Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Anna Griffin Designs Frenzy

I have to admit to having an addiction - to all things Anna Griffin...

Having said that, while I LOVE her gorgeous 12x12 papers,I don't need them, because i'm not (yet) a scrapbooker - and if I were (it is something I fully intend to do one day), I have got the Serif Digital Scrapbooking programme - as I want to give digi, then hybrid scrapbooking a go (I think I am a commitment-phobe!!!)

With real life papers, I KNOW I would change my mind once I had committed a layout with glue even though I would have spent the previous fortnight playing about with where this and that would go.  With digi - I can copy, cut, paste press 'control Z' to undo - and even have half a dozen layouts with ribbon or buttons in a (slightly) different place - like 2 degrees to the clockwise and 3mm down LOL!!!  Yep, I'm a fickle commitment-phobe!!!  However, if any of you lovely readers out there know whether our Anna does digi kits/papers - then you MUST tell me, and i'll get on the case forthwith!!!

Recently, QVC had an Anna Griffin day... I bought all her stamps featured on that day... Christmas and all.  I have her sentiment and ornate stamps set already, so added the backgrounds and Christamas sets to add to my special (and kept separately) Anna Griffin stamp folder... but, the piece de resitance was the lovely tote bag... how gorgeous was that?  They'd featured it before but what did I want one for?  I don't go to crops or card making classes, crafting workshops or get togethers etc...  BUT, this time it was on easy pay... hmmm. Should I? Shouldn't I?... oops! before I knew it, I'd somehow clicked on the 'add to basket', then the 'express checkout' buttons... eek - that was an 'accident'... and its not my fault my computer has stored all my details so that I can buy something before it sells out!!!  

yummy scrumptiousness:

OMG - it arrived on Sunday (yes, I did say Sunday) via the local QVC courier and WOW, what an absolutely gorgeous work of art it is.  Its a large wipe-clean tote made with THE most scrummy Ms Griffin design. 

More views of yumminess:

Inside is another lovely bag in a co-ordinating design in the same colourways, that would double well as a weekend toiletries bag. 

The yummy inside bag:

To my surprise, and something I wasn't aware of [when the button was accidentally clicked], is a set of stationery with card blanks and envelopes, design papers that co-ordinate with the bags and lots of embellishments.



Embellishments made up of felt and crocheted flowers in pinks, brads in browns and pinks, gems etc.

All the gorgeous colours and designs co-ordinate perfectly.  Inside the large bag is a wallet style folder that press studs into the bag, that will hold other bits and bobs...  well worth the money - but even better when you spread it over the 4 easy payments. They are scrummy.  
When the box arrived, my DH couldn't understand why I got all excited (well, i've not had that much to get excited about recently have I?), so he stood over me while I opened it.  Once I'd got into it - he stood there and said "is that it, a bag?"... Bloody hell, they don't know jack!!!!

I keep looking at it and it is right next to the desk...  I have used some of the DP's already - which are slightly larger than our A6 size.  You'll have to come back on Wednesday to see what I did with them.  Put it this way, I didn't make ANY cards with them (yet).

I can imagine this in other colourways (aquamarine is a favourite of mine, plus blue and green respectively).

In my opinion - this set and the designs opitimise everything I love; the colour palette, the bold then the delicate designs that co-ordinate.  The quality is outstanding, and this just HAS to beat a Gucci bag hands down for me!!!

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - and come back again soon. 

hugs, Paula x x x


  1. ooooh that is nice paula and i love the little surprise freebies!!! hugs lou xxxx

  2. Great buy, although not sure I'd have gone for it in pink (for my taste) but hey, when your fingers are clicking, you can't be choosy, and it looks fabulous - and the papers are great - I am sure you will cram it full of 'stuff' v v soon!! Can't wait to see what you're going to show us on WW.

  3. Very pretty bags - I have spent the day with Wipso sorting her fabrics ready for her next bag making project!!

  4. What a gorgeous bag Paula. I bet you can't wait to play with all the goodies. I have left you an award on my blog. Have a good evening. Kathleen x

  5. Ooooooooo Gorgeous!!!
    I have to admit a bit of an addiction to 12x12 papers...I don't scrap either but I use them for my cards...I can normally get about 3 or 4 cards out of one sheet......I must admit tho there are some I just can't bear to cut up!lol

  6. ooo yummy srcummy bag! the whole lots looks just scrumtios, makes me want a one lol looking forward to seeing what youve been making, xx

  7. I've got this same set too - it is fab isn't it. I did get to take it to one craftday and everyone was admiring it! I just like to own it anyway!
    Thanks for catching up on my blog - wow marathon. I only have one big and juicy at the moment....
    Lynn x

  8. What a fab tote, gorgeous colour. Us crafters just like to own these lovely things LOL. Some goodies are just too yummy to resist. Have a good evening, Tracy x

  9. Hey good to see you at the old blogaroo again. I love the AG series but am scared to death of the detail - will be looking very closely to see what yuo've been up to! It makes me happy to read that such loveliness makes you happy!

  10. Ah I have this one too and its great isn't it! I have never taken it to a crop or class either but am happy to just look at it, but then I really do have a thing for bags and craft related bags, even better! Tracey x

  11. Hi mate, there is a little something for you over on my blog, take a look when you have a minute. Have a great day! Tracey x

  12. You like the bag then Paula LMAO!!!! Its really pretty isn't it XXX

  13. Hello Paula, thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog...from sooooo far away....i find it interessant how scrapping connects women around the world!!!!
    Its nice here - I followed your label "WOYWW" that funnyto watch your desk :)
    I also see the pictures of your Operation - I am very happy to see that you feel better !!!
    I send you many greetings on the "other" side
    Saphira/Liane from München / Germany
    Sorry for my ooooooold School-ENGLISH

  14. Oh I want one now! Must admit had to practically be dragged from the Cath Kidston shop in St Ives this week they had some fab bags made of the wipe clean vinyl type!
    Pam x

  15. gorgeous bag! love your blog background too! very whimsical!


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