Wednesday, 16 June 2010

WOYWW - 16th June

Well, as i start this post on Wednesday afternoon, its warm outside, I could do with some fresh air and its craft day on QVC.

I stayed up last night cos not been able to sleep again - and managed to see what the TSV is (today's special value)  but not for me thank you... then fell to sleep on the sofa, only waking up when I made myself jump (as you do)... couldn't hack it anymore so went to bed.  Have had a rubbish nights 'sleep' and struggled to get up... so here we are - late (er) than usual!

In the past couple of weeks, I've tried to write my post the night before - taking pics the first thing the following morning.  Not this week.

Here it is - left as it was when I went to bed last night.

A bit messy, i'll give you that, piles of things on the right - nothing of substance.

At the back in my DVD cases are my nesties, more rolls of bargain DST on my cup stand.  My new but just cracked coffee canister with my scissors and metal rulers in - oh, and an old knife - well you never know what you might need to unscrew and a darn sight easier than ferriting around in the shed to see where Mr G has 'tidied away' his screwdrivers!!!

Here are a couple of new purchases:

Anna Griffin Sentiment Stamps, bought from QVC last week.  There are some really nice sentiments in this set with fancy writing and scrolls.  Hmm nice.

Next is something that my lovely friend Lynn Linby delivered to me last night... The 'Flight of the Butterfly' set from Stamping Up... can't wait to get using that.  I went full hog and bought the matching punch too.  Well you gotta, aintcha?!!!

Lynn and I had our usual chats which led here there and everywhere, forgetting how we got there, talked about all sorts - the time just flies by - before you know it, she's having to go home and we realise what the real time is - shock horror.... thanks for the company Lynn!!!

Here we have some of my latest storage solutions to all those files, boxes and wallets of scrap papers that were screaming to be sorted out - which my mum has been a star at doing for me.

here's the neutral colours:

In here are the metallics, white, cream, black, grey and brown - then at the back are the multicoloured bits.

Next is the rainbow file:

Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue (I sang that as I typed) LOL - I tell you what, I've not cut into a whole piece of card since I sorted that out, and I didn't realise how many bits of mirri card I'd got - should save me cutting into a fresh one for a while.

Finally - you know me and sorting things out into colour... my threads, ribbons, buttons, beads, inks, card, pens etc... well now its my flowers:

And before you ask or comment, YES they are chinese takeaway boxes and NO they're not mine LOL - they're my dear lovely Mum's who helped me sort them out last week... we did laugh though cos she got most of them on the floor!!!!

I apologise if I didn't make it to your desk last week.  I didn't feel 100% - infact exhausted and still in pain is the word.  I called the hospital to speak to the consultant's secretary but she never called me back.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited to see if I received a letter in the post.  Up to yesterday afternoon (our post is NOT early) - there was nothing so I called the hospital again.  Low and behold she wasn't there again.  Anyway, I called my doctors surgery instead and booked a telephone consultation which happened about 11.15 this morning.  I was 12 weeks post op yesterday, 7 weeks post 2nd op - which isn't causing any major problems... However, its getting beyond a joke trying to cope with the pain from the thoracic surgery despite STILL being on two prescription painkillers and paracetamol all day - the pain is coming straight through the meds.  The doctor wants to see me tomorrow, so DH will be taking me in the morning... We'll see what happens.

Anyway, if you are nosey like me; if you want to see what fellow crafters are (or are not) up to; if you want to show the WWW what you have on your desk, floor, camping table, dressing table, sewing table, caravan table, dining table or where ever you craft etc etc to show us what work in progress you have at the moment - go visit Julia, leader of the WOYWW movement and leave a link to your desk on Mr Linky.  Remember to leave a comment when you have visited someone - you know how it feels when someone has left you a comment - its like getting a hug!!!!  it makes your day.

So, kick back, get a cuppa and while away the day by visiting the fabulous ladies and gents who join in the phenomenon that is WHATS ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY... well go on then, what are you waiting for ????

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - even if it is only a one word 'hi' - hopefully you'll come back again soon - but let me know and i'll put the kettle on!!!

hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Hi, Paula.

    Ok, just kidding. Sorry you're still in so much pain, it's a real bummer! Hope the Doc sorts you out tomorrow. Love your organisation - your mum must eat a lot of chinese, even if you don't! I saved a few of these once, wonder where I left them.....

  2. Fab stuff and some good storage solutions in action there. Those QVC stamps aren't for me either I'm afraid. I watched the prog from bed and fell asleep in the right place for a change :-)

  3. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Love the flower storage.

  4. Hi Paula, you are being good getting organised. I didn't know there was a craft TSV, doens't sound exciting but will look out fo curiosity. Love both lots of stamps. Hope you get yourself sorted out after seeing the doc tomorrow.
    Take care hun
    Anne xxx

  5. WOW. You are so organised. It was good talking to you last night. I hope you get on ok at the doctors tomorrow. I was watching QVC last night too. Couldn't sleep! Am just away to watch again with a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit. Come and join me! Kathleen x

  6. It looks just how I remember it LOL! Had such a great time, I don't think we ever stopped talking did we-will we ever run out of things to talk about! Lynn x

  7. Hi hon here is my big hug!! Flight of the buttterfly is one of my favourites as you probably know by now!! Your being very organised all this sorting you have been doing. As for cleaning my stamps, I do keep some baby wipes handy but still neglect cleaning them till I have a few!

    Send me a mail and let me know how you get on at the dr's tomorrow, I've an appointment with mine tomorrow as I have a very painful shoulder and limited movement in my neck, funnily it's worse when I'm at work!!!!!

    Pam xx

  8. Have not WOYWWed this week but had to pop by a few friends over the next few days

    Love your colour organization ...I really should think about doing it.
    I really hope you get your pain control sorted ...I hope they actually check you out properly seems to me that the pain should be reducing by now ...but then what do I know xx

  9. Paula, patience is not always a virtue! you should be making noise to get attention about this pain. Hopefully your Doc will sort it out tomorrow.
    Love your colour coding, it all looks so beautiful and neat.

  10. Hi Paula! I am so sorry that you are still in so much pain nag that Dr to sort it out!!!

    ooo I love all that co-ordination going on and its lovely to see Annies gorgeous pictures HUGS XXX

  11. Oh, I HOPE you get this pain under control. It sounds NASTY. :(

  12. HI Paula!
    I am sorry about your pain, I hope all goes well at the doctor's tomorrow and you get that pain under control! Your desk is lovely busy and I like how you sorted out your flowers and cardstock - my flowers are all in one big box and my cardstock is all over the place although I do have a few files where I started sorting out my paper!
    I will be sending you positive thoughts!
    Lots of hugs,

  13. Am relieved you are finally going to the quacks and hope he can help out. Am deliberately avoiding QVC after last weeks little foray. I was tempted by the Anna Griffin-looked really useful but I'd already bought other stuff.Yes I've got the punch and the stamps in fact I got them twice in a fit of forgetfulness and unable to get into my room. The punch went back but I'd already mounted the stamps so I gave them to my sister!Now I'll have to stop desk hopping and use them. LOL BettyXXX

  14. Your colour co-ordinated organisational skills are amazing!!
    Hope all goes well in the Dr's tomorrow and he can sort out some pain relief that actually relives the pain!!

    Take care.xx

  15. Paula Had to laugh when I just got your comment as DH said exactly the same but it is under the box shots! Might show a bit more later but didn't want to boast and I'm never sure how many photos blogger will take without blowing up!BettyXXX

  16. Seems to me you are in a lot of unnecessary pain so long after that surgery. And TWO meds for pain is rather scary. Man you have a lot of flowers. And like you, the ONLY way to sort that makes sense to me is by color. Where's that darling Dippy today?

    Feel better soon, PLEASE. And have a happy WOYWW.

  17. Really glad you've managed to catch up with that Dr. Really hope they can sort you out tomorrow. Please let us know how it all goes.
    Big healing hugs coming your way.
    A x

  18. Love the organisation, Paula. The hanging IKEA thingies are great - and I am a great lover of things sorted by colour - sooo lovely!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Julie :o)

  19. Tell the Gp I said so,, that should make them quiver lol xxx I no likeee the QVC either. Anyway glad to see you are resting and putting your feet up..(oozing sarcasm here). Love your desk as always see ya later


  20. OOo you are organised...I sorted all my scraps too...but not as well as yours!
    Hope you get your pains sorted out when you see the doc

  21. Hi Paula
    hope the dr can help out soo, luv all your storage ideas, i have that Su butterfly set its lovely, luv all the flowers in there boxes, have good day, sue,x

  22. Hi Paula

    Sorry to hear that you're still struggling. I do get annoyed when Medical Secretaries don't return patients calls - we're not all like that honest !!!

    Glad you had a nice evening with the lovely Lynn. You'll have loads of fun with the Butterfly Stamps and Punch they really are fab.

    Anyway, take care. Let me know how you get on at the doctors, you can always email me (see my sidebar).


  23. Great new stash sweetiepie, and I'm loving those colour sorted flowers!

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, good luck for the docs - try telling him he'll have all of blogland to deal with if he doesn't help you!

    Air hugs (you know, like air kisses, so I don't squeeze your ribs!) Nicki, xx

  24. Hi Paula
    thought I would pop in before my friends come round later, didnt get on today my hubby took me to lunch and then craft shopping, its great getting spoilt, love your creative desk, and you are so organised, good luck with the doc tomorrow, give him what for, they really need to sort that out for you.
    Christine x

  25. ooh im liking that folder idea for the paper, sometimes I spend more time organising than I do crafting, which is wrong wrong wrong. lol

  26. I need you to come here and organise me!!

  27. You are making progress with your organization. Sorry to read that you are not having a speedy recovery. Hopefully your appt will get you on track. Take care!

  28. Glad I am not the only one to use the take away boxes for everything!!

  29. Well, here's my big but very gentle hug. You gave them the benefit of the doubt for WAY too long. I feel like coming tothe Drs with you.

    Love what you and your mum have done - aprt from the organised and success part of it - OMGee how happy does it make you to llok at those colours stacked like that. Gorgeous!

  30. Best of luck with the doc! Your work space looks so well sorted.

  31. wow so any flowers Paula! Hope you are feeling better. I have sorted my scraps box too this week, all into colours, hopefully some of them will get used now lol Love that butterfly set.

    Oh and what you need is an Ikea toolset, I think they are only a fiver. I have one in my craft room, and it is mine, all mine.

  32. Flowers look amazing organised like that!! Good luck tomorrow. Leandra x

  33. you're just toooo tidy, but I love your flower boxes...I should make some too, hope you're feeling a bit better (I mean a lot better!) ..sorry distracted by...Leonie leaping out of a plane???) wherewasI? oh yes, love your new stash, I must not buy any more !! I have no room

  34. Hi Paula,

    Great post this week! I love your new goodies - I SO miss those QVC dates, TSV, etc (although my husband does not!) And I love butterflies so although I don't own that SU set, I certainly remember it as it is on my wish list!

    LOVE your organizational solutions - I still have to get my scraps under wraps - I will remember your solution and who knows you may see something similar on my blog one of these days!

    Dear friend, PLEASE take care of yourself - get some rest - we don't need any more scares from you! Keep us posted - I pray you have a good appt tomorrow!

    Love and hugs

  35. Hi Paula - big cyber huggies to you. Love your crafty space and new rubber is always good! S xx

  36. What a fabulous workspace and love those new stamps too. I didnt know it was craft day yesterday - shame really as I could do with some more stash.

  37. You are extremely organized! Amazing. Very funny that you colour-coded those flowers considering they are see-through boxes :)
    ** Evi **

  38. Love how you have colour coded everything hun,
    Hope all went well at the doctors today :)
    *hugs* Heather x

  39. hi paula
    i've missed popping by your blog, but your space looks as creative as ever :)
    Hope your dr appt goes well too x

  40. ps - loving your new blog x

  41. Oh I love the organisation of your flowers and I keep my scraps in folders like you too, makes things a lot easier. Hope all went well at the Dr's x

  42. Very organised misses. Please don't worry about blog hopping. Good luck with the new meds.xx

  43. Hi Paula, I enjoyed reading this lot... and having the usual nose at all your stuff.
    I am really sorry to hear that you are still in lots of pain, I hope the doctor can do something for you!
    How nice to have Linby come to chat, it seems that there's quite a hub of crafters in your part of the world who can get together easily.
    I'm wondering about the SU butterfly set, it looks really cool.
    My, you have a lot of flowers! Good old take away boxes, they're so useful.
    Thanks for the look around!


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