Monday, 5 July 2010

Vamos Rafa, a card and hospital update... 3 for the price of one

Well - Happy Monday to one and all.

I haven't been up to much since posting my last card - the Encouragement card.

I didn't go to Wimbledon in the end, I managed to persuade DH to go in my place and take the boys.

They went off on Thursday morning leaving me to my own devices (until Saturday night).  Wow - I very slowly, carefully and tentitively cleaned up, emptied the laundry basket, wiped and dusted like it had never been done before (and I paid for it afterwards)... I've taken photos for nostalgic reasons, so I can look on them with fondness and remember how tidy my house can look!!! I might even scrapbook the pages LOL!!!

Now obviously when you are drawn from the ballot for your tickets, a) you are never sure what tickets you are going to get and b) you don't know who will be in the competition still at that stage (although when the draw is made, you can work out who you might get)...

So, Thursday when they arrived, they went shopping then Friday was their day at Wimbledon... eldest DS managed to get Nadal's autograph on his ticket and later managed to get Henri Leconte's autgraphed sweatband (EUK)....  And... the best part of all - he got centre court tickets and enjoyed the Murray v's Nadal Semi Final...  All this has been the absolute highlight of his 17 years to date - bless...

While the world, particularly the English LOVE Nadal, he was playing Andy Murray - who has a massive following - although that doesn't apply personally - I think he is somewhat boring, monotonous and full of self importance - and he'll remind you - he isn't British, he's Scottish... But this was Wimbledon - and a great number of the crowd were routing for Murray...

...but not my DS... or his friend.  DS has been a fan of Nadal since before he made it big on the adult circuit - yes - that would have made DS young indeed, but he knows what he likes, and has followed Nadal all that time.... so in the crowd amongst shouts for Murray, came the cries of "Vamos Rafa".  When asked by a Dutch man why they weren't supporting Murray - the answer was simple - "We're massive Rafa fans".... Last year when I went with DS, Nadal had pulled out due to his knee injury - it was the biggest disappointment ever.  So this year, my DS was rewarded not once, but twice - and he's on cloud nine!!!

So we watched the final together and were treated to a great game dominated by the lovely Rafa (did I ever tell you the time we had to go and find his place in Mallorca - we drove the Manacor and drove round until we found the tennis club where Rafa played and was basically brought up on tennis - DS had to go and have a look round the club and buy a top the same as Nadal's from the shop - that was 3 years ago)...

The Wimbledon Champion 2010....

While they were away, I concentrated on completing my statement of application for a job at work  that had to be in by 9.30 this morning so have been working on it right up until I sent it off at 2.30am this morning - just in case I fell to sleep and missed the 9.30 deadline due to oversleeping.

This afternoon I have been to see my Thoracic surgeon, who said he was surprised I was still in pain, but on the other hand, unlike most thoracic surgery which is usually carried out to remove bits of lung etc, mine had been to remove the tumor - which was a tumor (proper term Schwannoma) which is a tumor of the lining of a nerve - in my case the intercostal nerve and this is why I had the pain... intercostal nerve damage - through surgery itself - but because that is where the tumor had been.  He cannot do anything more for me, as a thoracic surgeon, but is referring me as a matter of urgency to a pain specialist.  This will be a consultant anaethetiat that specialises in pain management and he said it was likely i'd have to have a nerve block - what ever one of those is???  So, I just have to wait, in pain, until I get an appointment through.

Anyway - I made a card a week or so ago so I thought i'd show it - no point in coming here and seeing nothing at all....  this was made especially for Julia as a thank you for my lovely WOYWW easel, which has already proved to be quite a valuable asset to my workdesk - i.e. it keeps my cards stood up straight when I try to photograph them...

DP is from Papermania, sentiment is Anna Griffin, flowers - Prima, punch design made with Martha Stewart punch, fern leaves - woodware punch (I think), pearls from stash

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. So glad your DS and DH enjoyed their trip to Wimbledon - it's quite close to me, though I've only ever been once, in about 1980...
    Hope you manage to sort out slowly - slowly, Paula!! - getting back to work - and also the pain specialist appointment comes through quickly and helps!!
    Love the card, sure Julia will too!

  2. It's great the men had a fab time in Wimbledon, let's hope you get to go next year. Sort of good news off the doctor, hope you don't have to wait too long before you see the pain specialist.
    Love the

  3. OMG I feel so envious of DS to actually have got Nadal's autograph and seeing him in person. I just love tennis (well men's tennis) and Nadal is my all time favourite and it's not just 'cos I'm married to a Spaniard I think he comes over as a really nice unspoilt young man, wish I was 40 years younger ROFL.
    I am so pleased you now know what your pain is all about and hopefully they will have it under control soon.
    Still going to come down to see you but Anne seems to have a few problems at the moment, she's not blogging or e-mailing and I haven't seen her for about 10 days. It's her birthday I think this week but I am not sure about the date.
    last but not least I love the card, colours are fab and just lovin those MS punches.
    Hugs Pat xx

  4. What a pretty card ...aren't those MS punches great. Sorry you had to miss wimbledon but the whole experience must have been a great treat for the men in your life ...and an autograph too.

    I am so glad you have an answer to the pain ...I think i said it could be nerve connected ...I remember damaging a nerve down my shin when I was young ...numb for weeks and then unbelievable pain if the area was touched ...took years to be 100% ok ...glad its nothing sinister ... I think a pain block is something like an epidural ...they manage to numb the required area ... DS's partner said she had a block for her C-section xx

  5. I watched that Nadal/Murray game on TV. I've been impressed with Nadal ever since I saw him win two years ago. I have watched him ever since.

    I'm really glad to hear you have been back to the Dr. Now maybe you will get the treatment you need, even if you have no idea what it is. I hope it relieves your pain, since this reads like the never damage is from the surgery and the nerve damage also is what is causing the pain. Hope you are better really soon.

  6. Glad that the boys trip went well! I am glad that the doc had an answer and hopefully they can figure out something for the pain.

  7. I'm so glad your DS had such an amazing time and that his guy won. I'm so sorry about the dr. visit and you're going to get the job. You have to believe it. I love this card. Love those around the page punches.

  8. Really glad your Dr was able to put your mind at ease. Sorry to hear about the pain though. Lets hope they act quickly for you so life can return to somewhere near normal very soon. Good luck with work.
    A x

  9. lovely card, and so gald your son had a fabulous time at the Tennis

  10. OMG! I'm not jealous...I'm not jealous...I'm not jealous hahaha!!! How LUCKY was your DS??? I am a huge Rafa fan & have also followed him for years...not literally...though that would be nice hehe!

    I know its of no concolation my lovely but at least you know now what is causing your pain. I hope you get your appointment through very quickly and get some help for it...HUGS

    Awe...such a pretty card XXX

  11. Hope they soon sort your pain out Paula so you can get back to "normal". best of luck with thge job application too!

  12. Ah, I have that very same card! Wait - you made it for me. Thank you, I love it and there was no need. I regret being so far behind with calling on ya, no excuses beyond the curve ball that life threw at me! Glad yo hear that someone might be able to sort out the pain...don't be waiting too long..and don't be fobbed off. Your mother is leaving the building now! Love to ya x

  13. Hi Paula,
    It seems I share a passion for crafting with you and a passion for Mr Nadal with your DS - although I suspect that one is for very different reasons! Now if only I were 20 years younger ....


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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