Wednesday, 9 June 2010

WOYWW - 9th June 2010

Hello campers bloggers and blogging friends.  Hope you are well!

Here is the desk (and probably the reason you are here) this fine Wednesday

Not too messy actually, it was a hive of activity on Tuesday - once I had got myself going...
I was doing a card for a friend who will be 40 on 20th June... I've borrowed an idea from Helen at It's All Fiddle Fart and have done him one of the 'Birthday Times' cards.  Go check out her blog - its full of fantastic makes... she such an inspiration.  Anyway, I'll show once he's had his birthday just incase they pop by the paper playground!!!

Infact, I have a fair list again for June... BUT, I decided to do a card for a challenge which i will post seperately once I have completed it.  At the back in the DVD cases are my nesties - yes, I've changed how I have filed them again... I told you I probably would... I got the cases while I was staying with my friend - 5 for £1.  I got loads of other fabulous things too - they will keep for another post.

Not much energy to do a massive post today... came back from my friend's house on Sunday - had some lovely weather last week.  My Mum popped down on Monday and said how well I looked as I had caught the sun on my face - so much so that my forehead and nose have already peeled.

I contacted the hospital yesterday to speak to my surgeons P.A.  She wasn't there so her colleague took all my details and said she would e-mail the surgeon and the PA.  He had said that I could contact him at any time and they would fit me into a clinic.  Other than that, he had discharged me.  I have a pain in my bottom rib, which is getting progressively worse and no amount of the painkillers i've been taking has taken the pain away... If I touch it, it hurts, I am aware of the pain all the time - but if I sneeze, cough or try to clear my throat - it absolutely kills...  I'll keep you posted on what happens - a lot of you already keep in touch via e-mail anyway - thankyou for 'chatting' to me and being regular communicators - its well appreciated!!!

Thats it from me - if you want to join in, find the WOYWW button in the right hand side of this blog - this will whizz you off like Dorothy and Toto from Kansas - but not to meet the scarecrow... oh no, you will meet the [good] queen herself Julia from the Stamping Ground. - so go click your heals and follow the yellow brick road and join in the best blog hop in blog land... you might find your tin man, maybe your lion - but most definately a huge crowd of very lovely blogging friends and crafters... 

What should we call a group of crafters or bloggers - suggestions with your comments please - I'll start you off.... - a charm of crafters (charm is the name given to a group of finches).... or a business of bloggers (a business is the name given to ferrets LOL) .

Just a quick pic of my Katie Kitten who is often in the craft room/conservatory with me...


and a while ago, she decided that she was a scrap cat and got in my bin bag full of bits

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Apologies for the Wizzard of Oz reference - I have NO IDEA where that came from LOL!!!!


  1. awww your cat is soo pretty and adorable! love kitty's

    Looks like you've been busy crafting, thats great!

  2. That stinks that you're having pain again Paula :( I hope you can get some answers (and relief) soon... You're in my prayers :) I like your ideas for the Nesties, very compact (pardon the pun on the name "compact disc case" :P )Hang in there!

  3. I'm a newbie to crafting and I don't have a blog lol, but I clicked on the link from your post in Glenda's blog this morning and have thoroughly enjoyed looking through yours.

    I think your work is beautiful, I'll never see the day when I can produce anything like it but I love dithering away at things lol.

    Also love your pet pics. Your little tabby "Katie" is so like our Brina was. She was an indoor cat who managed to get out and we lost her. She has been missing for three months now and I'm never going to come to terms with losing her (the day she vanished it was her 1st birthday). Your Tiggy is so like our black cat "Darcy" - could be his twin!

    Another similarity is your Dylan and his love for ice cream. We can't get a cone without getting an extra for our dog Harvey, and he relishes every lick!

    Sorry to read that you've not been keeping well and hope this finds you a wee bit better today.

    I've clicked to subscribe to your blog.

    Al S x

  4. oh looks like you have been busy hun and as for your cat oh adorable or what hun,really beautiful pictures,take care sweetie,and do hope you get things sorted,hun and feel better soon,I know what its like to be in so much pain,take care love hugs cheryl xxx

  5. Ooh, hope the rib pain goes soon. Loving the look of the birthday card. Wish I was only going to b 40 this month, lol!! Have a good day.

  6. oh paula, romfl at little katie in the bin bag!!!!! i hope you get to see the surgeon soon hun it sounds as if you are really uncomfortable with the pain xxxx

  7. Morning hunnybun, sorry to hear you're still in pain, that's rotten for you. Hmmm, how about a glitter of crafters?

    Big (gentle) hugs, Nicki, xx

  8. Hey hunny, sending you a big sqwishy hug and hoping you can get to see the man asap... in the meantime, take it easy xx
    Loving your KatieCat, my AlfieCat has made an appearance on the WOYWW today, he is a scrappy cat too and has taken to plonking his bum on my chair, so we have to share, I get the 2" at the edge ROFL
    Lotsa love hun xx

  9. hipe you heal up fast - rib be well!
    glad you are up to being creative

  10. I just love bin bag Katie :-) You need a trip to see the Wizzard to get that rib sorted ...and soon. Sending you lots of healing vibes.
    A x

  11. Your cat in the bin bag is soooo cute! Hope you feel better soon and get your ribs sorted. Hugs, Claire x

  12. Hi hun, hope you get yourself sorted out soon. Glad you had a nice time at your friends ;-) Love the card on your desk. Pics of the cat are wonderful.
    Hugs Anne xxxxxx

  13. Hi Paula, glad to hear you have been in touch with the hospital, this pain of yours needs to be sorted out quickly. If you don't hear soon - ring them again - we need you well! Sending you a very gentle hug. Eileen x
    ps: great pics of your kitty

  14. sorry to hear you are in pain hun. Katie cat in the scrap bag is sooo funny. Your SU goodies came yesterday - I will PM you, lot going on at the moment.

  15. Hope you get sorted out soon. Your cat is so cute in the bin bag. Will email you soon! Kathleen x

  16. Sorry to hear you are in pain - still - I hope you will get in contact with your doctor and sort this out! I am sorry I haven't been around lately - this business with the library opening is taking all my time but I still think of you!
    Lots of very light hugs,

  17. Bin bag Katie is soooo cute!! Hope Mr Dr can sort you out as soon as possible!
    Take care!


  18. I think it's a "passion" of bloggers!! Good luck with your doc - hope he soon sorts you out. Rest plenty!

  19. love your kitty pictures! I don't get how they can discharge you when you have that kind of pain. Shocking is what it is! Take care hun

  20. Thinking good thoughts for you and hoping the surgeon sees you quickly!
    Katie looks adorable x

  21. I hope firstly you feel better soon and they can sort out your rib pain...

    ...I loved nosing at your desk and you have a great blog...thanks for sharing, please come over and visit me.

    CD/DVD case are great storage items.


  22. Aww your kitten is very sweet, dont they get into the funniest places xx

  23. hello lovely lady, sorry you are in pain, hope you get that sorted asap. so glad you had a lovely weekaway, you deserve it. We had one nice day when went to the beach but its been pants otherwise.

    I think we should be a parliament of crafters cos how flippn fab would it be for parliament to be full of crafters, we would do a darn better job of running the country.

    oh and I have that blankie, that exact blankie in my craft room, it is draped over my feet as i type.

  24. Your kitty is so sweet!

    I hope you can get to the bottom of that pain in your rib. Is it possible it is cracked?

  25. Gah, I thought you were gonna paint me green and call me a witch then! Actually, you should, coz I'm gonna nag...don't wait for the consultant or any piddly email - get to A&E or your GP and bamng on the table...even if it's nothing, it needs seeing to...there isn't a frontline NHS person who would want you to be tolerating pain.
    What is that in the rack at the desk..are they CDs or have I missed something here????!!

  26. hi Paula - now make sure you get that pain checked out, want you back fit and well again please. Yes I did buy matchboxes but promise I wont anymore - was just being very lazy. Plus found a lovely stash of jewellery boxes at the back of the cupboard this morning so will be 'altering' those.

    Your kitty is adorable and my doggie pal loves ice cream too - we dont spoil them do we :o)

  27. Hi Paula, hope you had a good break over the weekend other than catching a few rays of sun i hope you managed a little R&R? sorry to hear the ribs are playing up and hope you can get that sorted out soon. the desk is looking lovely today and is graced beautifully by Katie :)

  28. Hi Paula hope things also get better for you soon (sounds awful) About selling the bag mmm don't think I could charge £20 and that was just for the material lol I like the expensive stuff what can I say lol so I think I would have to sell tham at about £35 do you think people would pay that? probely not ha ha but I enjoyed making it. Katie is so adorable love her!

    Love Dawn xx

  29. The desk looks very interesting and I'm so sorry to hear you're in such pain, good luck with getting relief very fast!

  30. What a gorgeous kitty you have there helping you.

  31. That cat is so lovely-love your doggy too but I'm a cat person at heart. I'm with Julia on the pain-don't mess get to A and E and when you go make sure you put them in the picture. Can't stress it enough. By the way if you want some retail therapy from that sick room LOL QVC has had some great crafting stuff this week. Have had to shove my hands up my cardigan sleeves to stop me dialling the number. Could always use my nose! Hugs BettyXXX

  32. Sorry you are still in pain! Hope you get sorted very soon!

  33. Love the desk, but your kitties stole the show for me - now there's a surprise !!!

    Sorry to hear about your rib. Hope you find out what's wrong and get it sorted soon. You really have had more than your fair share of pain !!!!


  34. Hey Paula,

    You are wearing a cap and gown as your avatar. Either it was for show, or you have at least one degree. Now with that degree comes common sense. Please don't fool around with whatever is wrong with you. We want you back for week 54 and all the rest of them. We also want to see that clean desk (OK, you know I'm a neat freak), and we want to see Katie again.

    I really AM from Kansas, so both Toto and I are telling you to get to the hospital, emergency room, or whatever you call it in the UK. And have a great WOYWW.

  35. Love the new storage for the nesties. I onlly have 4 sets so far as they are so expensive and I have them in CD cases too, might have to invest in a rack like yours as I collect more!

    Be careful not to chuck the cat out with the rubbish by the way x

  36. Cute little scrap cat LOL. I agree with Julia by the way I think you should get yourself to A&E or the doctors first thing especially when you are in pain, no one should be in pain. Take care of yourself. Tracy Evans x

  37. sorry to hear that your in pain hun, I know how it is to be in pain and can't get any relief, hope you feel better soon hun :0)
    Oh I've just noticed, your from Chesterfield too :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  38. I hope said surgeon gets in touch very,very soon and puts an end to your pain.
    Katie Kitten in the bin bag is soooooooooo cute, I wonder why they always like to get inside of things.
    Nice tidy desk this week. You've changed your Nesties so that means I am gonna have to change mine as I copied your last idea.
    Lots of healing hugs Pat xxx

  39. I hope you get your pain sorted out :-( no fun being in pain all the time...Loving your pretty kitty! She's a beauty! Isn't it funny how cats love bags, our Blink is always playing or trying to get into bags....

    thanks for sharing

  40. I know you must be so fed up with hospitals etc and I know I am the worst ever person about going to the docs but if I were in as much pain after what you have been through and after taking soooo much pain medication ...I would be taking JD's advice ...surely your GP could give you some advice and comfort...they have your notes ...and they are in a careing profession ... aren't they ??

    Love the 'black sack' shot ...what is it about plastic bags and cats?
    Take care ...Hugs ... xxxx

  41. Love your tidy desk. But Katie Kitten in much more interesting. Hope you can get the pain sorted.

  42. Oh I hope the doctors can help soon! a hug and a prayer from Patsy from

  43. hope you feel better soon, love following your blog i pop on every night to see if you have posted anythinh (hmmmm that sounds a tad stalkerish lol im not i promise) love katie kitten she looks a little like my bobble cat (bobcat for short)

  44. hope you ok xx your cat is so cute xx

  45. Thanks for the snoop Paula. Finally fixed my comment problem and can now comment on all blogs YAY! So hello, I have been visiting every week but sadly until today been unable to comment.

    There are cats everywhere this week!

    Hope you feel better soon. Until you have experienced constant pain that does not go away no matter what you take, in my case even with the addition of morphine and a methadone substitute, it is so hard to explain to others what it is like. Keep pestering the medics and keep positive - really does work. Thinking of you Hugs Can x

  46. I didn't get to WOYWW this week :-(
    But I had to come and check up to see how busy your's was looking, didn't I? And it does look busy!

  47. Love the nesties storage, I hope the pain eases soon so you feel a bit better.


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