Wednesday, 1 September 2010

WOYWW -1st September

Eh? Whats that? I've just typed the word September - you gotta be kidding me!!!

Indeed bloggers - it is September... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK !

Right - I know I am 'late' with this post, BUT my BFF kindly offered to take me out of the house.  She knew i'd been stuck in the house going stir crazy, with the only visits recently to either the hospital or doctors so she asked me if I wanted to go anywhere.

So, that's where i've been.  With my BFF.  She took me into town.  All I wanted to do was to visit the pound shop - this has been the highlight of my week... how rock 'n' roll is that? (NOT).  We went to a couple of shops then had to have a pit stop ( a rather long one, I had diet coke while my BFF sat there with a lager - on a lovely day like this too.  It was like it was tormenting me, just sat there in the pint glass, but I know its not worth it, and to be really honest I'm, I'm not really that bothered!!!  Anyway, I came back totally knackered and in pain, so put my PJ's on - definately rock n roll LOL.

Right, in my previous post, I went on a bit and kinda reviewed my gorgeous Anna Griffin tote bag.  I also talked about what was inside and the suprise I got when I found that there was stationery and embellishments.  WOW.  I also said that I'd been playing with the design papers that came with the set.

Here is a reminder of the papers:

Before I reveal what I did, i'll tell you the little story behind how my project came about (I know you're just dying to know)!!!

Last Friday, DS2 asked DH if they could clear out the garage.  Reluctantly, DH agreed and brought the odd thing or two out.  DS sold his set of childs golf clubs as he's now grown out of them.  I suggested he put them on the front garden and said i'd make him a 'for sale' sign.  I asked him how much he wanted for them and he said £15.  I asked him what the set included and he said there were so many golf clubs, the bag and a trolley (which were virtually brand new)... I made the sign saying they were £25 ono.... less than an hour later he'd sold them... to our neighbours across the road.  Their son is only about 9 or 10 and his dad is a keen golfer - and without question, he paid the full price.... so that was one good result of clearing the garage out.

Not long after, DS2 came in with a set of IKEA drawers that had long been forgotten about.  This had 6 drawers - all of which were full.  We had a right good laugh at what was in the drawers, and soon realised after reading some of the receipts that were in the drawer that these dated back to 2000 which was 2 years before we moved here - so thats how much i'd needed the drawers when we moved.... DH said there was another set which had yet to be constructed, so i've been rubbing my hands waiting for him to bring them in too.

This brings me on the the next part of the tale... (are you still with me?) LOL...

Some of you know that almost each time you visit my desk, something has changed on it.  Last week you would have seen my desk with (for want of a better word) a sandwhich box on, which contained all my glues that I use regularly: dry foam pads, pritt stick, double sided tape, tape rollers, quickie glue pens etc etc.  While it helped to have all these at hand, it wasn't the tidiest look, so I adopted said drawers to put all such things in.

This is a reminder of the desk last week:

This is the desk this week, which shows what I did with the scrummy papers:
They're not perfect by any means, but I like it and it takes the edge off the bare wood - also, the drawers themselves have really made the desk a whole load tidier (in my opinion).  I printed a washed colour onto the sheet of labels (using Pink Petticoats 'Washed Damask' collection) before I printed details of the contents of the drawer.  This way I felt that the colour blended with the colours in the DP's better than stark white labels.

Before I was able to get this shot, I just had to tidy the desk a bit and remove the offending article:

This is Tiggy, you've probably met her before if you've been by my blog.  She was probably in the cupboard with Dylan sniffing around her though...  Anyway, when I spoke to her to ask her what she thought she was doing,  - this is what she did...

Morning, noon or night, when you speak to this daft cat, all she does is turn herself upside down in a 'tickle my belly' kind of pose - and the more you speak to her, the more she wriggles and writhes on the floor - or in this case, the desk... rather than make her get off immediately, I wanted to share this with you... I have to put up with this on a regular basis.  Its usually on the floor or the top of the stairs though.

I have about 5 or 6 more photos from this morning with her in a slightly different position on her back cos each time I spoke to her, she rolled around some more!!! Bless her.  She's my shadow.

Taking a step back to take a picture of the whole desk, this is her again:

After a few minutes of (gentle) coaxing and persuading her to move, I finally got a shot of what you came to see - my desk "hooray, at last" I hear you cry!!!

I'm quite chuffed with my desk, each week (or so) it gets better and better... I just wish I had the energy to create wonders on it (or even just a quick card or two - instead of having to take 3 or 4 days to create cards in stages)...

I hope you enjoyed - sorry if you got bored along the way, but I like to talk to the computer screen as I think i'm really talking to you, my blogging friends.  If anyone comes along and doesn't like my style of writing - tough LOL!!!

If you would like to find out more about why half the blogging world show their desk/workspaces each Wednesday (or Tuesday night or even Thursday sometimes)... hop on over to Julia's blog, the lead and founding WOYWWer over at the Stampling Ground... she'll tell you all about the whys, wheres and whens.

Enjoy your day - whatever you are or are not doing, and thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then hopefully come back again another time.

hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Your cat is so cute! love the drawers!

  2. Hi Paula
    wow what amazing drawers you transformed them completely Love them, your desk is so tidy, mine is the worst I have ever seen it in fact my whole room is after coming back fron holidays, get crafting woman and use up your lovely stash.
    Christine x
    P.S Love your cat.

  3. Those drawers look great and so useful too

  4. Ooh Paula, I LOVE your drawers!! Can I say that on an open forum, lol! Love what you did with them too and the yummy Anna Griffin stuff. That's a really cute, if silly, kitty. Don't think I've met her before! We're off camping again for four days tomorrow night, with friends this time. I have a four day weekend away from work as this Monday is Labor Day so everywhere shuts on Monday but Toyota are shutting Friday too, so we thought we'd make the most of it!

    Take care of yourself til I get back!!!


  5. What a great storage solution from scraps and junk. Well, not junk, but you know what I mean. Love it. And your desk is really clean and tidy this week. It sounds like you might be feeling better, too. Glad you joined in again this week. happy WOYWW.

  6. The drawers are beautiful! And the cat is the best!

  7. Love the drawers and of course every desk needs a cat..... oh I mean every cat needs a desk! I have one in the opposite color. lol

  8. They look so much better decorated than plain like mine.... glad you've been able to get out for some "you time" with your friend.

  9. The drawers are fantastic and I love Tiggy she is just a typical cat wanting her belly rubbed.

  10. Love your set of drawers Paula and what you've done with them. Tiggy is just the cutest cat :-)
    A x

  11. oh wow paula really love what you have done with the papers,just gorgoues,really love Anna,griffin papers,they are just so lush your cat oh he looks like he is having fun,bless him hugs cheryl xxxx

  12. oo pretty snazzy drawers!!! and that means you get to keep the papers, stroke and admire them on a daily basis, i love it!!! my wendycat looks the same as tiggy and does the same thing with added meows lol it must be a black cat thing, glad to here you got out even for a little while, hope your feeling better xxx

  13. Wow- inspired job with the papers Paula, just love the look of the drawers now - I have a manky set of the same.....I could so easily employ them similarly....if you don't mind! Maybe I'll send them up to you for decorating! Great story aboutthe golf clubs - bet DS2 was made up - and the buyer; we were looking at children's sets in Spain last week at the Golf club that DH plays in and they start at about 200 euros - just clubs and a naff bag, no trolley or anything. I gather from your post that things are not easing back to any sort of normality....will come back to you for an update. Hugs xx

  14. What a pretty set of drawers, and that cat is good looking! Patsy from

  15. Never tire of what you have to say Paula!!! Awe look at Tiggy!!! I have ablack Tiggy-like shadow too. He is sprawled in the sun at the mo!

    Wow...those drawers looks fabulous! XXX

  16. Love the drawers, my black cat always likes to get on my desk as well, is it a black cat thing do you think?


  17. I wish I could find 2 sets of Ikea drawers in my garage....come to think of it we don't have one anymore...but anyway if you have a magic spell for Ikea stuff please pass it on?

  18. Wow the drawers are lovely! Good Find! Your cat certainly loves the camera lol!

  19. Good evening Hon, you know talking to the screen is the first sign of madness!!!! Was going to email you later but as I am here thank you so much for the fab b'day card which arrived this morning it's perfect 3 of my favourite things shoes, bags and green (my fav colour). Just got back from cornwall last night and off out to wine club in a mo although 1/2 of wine club are still in cornwall so just the 2 of us tonight so will email you a longer update over the weekendxxx

  20. Oh I think I'm in love with Tiggy! She's gorgeous and looks so much like my Rocky. Boy - I miss that daft moggy!

    The drawers are beautiful and modelled beautifully by Tiggy ;)

  21. The drawers look super and your cat is gorgeous - a desk is not perfect without a cat! :-)

  22. Gorgeous colourful drawers Paula. Bit late with my comment as I was gardening for M. and then bilberry picking yesterday!!

  23. Paula-Sorry to hear you are still puzzling the quacks but thrilled with your beautiful drawers. I have semi-liberated a similar set from my DH but they wouldn't hold all my adhesives. As you are now becoming an adhesive junkie you are definitely a member of the crafters inner circle. Much hugs BettyXXX

  24. LOve your drawers! So pwetty...much like your cat!

  25. Love the draws Paula, makes me want to have a go! Love the poising puss too, and yes, it's flippin' September have a great woyww, sorry I'm late.

  26. Love the transformed drawers and your cat is so cute and posey. You've a lovely desk so enjoy using it!
    Thanks for a late spy,
    JoZarty x

  27. What a transformation, the drawers look amazing! And Tiggy look very cute!
    Hope you are doing OK Paula,
    Love Sarita xx

  28. Hi Paula, love your new look desk and your cat must love all the space you've made - just the place for a good old strecth! The only prob now is when you want to craft - who's going to move where? Hope you are okay. ikki

  29. Hi Paula, things have been really hectic around my way for the last few weeks and I'm taking the chance of a calmer few days to try and catch up with all my blog-buddies!

    Hope you are doing ok - your desk is certainly looking busy and fab too. Mine just looks like a bomb hit it atm! Will have to have a tidy if I want to play woyww this coming Wednesday

  30. Oh ROFL at Tiggy - she looks just like my Elrond who I used to have. Except he didn't do the cute wriggling thing, just brought me dead moles and bunnies. anyway, I digress, looks like you've had a bonanza time and well done on the super tidy desk. T'was well worth slugging my way through every desk this week to get here at the last gasp!

  31. Hi Paula!!
    I love your new desk drawers. How pretty!
    And that lovely cat of yours is pretty cool, too.
    Ah, I miss having cats... Some day, though :)
    Thanks for the paper inspirations!

    All the best,



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