Monday, 14 June 2010

Tiddly Inks Image - 3 cards and 3 different looks for the price of 1

Last night I made these three cards using the same image, but colouring each one differently then matting each on co-ordinating cardstock.  It just shows how you can get many different looks from the same image. And remember, as it is a digi image, it can be re-sized: make a wider stubby vase, or flip the image for even more different looks.

The basecard was puched on the edge with MS daisy punch then a strip of lemon adhered behind to show up the punching.  Image coloured with promarkers then highlighted with Sakura glaze pens.  Finally a touch of holographic glitter added.  Rik rak ribbon from stash, flowers - a mix of Prima and Petalloo.

This image has also been punched on the edge but using my NEW Martha Stewart deep edge punch (from set of 4 (flower option) bought from QVC last week).  Image coloured as before: Promarkers etc.  Ribbon from stash (collected from my friends wedding the other week)!!!

This image using same deep border punch by MS, coloured as before.  All card stock from stash.

All sentiments on the cards were created by me - the image doesn't come with a sentiment.

Anyway, you can get this simple but really versatile image from Tiddly Inks Digitals here.

While you are there - have a good look around the shop as there are some really fab images - I hope to bring you more in the near future as I am quite smitten with them.

I inserted the image into a word document - then added a text box under each image to type my individual sentiments - which obviously you can do using any wording and any font of your choice.  I got all three of these images from one sheet of A4.

Finally, I thought I'd show you a photo of my third cat, who is actually the oldest of my three.  Infact she is as old as my eldest DS (17).  We had her when she was 18 months old as her owner was moving house and she didn't figure in his new plans.  When I phoned up, I was told there were 2 female cats - I think her pattern is called calico.  Their names were Skippy and Dippy!!!  I ended up with Dippy... story of my life LOL!!! (Sorry DH - I don't really mean it)!!!

Actually this was taken a couple of years ago - she was a very pretty cat - although extremely vocal... she still has the most haunting cry.

In the past year she has started to show her 17 years.  Since Christmas, she has really stopped washing herself and developed a sore on her ear that got worse and worse - but because she spends 95% of her time asleep, its been really difficult to try and treat her.  The ear then developed a bad infection and started to smell so DH took her to the vets.  They cleaned it up, clipped her nails.  It wasn't helping that she kept scratching it which is probably what caused the infection - plus her nails were really long as she doesn't go out enough to wear them down. Anyway - she was given a shot of long lasting antibiotics.  

DH took her back on Friday, where they said it is more than likely a tumor on the ear - too low on the ear to remove, but she's too old to undergo surgery due to the anaesthesia.  We are now trying to maintain some quality of life for her so she will go fortnightly for a shot of antibiotics to keep the infection at bay - which will be far less traumatic than giving her daily antibiotics (and we know this from experience)!!!  

She's happy enough at the moment, still eating (usually the first one to the bowl) and still sunbathing when its nice and warm outside.  Other than that, she spends most of her time in Dylans basket - he doesn't get a look in - that's why he's always on the sofa in the conservatory.

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Good morning Paula. Oooh Dippy is so cute. And I love all 3 of your cards. Must have a look at the site. Have a lovely day. Kathleen x

  2. 3 beautiful cards, really love those!!, and your cat is soo pretty!!

  3. Ahhh what a lovely puss, and 3 gorgeous cards love the punch effect on the 3rd, keep meaning to say love the new look blog, Ive changed mine again but I dont really like it.
    Christine x

  4. Lovely edgings, fab ric rac too. I have a 'thing' for ric rac, have a jar full and never use it,but keep buying it lol

    How sweet does Dippy look, I hope she remains comfy for a good while yet.

    In love with your background, where is it from? is it paper, it should be. I want to print it out lol

  5. These cards look lovely Paula. What a pretty image that vase of flowers is

  6. Awe Paula, Dippy is beautiful honey! You are doing everything right for her too. My old cat had a stroke at 17 but still lived to be a very happy 21 with lots of love. Charlie stopped cleaning himself too but we found that one of the others took on that chore haha All our cats are housecats now and we cut their claws ourselves...much less traumatic all round than the vets haha!

    Love these cards...they look really fresh XXX

  7. Your cards are adorable.

    Your calico kitty is also a cutie. I'm sorry to hear that she's winding down. I lost my Calico kitty Sassy a couple years back due to an inoperable tumor behind her eye. She was 14 years old.

  8. Beautiful cards Paula :-) Ahh poor puss, but so long as she still enjoys lying in the sun and is still eating she's ok for a while. My last cat was about 21 when I had to have her put down :-(
    Anne xx

  9. love what you have done with the deep edge punch.
    Lynn x

  10. Haha -so you succumbed last week-so did I -on the Suze Weinberg day but kept my hands up my sleeves on Martha Stewart day as daren't spend any more. Great deal those punches weren't they? I got the ice stickles, the TH book and the grungeboard letters. Love BettyXXX

  11. very pretty cards! love the colour changes they all look so different even with the same image. Dippy is a pretty cat, lovely to have had her so long to, hope she is comfy and happy with the treatment sending warm snuggly sun spots for her to lounge in xx

  12. Poor Dippy! Does she have an aversion to the vet like Scout did?? He used to shake like an earthquake and try and slink out of the door on the way to the exam room! Love all the cards, glad you are keeping busy :)


  13. love your cards Paula.
    the last one is my fave!

  14. Beautiful cards, Paula and I love the way you have used the punches and the ribbons, it all co-ordinates so nicely. Dippy is a beauty and very lucky so have had such a long and happy life with a caring owner. Hubby had a soft spot for cats when he lived on his own and had five from the cat rescue place at one point! He could never come home with just one! Tracey x

  15. Aw bless her, she is just like my Rosie was.. she was a Calico too.. I bought her when I was 14 years old, saved up pocket money etc.. she lived to be the grand age of 18 and looking at your Dippy, well she has that same lovely face as my Rosie... hope that her ear doesn't get any worse and she will be ok with the treatment...sending big hugs hun xx


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Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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