Thursday, 3 June 2010

Late thoughts for Thursday!!!

Hello friends and bloggers,

Wow - wasn't that just a great WOYWW yesterday - at this moment in time, I only have a few - maybe half a dozen desks to visit...  I must add though that, if anyone links themselves to Julias blog and hasn't done a WOYWW post to justify the link - I WILL NOT leave a comment.  The purpose of the Mr Linky is for us to visit workdesks in the spirit of what this is all about...

Having said that - regular WOYWWers may post something about not being able to take part and to tell us they are away, or for whatever reason cannot join in or show their desks - thats fine... I am more than happy to say I am missing them and leave a comment about hoping they have a nice time etc... but I won't leave a comment if someone links to show us what they are selling or what the latest blog candy they are advertising is...  My opinions only - everyone has their own - but nuff said :)

I sooo enjoyed joining in the anniversary challenge and looking at what everyones take on it was... In the next few days - or maybe when I get home, I will choose (at random) the person who is to receive my wordbook - and maybe some other bits and bobs to go with it...

As you know, I am staying with my very dear friend who lives just outside Kings Lynn.  Donna and I became friends when she used to work in our London Branch - I worked at head office as head receptionist/telephonist and she was on the sales team... She'd call up to speak to someone in the office - but we'd spend almost an hour at a time on the phone chatting - I would contstantly have to put her on hold but we had such a laugh...  She lived in London at the time and we went down to stay with her (and her then Husband) - that was nearly 18 years ago...  So I knew her before I had Kieran!!!

Anyway, it has been a fantastically hot day in South Lincolnshire, Ive done nothing all day - and we have spent a really chilled afternoon on the loungers in the sun - I have some colour to my cheeks!!!

I am back on my strong painkillers - I've been struggling for about 2 weeks now - I ran out of one of my meds, and had forgotten to order more from the doc.  I actually fetched a new prescription yesterday - so hopefully now i'm on them all again, will start to feel less pain... I'm getting a lot of pain in my left bottom rib - so am going to get in touch with the consultant.

I've heard nothing else from work about the job situation and the restructure - don't know when the likely interviews will be.  I'll be e-mailing them tomorrow probably - but really could do without the worry of thinking about my job situ while i'm trying to recover.

Anyway, I thought i'd share a couple of photos of my friends dogs - who absolutely adore people and company and haven't left #2DS alone yet...

On the left is Dorey and on the right is Bruce... these little lovelies are Pugs crossed with Jack Russels.  they are babies and are just so friendly and loving - they are always pleased to see us when we visit.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine where you are and thanks to all who visited me yesterday.  Love and hugs to you all.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.

Paula x x x


  1. Evening hun, I know what you mean about the WOYWW links, a few of them have had me baffled but I'm so far behind I'm still trying to get round everyone anyway!

    I'm glad you're having a nice relaxing time with Donna, in spite of your pain - ouch, hope your meds kick in soon. And I'm sending you good vibes for your job, it's rotten timing for a restructure, as if you didn't have enough to cope with at the moment. Well, you know what they say - When life gives you lemons... slice 'em up and stick 'em in a G&T!!

    Big hugs, Nicki, xx

  2. Hiya hon, sounds like you are having a grand time. I had to show my OH your blog today to show him your Dylan....just to keep him informed you understand, in case i do ever steal him and he turned up doubt followed by your good self in full rescue

    I totally agree with you about the blogs, there have been a couple that I did not leave comments on because of this...I mean there are so many to get around, and i make every effort to do them all, even the French ones lol

    Get plenty of rest and stay drugged

  3. Hey chicky! So sorry to hear you're still in pain....or in pain again. :( Hope that gets resolved soon.

    The two doggies are ADORABLE!!!

  4. oh paula, you rest up and look after yourself hunny, make sure you get yourself to the doctors too so thy can make you feel comfortable. I love those gorgeous little dogs, they are so cute xxxx

  5. Glad you're getting a good rest but I was really hoping you were pain free by now. Get back to that Dr asap my little friend.
    A x

  6. Hi, Paula, Glad you're having a great rest, enjoy the weather whilst it lasts. I'm with you on the WOYWW posts, but yes it was a great day in general. Hope the pain starts receding soon.

  7. Hey Paula!
    I agree with you there on WOYWD front, I have been awol lately with that I must admit tho!

    its horrible you're having to worry about your job while trying to recover, I'm so sorry dear!

    aww your pups are cuties!

    enjoy your day and try not to stress hun (easy said than done I know) but HUGS to you, lots of good vibes sent your way!

    Love, Annmaree

  8. Hi Paula, Hope the painkillers kick in soon. This weather is gorgeous so you enjoy it as much as you can. Hope you get your job sorted out, you don't need this at this time. Your friend's dogs are sooo cute. Take care!
    Kathleen x

  9. Glad to hear you have sat around doing nothing about time!!! Make sure you get back to the docs about that rib! Will be home myself tomorrow so back to normal for z couple of days before my dad and sister arrive for my grams funeral! Hugs pam

  10. Hi Paula
    Lovely to hear you are having a bit of chilling time & doing just what the doctor ordered. Pity about work. Good luck with the email.xx Hope the strong painkillers help. Good idea about seeing the consultant again.
    Take care hunni & keep smiling.
    Love Gez.xx

  11. Glad you are chilling and enjoying the fab weather- hope the doc can sort you out soon - you deserve better!!!

  12. Dear Paula-Hope you are having a lovely time in Kings Lynn. As someone who lost their job due to health reasons I can sympathise with your worry but- try not to take this the wrong way as when you're in the middle of it it is horrendous-the worst that I thought could happen did happen to me and you know what I'm still here, things aren't the same as they were but the sky is blue,I have great fun every day, the bills get paid, I've found friends I never knew existed. Life isn't what I imagined it was going to be but it's different-the anger and bitterness have been replaced by a joy in being alive.Haven't got to all the desks yet and not sure I'll manage it-I hate missing anything but new Paula Pascual stamps have arrived this morning and a little freebie from Craftwork Cards just for taking part in a challenge so might give up hopping. Paddle your toes and have fun. Much love BettyXXX

  13. sorry that you are still in pain my lovely. You carry on resting and enjoying the sunshine. Awe those dogs are the breed mix! HUGS XXX

  14. I adore your blog design! Where did you find this gorgeous pattern? And the owl is just darling. I love owls.
    I rate you highly for getting to everyone's blog. There's just no way I could do that. It would take me an entire day! I do about a quarter of them.
    I love your little book that you did. It's simply fabulous.
    Unfortunately I'm not so crafty, I'm just a scraplifting scrapbooker. I did feel a bit like the odd woman out not having created something though. Oh well.
    Thanks for visiting me!

  15. Glad that youve been having a lovely relaxing time and in such amazing weather! Could not get any better than that really especially now that you are back on full meds. Im sure you'll feel the benefit of that in next to no time if not already!

    Its so good to hear that you are chilling out, thats really made me smile!

    Keryn x

  16. Hi Paula, I'm so sorry to hear that you are still not pain free, hope the meds work very soon. Good to see you are having a relaxing time with your friend, tell her from me I just love her dogs they are adorable. I have always wanted a Pug I think it is from reading Rupert Bear on a regular basis when I was a child there was a Pug featured called Alginon not sure about the spelling.
    Hugs Pat xx

  17. Hi Paula, good to hear you have been able to get your pain back under control. Hopefully, this will help with a speedy recovery.
    Love the dogs - they have such beautiful faces!
    I had my bits for my WOYWW cut out and was labouring over my paper choices ;-) then life got in the way, but I reckon I still have until Tuesday to post my WOYWW birthday creation.
    have a great weekend!

  18. Hello Paula & nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting on my first attempt too be as good as all these other super talented crafters accumilated on this terrific blog hop of noseyness!! love it, its amazing to meet everyone & look at all the fantastic work everyone does! I am totally inspired by it all & all the comments. I though I was the "only crafter in the village" so to speak till I stumbled upon WOYWW. I just know I am going to be addiccted, whooo hooo!!

  19. I finally finished the visits this afternoon (Friday). I whole heartedly agree about the links ...some just link with no mention of WOYWW ...others say loads about everything they do and sell and then add a desk shot as an after thought. I feel that those who just use the links for their own gain are ruining the spirit of this fun gathering.
    I love those dogs ...look at their adorable faces ...and I'm a cat lady lol
    Hope your pain is back under control soon ...Take Care xx

  20. I totally agree with you on the WOYWW links, me and my sister was talking about it on Wednesday how some people were just using it for advertising...!
    I had a great day though - just what I needed with my Dad so poorly. It kept me busy!!
    Glad your having a great time with your friend and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your Job!
    Take care and get to the Dr's asap!


  21. Hi Paula - sorry to hear you've been in so much pain again and hoping the meds kick in soon.
    Good to hear you're having a bit of R&R though - and those little pups can't fail to lift the spirits, they look so cute

  22. Hi Paula, hope the meds have kicked in by now and you're able to enjoy your visit more ;o)
    I just love the expression on the face of the 1st one hehe they're both so cute :o) Hope all works out well for you at work.
    Anne xx

  23. Glad to hear you're having a bit of a 'slow down' (not) cute dogs...quite unlike the ones I baby sit for! (or should that be dog sit!?)

  24. Glad to hear you are having a chill out..I feel for you with the pain :( It's nice to hear that you have stayed in touch with an old friend but I think that's you all hold your friends dear and are very loyal to them...did you take your dog with you to meet these two cuties? not been on WOYWW for a few weeks as been busy (studying :( ) but I know what you mean about advertising gets on my wick...of to have a play as my QVC car stamps came yesterday and have a few ideas regarding dad's day xx Take care speak soon...

  25. Hi mate. Gosh I am so niave! Some of those WOYWW had me clicking on them three or four times and I couldn't find the post about WOYWW and I thought it was me! Ah well a lesson learnt there I won't spend so much time looking next time! Glad to hear you are chillin with your friend and having a good time catching up. Get yourself back to the consultant about the pain under your rib and I'm glad you managed to get some more of your pills, hope they kick in quickly for you. Love your friends little dogs, they are real cuties and the new look to your blog is fantastic, my favourite things, birds, trees and butterflies! Speak to you soon. Tracey x


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Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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