Thursday, 9 September 2010

Back To Work - clarification (sort of)

No pics I'm afraid folks, just a very quick e-mail to clarify my 'back-to-work' status...
I'd like to thank all of you who showed concern - for being concerned... and so was my doctor!

Understandably, this being the world wide web, and 'public domain', I can't (and daren't), go into any detail on here for fear of who else may read my blog, but if you wish to PM me, I will be able to tell you a bit more.

The decision was only made about my return on Monday and before I knew it, Wednesday afternoon - my first session of a phased return was here.

Just to clarify - I feel absoloutely NO BETTER than I have done of late, I felt like throwing up yesterday because of the pain, and really suffered for it last night - and in fact today too... i've not been up and about long, and just didn't know what to do with myself.

That's it, I've really said enough on here... hope you understand.

Thanks for coming back to read this.

Paula x x x x


  1. Oh Paula, this does not sound very good! I have mailed you so let me know whats going on when you have a mo. Tracey xx

  2. Bless you. I too have had a day full of 'beaurocracy gone mad' so understand all too well where you are coming from. At the mo I'm cross, frustrated and feel like banging my head against a wall but know it would do no good. If you feel you would like to share any of it feel free my little friend. I'm always here rooting for you and send you huge hugs.
    A x

  3. Hi Paula, be sure to look after No.1 and take care. Work is one thing, health is another!Thinking of you and sending a big hug, ikki x

  4. Sometimes you just can't begin to understand how 'they' work. Won't say more, don't want to get you into trouble. Take care.

  5. Big hug from me! Kathleen x

  6. What can we say! Bless you and a gentle hug. Wish I could wave my magic wand. Have my bestest rainbow vibes instead...

  7. I understand completely. Don't let it get you down though. Your health must come first.

  8. I am so sorry to hear that you are not any better.I keep praying that they find something to help you. That is too bad that you have to go back to work. You are in my prayers.

  9. awww Paula, how lovely to read all of these concerned messages for you AND RIGHTLY SO I say! (",)

    Wishing you enough respite from the pain just to make it all a little more comfortable for you at least.


  10. Ohhh Paula, I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain still.. and having to go back to work with it all too. I'm continuing to pray for relief for you, thanks for continuing to update us.

  11. Oh Paula, I really don't know how you'll manage. Just got back from hols very early Wed morn. Will email you
    big hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Great blog. Will be having a good read thru tomorrow.
    Hugs hazel

  13. Paula I am so sorry about your situation, it doesn't bare thinking about.
    Hugs Pat xx

  14. Take care... thinking about you!

  15. I can't say our health care and worker compensation systems are any better than yours, but I simply do NOT understand how anyone can force a person (with threat of dismissal) to return to work when they are in pain. In a "free" society, this is simply not how it's done.

    Having said that, I saw it happen in the company where I worked time after time. Even worse, the company where I worked often put people back in the same job positions that hurt them in the first place, claiming it took "too long" to retrain someone else.

    If you ever want to "talk," feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I'm glad you at least posted the update on your status.


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