages cutting that out too!!!  The card is an A3 folded to an A4 landscape card, so is pretty big.

Well, its not past midnight, but I started this post when it was still Thursday evening.  Must be trying to tell me to keep my posts shorter!!!

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OK, that's me then!!!

TTFN Paula x x x x


  1. I am meant to be finishing the packing, lol but had to get my final blog fix in!! Great cards, love the "abandoned" 50th w/a card.

  2. oh wow love that handbag,love the papers,and the tassel finishes it off perfectly love the
    anniversary card too,what a pity your other half,told you wrong,bless him ha ha,love the gorjus girl too,wow you sure can craft hun everything is just pefection,love hugs cheryl xxxx

  3. Just love everything. That handbag is just gorgeous. Don't go doing too much though! Love and hugs. Kathleen x

  4. All beautiful stuff Paula!
    Take care now!

  5. Great stuff!! Enjoy your freedom and if you manage to get back to work soon just don't overdo it!

  6. Fabulous creations, love the handbag and the black and white card is stunning, I love black and white, so classy. Tracy Evans x

  7. Oh Paula that handbag looks fantastic and so do your cards
    Hope you are keeping well
    Hugs Susie xx


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