Wednesday, 30 June 2010

WOYWW - 30th June

Hi de hi bloggers...

Its nice to be joining it this week - last week was the first week I didn't join in since my  blogging time began back in the day (well, January actually) LOL...  Hope you didn't miss me too much (as if)!!!

Anyway, here is the desk without further ado

I do have to admit that it wouldn't have looked like this if I had have blogged last week - and even yesterday it didn't look like this but I went and sat in my chair this evening (Tues) and tidied away... It was the first time at my desk since a made a card on Sunday - oh, not as long ago as I thought then??!?!?!?  I'll post a pic of that card if I remembered to take one...

Well, on the desk you can see i am proudly displaying my card easel - and its not staged at all - in fact, its had much use since I received it from the lovely Julia, made by the talented Mr D - he must have been going some to churn out a fair few of those - hope he doesn't have blisters - or hope he's not chanting WOYWW in his sleep - that wouldn't be good!!!

What else is on the desk?... oh, a tag is currently on the easel - this is something I coloured up ages ago when i was messing about. never done anything with it since - as you can see and didn't really need me to point out LOL!!!  Oh there is a new bag of laggy bands (as we say round these parts)!!! - coloured ones too so must have been feeling posh the day I bought those.  In the little pot with the green lid is a mass mix of card candy my Mum sent me... she bought one of those sets of 8 or so boxes when they were on QVC, so she has given me a selection of colours - i'd shown her how I used some others that someone had given me - I don't think she's used any yet - which doesn't surprise me.  My oldest DS would say - "all gear, no idea"... although, while that is not strictly true of my Mum (she does buy a lot but hardly ever crafts)... he says it to DH about all his golf tackle... it does make me chuckle - bust most of all it makes me feel far less guilty about my stash shopping cos at least I ry and craft regularly - but DH hardly ever goes golfing... his excuse is that he is always cooking, cleaning and shopping (which it quite true - bless)... but I told him that Cinderalla will go to the ball...

Anyway - for you nosey ones out there - he's another pic:

Thats a pic of my shelves - which I must admit look not too bad - i'd give myself a 'B' at least for effort...

Another one of the desk - and something I need to point out:

Now, on the wall at the back, there is something that looks like a green tree shaped post it note ... well thats because it is!!!   However, until I was uploading these pics from the memory card to the laptop, I hadn't noticed it IRL... the ever-so-mature and grown up 17 year old DS put that there - and do you want to know what it says??? do ya???  I know you're dying to know now... it says "More cheese Gromit?"... that's how grown up he is... (NOT)...  Its now in the bin!!!

Since I took this pic, I made a card which I will blog at a later time.

Anyway, come later - when you're all awake and i'm not - you'll have visited umpty tumpty desks  - so i'll just have to blog hop best I can when i do get up... that is the only reason i've done this the night before (although technically it is now Wednesday so i'm bang on).

When I originally drafted this post ready (I started it on Monday night sometime (ive lost track through not going to bed), I had written that I was going to London to Wimbledon Thurs to Sat - but there have been developments since then - in that I am now NOT going - I have convinced my DH to go with the boys... its all paid for and him going instead of me makes no difference to the arrangements.

To cut a long story short (not like me then)... I don't feel comfortable walking round in big crowds... I feel sick at the thought of someone banging into me - and noone would necessarily - and certainly not on purpose - but neither do I have a big tattoo across my forehead saying that I feel a bit delicate.

Back to the all-nighter story

I never went to bed at all Monday night... not ever.  I stayed up the whole night sat in the conservatory - not even at the desk -  cos I was in far too much teeth clenching eyes screwed up pain.  Nothing took even the edge off.  Was going to contact my doctor again tomorrow - but this afternoon I had a letter from the hospital come - i've got an appointment with the surgeon on Monday at his thoracic clinic.  Now, I'm not sure whether that is as a result of me contacting his PA a few weeks ago - or as a result of my latest xray???  Who knows but I hope to be able to shed some light on the acute pain i'm suffering in my lower ribcage and all up the site to my shoulder... even getting a frozen shoulder and sometimes tingling in my elbow - i'll hopefully be able to get it all figured out and an answer or something. 

Anyway, just in case you are wondering how you get Wimbledon tickets, DS and his friend (Ben) are both members of the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) and entered their names in the ballot for tickets for the second year running - not sure why Ashley hasn't done it before as he's been a member for a few years now.  Anyway, you 'win' the right to buy the tickets you draw in the ballot.  I think (although I might be wrong) these are only either centre court or court one tickets because all other courts are accessible without tickets - me and DS had a wander round last year and saw Rudeski, close up of Roddick practicing, Laura Robson, Macca, John Inverdale, Timmy....  It was the best time!

The jammy sods (well, DS's friend) only 'won' tickets for the MENS SEMI FINALS on CENTRE COURT - how jammy is that... and DS won tickets for the mens DOUBLES semi finals... You always win a pair - so those two are watching the mens singles (both matches) while me OH and youngest DS will watch the doubles.  I would have been as happy Sunbathing on Henmans Hill (It'll NEVER be Murrays Mount (he's a miserable bugger)

DS and I went last year and got tickets for the mens singles quarters - and got two awesome matches.  Roddick - who was amazing was one of them.  Layton Hewitt was in another... Anyhows, hope its gonna be a nice day (it was scorchio last year).  Also - the bonus this year is that Nadal is playing - we were devastated last year when he pulled out through injury, but we got to see him at the ATP finals in November at the 02 Arena :O)  DS recons he'll get a Nadal match... i'll just have to watch it at home... on my own... with my own strawberries and cream - anyone for Pimms???

Anyway - whats on your workdesk this Wednesday? Why don't you show and tell like half the blogging world are at the moment - if you don't know what I mean - follow this link to the starting point... read all about Julia's desk then comment (its rude not to) and blog about your own - linking it up to Mr Linky.  You don't have to be a paper crafter to join in - infact - anyone, anywhere can join in - you don't even have to have a desk.  Peeps from the 4 corners of the globe are joining in and blog hopping - the only candy you get on this blog hop is new friends and lovely comments... now - you can't put a price on that can you???

Go on - whatcha waitin' for????

Before you go, some of you may have seen Dylan the dog seeking refuge from the sun in his new hidey hole (aka OH's brick built BBQ) - since then, he's been trimmed.  Janice the groomer only has to say hello at the gate - before she's even brought in her equipment, and Dylan is behind the chair shivvering... well - here's a pic of him after he's been trimmed - back up the garden in the BBQ - but for very different reasons... i.e. he's hacked off!!!!

before pic "it's a bit warm Mum!"


He's thinking "Has she gone yet with that bloody hairdryer"

Yes, he's definately sat here making sure that Janice had left before he went anywhere near the house again... he's so funny.  I definately think he has more character when his hair is longer - although when its trimmed, it feels just like velvet - such a soft, almost down like hair and he smells just like a baby.....  aaaawwww bless!!!

I don't know if ANY of this post makes sence or is in order LOL... I am dropping to sleep for the first time in 2 nights... the church clock has struck one (the other is on the floor) LOL LOL - that's a joke... and i'm fit to drop so if it don't make sense - make it up!!!

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. awwww poor Dylan doggie, my last poodle hated having his hair done, and as it was me that did it he fell out with me big time. I would have to hold him between my legs and shear him like a sheep lol

    Gawd that post was so long I've forgotten what was at the top lol so sorry you are still in pain, thanks for the catch up email can't believe you have been doing soooo much, no wonder you have no time to blog lol

    We call the laggie bands too, my postie rather helpfully always leaves loads out on the path, so I am never short lol

    Love the 'all gear,no idea; quote, I am so gonna steal that! ...I would have left the tree up on the wall cos I am def not growd up.

    I would love to go to Wimbledon one year, bit of a long way for us though.

    Finger's crossed for your appointment, I hope they can give you sone clear answers.

  2. awww dylan, sending strokes and tailwags for you after your trim!!! lol!!! he will fee much better for it in the hot sun bless him. hope you are feeling a little better today hun xxxxxx

  3. Hi Paula, Sorry to read you are missing out n Wimbledon this year but I think everyone would understand you feeling a little delicate, I do hope that the doctor is able to shed some light on the source of all your pain, it sounds awful for you ((((hugs)))) I know just what you mean about Dylana nd his hair, my chocolate girl looks fab with all her curls and always seems sillier. once I clip herr, it's like she grows up (for a while) and her coat is all velvety as well :) take care! Px

  4. Crikey what a post! Even without sleep you make me laugh out loud you're so funny. Glad you got Wimbledon sorted, it'll be too hot anyway! Love the before and after pcis of your poodle!! Take care, hope you get the pain sorted soon, that is so tiring (and tiresome!) in itself.

  5. How cute is Dylan the teddy murderer now :-) You wouldn't think butter would melt in his mouth would you?....but we know different :-)
    Shame about the tennis but there will be other years. Really hope all goes well on Monday...please let us know how it goes and shout if there is anything you need.
    A x

  6. oh hun great post and oh dylan looks,so cute hun really adorable,oh would love to give him a hun,bless him,such a shame about the tennis,hun,but there is next year hope it all goes well on monday hun,oh love your craft space too hugs cheryl xxxxx

  7. Awwwww Bless Dylan I bet he is grateful deep down lol lol. Hahaha I love your sons note :O) hope all goes ok when you go to your hosp appt.


  8. Aw poor shaven pooch, he looks so bare but i bet he's super cool.

    Thanks for sharing your bookcase pic.. i have one on order being delivered next week woo hoo

  9. Hi Paula
    i do hope your back is soon sorted i ahve every sympathy for you hun, lovely tidy desk, aww Dylan is gorgeous, what a cutie, have good day, sue,x

  10. Dylan looks gorgeous with his short back and sides. Hope things go well on Monday. Love the way you have your cards displayed on your unit.

  11. Aaaah Dylan is so so so cute with his cut, bless him. Hope things go well on Monday for your. Love your shelves too and I am as proud as you of my WOYWW easel. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x

  12. wonderfully tidy Paula. Well done

  13. I do hope you get something sorted out hun. I can't even begin to imagine the pain you are in. You sleep well and don't worry about blog hopping if you're not up to it - we won't mind. I do like your dog though hiding from his groomer hehehe bless him.
    Take care now and rest plenty
    Sam x

  14. Another unusually long post from you Paula hehe. Pity about Wimbledon but I think you were right not to go. Aw sorry things were s bad on Monday hope you get sorted after your appt on Monday ;-) You say 'that's how grown up he is' well he is a man!!! Poor doggy, in this weather too, but he does look lovely.
    Anne xx

  15. Awwwwww poor Dylan, like him better with the fluff. Ummm must dash, reading your post has taken up all my lunchtime. LOL but loved the post, keep them coming, hope you get some good news at the Hosp.
    Big Hugs

  16. Right, first of all... YOU TAKE CARE... and am keeping it all X'd that you get to see the Man soon and he will find out what is causing your with you on the crowd thing...peeps don't realise and just a jostle will hurt like nobody's chuff... you desk is looking admirably tidy (bit like mine, she said smugly LOL) and I loooove your cupboard for Dylan, I want him! He is soooo cute! Sending massive hugs hun...take care....I mean it! :O)) Oh and for DS...yes please, more cheese!! xx

  17. Poor Dylan. Pity you can't make Wimbledon. I was going to watch out for you on the telli! Sorry to hear that you are still in so much pain. I hope you get sorted out soon. Big Hug. Kathleen x

  18. sorry to hear your still in pain hun, it makes it worse when you can't sleep. Hope you get sorted soon and sending you some healing ((Hugs)).
    *hugs* Heather x

  19. great, organized space and love your pictures!

  20. Poor Dylan - your baby is having a bad hair day! (smile)

    Paula I am glad to see you back (I definitely missed you last week) and hope you are feeling better! Your comments had me rofl this week - especially the one about how well I have camoflaged my space in the past! It's amazing how we can double our space if we only decrease our junk by half!

    Have a great week and make my day more often!


  21. Awe Paula...I hope you managed a good sleep my lovely XXX

    I do hope you will keep us updated with your latest trip to the hospital sweetheart XXX

    How LUCKY to get semi-final tickets???I am green with envy my dear haha

    As for tell him Auntie Karen reckons he looks proper 'andsome in his new coat! HUGS XXX

  22. Oh Paula it's a long recovery for you and I'm worried that you're having to tolerate that amount of pain. Please don't take no for an answer - revisit the GP if it's ages before you see the surgeon. Maybe a quiet, dosed up few days while the boys are at Wimbledon will be the best investment..poor you. As for Dylan, he's half a dog! Love that he sulks, what a boy!

  23. I haven't had chance to post this week just to busy with work and Wimbledon,and I think this is the first time I've missed since starting my blog in feb/march but I had to stop by and see how you are feeling.
    Before I had my Hip Joint replaced I had a number of nights like you are having and you have my total sympathy. I hope they get to the bottom of it when you go to the hospital and sort you out with some decent pain relief.
    Anyway your desk looks like mine...very tidy and hopefully I'll get the chance to make a mess on the weekend.
    I would love to go to Wimbledon and I'll be 50 in 4yrs so my mission is to get there for my birthday!!
    Not sure if i prefer Dylan with or without is fur, he is so adorable.

    Ok better go before this comment gets as long as your posts...hehe!!!

    take care lots and lots of hugs :)


  24. hope you are quickly diagnosed and treated, do try to rest even if you can't sleep,

    we have 'love poetry' on our fridge, it is sweet beautiful individual words of love that can be formed into a small poem, much like stamping from typeset words,

    we also had a teenage party at home for my 19 year old,

    a couple of weeks later when my Dad (grandad) visited I noticed he was transfixed by my fridge (silly old coot I thought) - well, later I too caught sight of our fridge and it was rather more sex that love, the imagination of teenage boys should NEVER be attemted to be understood - don't look - it will drive you crazy - the mad world of teenage boy hormones - give me wild animals, give me screaming babies but spare me the teenage boy....

  25. Aw he looks so sorry for himself!lol
    Sorry to hear you are still in pain...what a shame to be missing out on Wimbledon...but totally understandable you would be getting nudged left right and centre I am sure!
    Take care

  26. How tidy does that desk look? Glad to hear you've been working on it since

  27. I missed ya!!

    Love your doggy!!

  28. Ah poor Dylan but he does look cute with or without hair!! London is going to be a scorcher tomorrow, because I will be there in my suit all day looking out wistfully at the sun (especially around 2.30 when I am normally on my way home!)

    P x

  29. I really hope Docs can help you on Monday Paula. Tell them the WOYWers will be round to sort them if they don't put you right soon!

  30. Awww Paula, so sorry you are still in pain hun xx Hope all goes well on Monday and you get some answers. Dylan looks adorable all shorn like that, bless him.

  31. Sorry to hear of your pain Paula. I hope you get some answers from the surgeon and he can sort you out once and for all.

    How cute is Dylan, he looks so lovely with his new hair do.


  32. Gosh what a long post! am loving your tidy desk and hope you are feeling a bit better today. Love the dogs haircut too - reminds me of when I used to take my dog in the summer to have hers cut too (we are talking 20 years ago now but i still remember it like yesterday!).

  33. lower ribcage pain?? ... frozen shoulder ...sounds like me, no, I'm not talking op here (shudder!!) but yes, sometimes staying up is good but sometime (like now) I think it's bed time! I'm looking at your table and thinking oh look Paula puts her scissors in her coffee cup just like me...but of course there's no coffee in yours, is there! (((Go to sleep now))))

  34. Sorry Dylan but you really made me smile ...well laugh actually ...bless.

    Paula I do hope they get to the bottom of this pain ... I know that the operation must have damaged nerves and things and that they take ages to heal ...causing terrible pain as they do ...but you should have been warned and if your pain is not expected then keep moaning at them 'til they sort it out and explain what is goimg on. I know the pain and lack of sleep will have drained you so maybe a pushy friend ought to go with you ... to fight in your corner.Thinking of you xx

  35. Hey Paula, you've been straightening up in your crafty space. Now you won't be able to find anything. Sure hope you can get to the bottom of the pain. I want a closer shot of the easel. I need to make me one.

  36. Hi Paula
    what a lovely tidy desk, I do hope they can sort out what is causing this pain, you sound really depressed with it all, ah he looks so different with his hair cut.
    Christine x

  37. Sorry to hear you are missing Wimbledon. Dylan looks so funny when he pouts. I bet he's a lot cooler, though. And I hope you get better soon, too. It's no fun having undiagnosed pain. Happy belated WOYWW.

  38. Awww bless at least he,ll be feeling a lot cooler nice tidy workspace see you've been raiding the Kitchen for your mug tree i retired my cutlery to the drawer to use the stand for tapes & scissors

  39. Debs (from work!)2 July 2010 at 17:24

    Hiya Paula, Your blog is fabby, love it. Thx for the link, I'll be calling in again to see what you've been up to!!! Wish my craft room looked as accessible as yours, my stuff is in boxes around the room and I have to keep getting up for my stash (I ought to be as thin as a lat - such luck!). Dylan is so cute and I love the before and after shots - what a darling. Hope Darren and the boys are enjoying Wimbledon. Look after yourself honey.

  40. Poor baby! As one of lifes naturally curly brigade myself I think I'd be shivering behind the sofa too! He might not like it but I bet it's much cooler for him.


  41. Just thought I'd say "hello" started hopping on the blog hop and picked your blog today! Lovely to see such beautiful cards and a very lovely crafting area (much tidier than my room at the moment!)
    Will pop back for more soon


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