Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WOYWW 11th August

Hello and welcome to my blog if you've never been here before.  Welcome all followers old and new and thank you for returning.
This isn't going to be a massivly big post   Sorry for the usual big post!!  (edited at the end once previewed what i'd typed)

I would like to apologise (again) for not visiting anyone in recent weeks - its nothing personal, its just that i've not been blogging and have somewhat lost my way a bit - both for blogging and crafting - maybe my medication hasn't helped or the fact that i'm completely fed up. Thank you to all those who have missed me and sent an e-mail - and sorry if I didn't get back to you... i didn't mean not to get back to you - hope you can forgive me! (pretty please).

Anyway, I have an appointment with a pain specialist next week which surely can only be a good thing - right?  I really hope he can sort stuff out because the doctor has been forced to stop some of my pain medication due to the posibility of this being the cause of my liver problems which i've been having for the last few weeks.  I now have to see a liver specialist and will be going to have a liver scan week after next, and if the results of the blood test I have to have on Friday are no better - he told me and OH (he actually came into the consultation with me) he's going to admit me to hospital in order to get it sorted out more quickly - so fingers crossed.

My Mum, bless her, has been coming to visit me quite regularly as i've not been able to get out and about - I am still not allowed to drive - and have to rely on others to take me out and about - when I say out and about, I mean to the doctors as that's the only place i've been recently :O(.  Fortunately, when my OH is at work, my DS has been able to drive me as he has the use of the MIL's car (due to the fact that its cheaper to insure hers for a learner driver than it is either of our cars) and he's not doing too badly.

Anyway, as I said, my Mum has been coming to visit on a regular basis and the other day, she basically did a total reorganisation of the craft room - well, its not like i'm using much of the stuff recently - although i did do the click and print Forever Friends cards in a previous post which weren't very taxing.
Here's a pic of the craft room this morning:

Nothing really going on here - but she moved the (bathroom) shelf to the higher pole so that more stuff could be fitted on the actual desktop area.  The 'new' rack in the left corner is a DVD rack i found in the garage - another 'cast-off' from the boys... its got all my spellbinders dies on so they are to hand (when I can use my cuttlebug properly - its really hard for me to turn the handle and put pressure on the top to stop it moving so i've not bothered in ages).  The techy looking thing on the top of the rack is my external hard drive.

Just peeking into shot to the left of the desktop is the rear of my Silhouette Cutter.  Next to the DVD rack is a cd rack (where the spellbinders were the last time I posted for WOYWW) - this now houses my CD's that aren't installed on the laptop already and makes them more accessible - and more likely to get used.  The little round box on the right from of the desk is a box which I'd like to decorate for a friends daughters B'day and know I'll only be able to do it in fits and starts so I need to look at doing that - or preferably, get OH or my Mum to paint it for me - in like a team effort kind of way!!!  

We (meaning the royal we) have also sorted out the pots that hung from the poles on the wall - and have moved my pens and the like to hang them in the metal canisters - which are also IKEA - and which I've had in the kitchen for years... I still have one with all my teaspoons in (cos I hate having to find them in the cuttelery drawer), but may swap that and bring it into the craft room to hang of the pole... my Mum will think of something it can be used for.  Each time she comes she'll say, what can we organise today? She's done all the boxes in the next pic - i just did the labels!!!  She even does my filing for me...

Also since I last posted, I've bought a Cinch from QVC (it only came on Monday) - they were doing it at a price I couldn't ignore, so ordered it for when i'm able to get back into proper crafting.  It was about £10 cheaper than most other retailers and was on 3 easy pay installments - so thought it was rude not to!!

I also had some new spellbinders and some new Martha Stewarts punches - I bought the snowflake set when they were the TSV a couple of weeks ago... little did I know that my Mum bought the same set too - if i'd have known - i'd have negotiated with her and one of us would have purchased the other set - but not to worry.

Here is a view of the shelving from Ikea which I love love love...  I wrote the labels out for the boxes while Mum organised where they went etc.  She combined some of the contents of the boxes in order to reduce the amount of boxed needing shelf space (then cadged a spare one for herself).  Its amazing how untidy this room became, despite me not doing any crafting - I suppose when you're not using the space for its proper purpose, you tend to neglect the tidying up a bit - and thats still a bit beyond me at the moment.  5-10 mins of activity and i'm done for!!!  My friend said that i'm like an old woman... and that's without her seeing me trying to get up of the sofa or get out of bed and try and walk walk to the bathroom in the morning or even trying to get dressed :O(

Anyway, less of that - if you want to join in with WOYWW - or just check out what it's all about - pop over to Julia at the Stamping Ground -she's the founder and leader of the 'cult' and will explain all.... when you visit someone - remember to say hi, just to let them know you've popped in for a nose around.  Its all good stuff.

Bye from me.

Paula x x x


  1. Good to see you back again Paula...your Mum has done a grand job rearranging your space! Can you send her up to me please!lol

  2. Good to see you back, only sorry that the pain still isn't sorted. Your mum has done a grand job bless her.

  3. hi Paula, jeez I though I wittered on, I do beleive you may beat me, its great though makes me feel like we are having a chat, love the ikea hanging pots, will have to add to WISH list, which is really I will get list, haha, have a great wekk . . :)

  4. It's great to see you back Paula. I have missed you. I'm not doing WOYWW this week. Not got time. You mum has been busy. Look after yourself. Will email you. Take care. Kathleen x

  5. Good to see you Paula ... will you ask your Mum if she wants to adopt me??? :0)

  6. Bless you, Paula - hope you soon feel much, much better and that you learn to deal with the pain. It can be so debilitating. Your muse shall return - never fear! Good to see that you're stashing away all kinds of goodies for when it does, lol. Happy WOYWW!!

  7. I'm sorry you are so down again. I keep thinking of you and worrying about you. I miss chatting with you. Your space looks lovely; you're mojo will come back when you are feeling better. I have NO DOUBT.

  8. So glad to see you here Paula. Your craft space is brill - what a great effort your mum has made. Hope all goes well with your tests etc. We want to see you painfree and enjoying life again. x Jo

  9. PAULA!!! (((((HUGS))))) I've been so worried about you! So relieved to hear from you, but not so good that you are still so poorly. Hope this pain specialist can do something helpful and that all starts to get sorted out. I assume they have checked for the obvious - adhesions - and ruled that out? Take care xx

  10. Hi Paula I have missed you as well. Hope you get something sorted when you see the pain specialist. If your mum isnt to busy can you send her to mine.

  11. oh great to see you back,hun and your mum,bless her hope you get sorted,soon hun know exactly were you are coming from great desk,hun take care hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  12. Hope you feel better soon! Really hate that things are going theway they should, makes me mad, because I've been there, read the book, worn the Tshirt and and have the mug! I do love your crafty space, teeth are now grinding...They're sending you to the 'pain doctor??' been there too, hope he can help! If they give you a questionnaire, it really upsets them if you don't fill in ALL the boxes...I re-wrote mine, it was just toooo well...if they give you one, you'll see!
    Have a great woyww!!

  13. yes Paula...I'd saved loads of tubes pushed back all my mess last week and thought oh! take a picture of them...most people told me to throw them away, but the metal is nice and soft and flexy so thought i'd emboss and die-cut them, I need something recycled to go on a card for a challenge, if I can remember where it was!

  14. ohhh it's sooo good to see you here again, I have missed you. i wanted to write and ask how this were progressing but didn't want to bug you.

    Your mum is doing a sterling job! i hope you get some pain management soon, this has been going on way too long now.

    I made the pencil box all in one night, took a couple of hours I guess, the longest bit being the painting of the tubes.

    i love it, I've been carrying it round like a handbag lol

    big smoochies xxx

  15. Hi Paula, I hope the pain specialist will be able to help. It's terrible when our life is interrupted by health issues. How great of your mom to help out. God bless her! Patsy from

  16. thanks for letting me have a peek around your workspace and love your busy desk and that ikea storage...hope you get your health problem sorted out real soon...hugs kath xxx

  17. Hello my little friend. Good to see you blogging. You are not mistaken. I am in fact not home til Sat and did automatic launch yesterday. I dont tend to advertise my absence too much for obvious reasons :-) I will catch up with you on my return. Take care.
    Big hugs,
    A x

  18. Hi Paula, nice to read your post and hope you are having a better day today. In envy of your supa dupa (ikea?) storage, looking at my room and there room? ikki

  19. Hi Paula! I have been missing you, I just recently read your blog to find out what is going on with you! I am so sorry you have so much health problems and I really hope you get them sorted soon! I have been busy with the new library and lots of other things, just now I have a friend visiting from Australia! Glad that you are back with us! You will be in my thoughts!
    Lots of hugs,

  20. Hi Paula, lovely to see you back, lovely to see you front too LOL Good ol' mum, but that's what we're here for ;-) Great that she's given you more desk space. The DVD rack is a great idea too. Hope you get the pain problem and liver problem resolved soon.
    Woohoo the Cinch eh? Of course it would've been rude not to buy it at a bargain price :-)
    Hugs Anne xxx

  21. Oh Paula I have been wondering how you have been getting on my lovely. I hope that your little stay in hospital is very productive and you can go back to being you. Interestingly my Mum was on a particular pain killer a while back which effected her liver. As soon as she changed them her liver was fine! HUGS XXX

  22. Love your desk, hope you feel better soon :0)

  23. Hi darling I do hope you can get everything sorted hugs Pam xxxx

  24. We all have you in Reader, so when you can post, we're here - and thrilled to see you at any stage and totally and utterly not expecting you to leave comments, good grief. I'm extending my cyber hug to your Mum too - where would we be, huh!! Love to you gal, keep on, the appointments are coming up......

  25. Hope all goes well with the pain clinic hun, they helped hubby :)
    Wasn't that nice of your mum to sort out your craftroom :)
    *hugs* Heather x

  26. so glad to see you atround again! loving the craft area, makes me wanna come and play!!! hope the pain management helps, gentle (hugs) xxxx

  27. wow alot us must shop at Ikea cos my storage system is the same except you have so much more stash than me

  28. Sorry to hear you are still suffering, hope you are going to get it sorted asap. great going with your Mum and the tidying. Congrats on the purchase of the cinch! Take care.
    Lynn x

  29. I'll pray that your pain goes away..sorry to hear u suffering..well your work area looks amazing..I hope u get well soon so u can be back to crafting..take care..and wow you are super organized!

  30. Paula, I know I'm late getting here, but I'm SO glad to see you back posting again. And, I'm glad you are going to finally get this liver problem sorted out or under control.

    It was good your mom came to help you with organizing your craft room. Now, when you feel like it, you will be all ready to jump back into crafting. And I've got my fingers and toes crossed that that day will be soon. And even though my fingers are crossed, that was a pretty poor that-that sentence.

    Please take a few minutes after you see the doctor to keep us updated.

  31. Very organised Paula, and visiting everyone takes 3 days anyway !!

  32. brill to see you back I love your blog so much - I can't imagine being in so much pain, (thankfully) but I do feel for you all the same. Take care Hun - Lots of Love Anj x x x

  33. I have been looking at that shelving from Ikea for a long time... will I love it too? At the moment all my stuff is easily to hand, I would love to re-vamp my craft room, but I don't want to cut my nose off to spite my face as it were. I would still want things to be as readily accessible as they are now, but look beautiful... decisions, decisions.
    Your space always looks incredible Paula, as does your work!

  34. Lovely to see you back Paula, sorry to hear your still having a rough old time of it, i do hope something is sorted for you soon. As for your space, isn't your mum a doll, all the new organization looks super and i'm sure once your able you will so enjoy your newly sorted space x Take care, oh and P.S i love ikea too, where would we be without it!

  35. Sorry to hear you are not well - hope you soon feel better. I find the best thing for my mojo is to join a couple of challenges and then it kinda comes back. Love your cubes.
    Take care.


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