Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Happy Tuesday - where have I been and what have I been up to??? (and a challenge entry)!

In answer to my own question, and in case you also wondered where I'd been (thank you to all those who have e-mailed and enquired) the actual (rather boring) answer is, nowhere really - and nothing much... (again)...  I've been busy doing nothing - but at the same time, I've not had the chance to blog hop either!!! - So, I hereby apologise for not visiting anyone - I've been a bad, bad blogger - and promise to stand in the naughty corner (when I've got time)!!!

Now, I like to think of my blog as a bit of a diary - when I look back on my posts, I get a mental image as to where I was sat when I posted, how I was feeling etc etc... a bit like a journey and journal in itself - a journey that you lovely readers and followers and blogging friends have been my travel companions on - and one that I never expected to be on in the first place!

You see, I recon that all things happen for a reason... If I never got my tumor, I wouldn't have been off work all this time - and while I had started this blog only days before I found out... who knows if I'd have kept up with it as much as I have.  Anyway, I've made loads of friends - all over the world - and have had the pleasure to have met four or five IRL.  In that way, I feel so lucky and blessed - all of which happened through some rather unexpected and devastating news.  That's how weird life is sometimes???

Well, since I didn't join in with WOYWW last week - and believe me, it was on my mind - (I really wish that I had had the time and energy last week...) I posted about NOT joining in (and I would never had linked that to Mr Linky on Julia's about not joining in as that would have been most rude of me?)!!!...

Anyway, On Wednesday we watched football then Thursday DS and I caught a bus in to town (which was most painful and uncomfortable and felt every bump - even changed seats twice) to go to the Orthodontist to have his upper fixed brace (train tracks fitted) - plus it was my Mum's B'day and I didn't even manage to see her on Thursday.  Some of this I think I mentioned in my post here, (which was about not posting...) In the end, we just caught up with some TV we'd recorded and vegged a bit.

Friday came and DS was in a lot of discomfort with his new brace so stayed off school as he'd been up in the night and had needed panadol.  Not long after lunchtime (when I finally got up - I'll explain later) I had a visit from our dear friends K&M (the lovely couple who were married the other week - see here for photos of their wedding and the Orders of Service I made)...

They came round as M wanted some advice about updating his CV and Development Log for a job he is interested in.  They brought their darling girls round who are just adorable.  When they went, my Mum arrived on her scooter and so was finally able to give her her Birthday cards and pressies - which included a set of drawers for her papers, a file so that she can sort her scraps out like I have, and a set of 10 garden lights to run along her front path - amongst other bits and bobs I got for her.  She was really thrilled with her pressies.

Saturday I got up the earliest I've been up all week (those tablets are so not working in a consistent way) so that I could look at all the amendments to M's CV etc, then late afternoon/evening, we went round to my friends house for a BBQ (they are the parents of K above).  We set 3 sky lanterns off in memory of my Dad, my friends Step Dad and her OH 's Dad... It was really beautiful.

Sunday was a late morning (or rather afternoon), and watched the England match.  Mum came down in the late afternoon and stayed for a while and youngest DS went back home and stayed with her being as it was a teacher training day on Monday.

When Mum and DS had gone, me, DH and oldest DS stayed out til about 11pm on the patio - we had the tea lights lit on the table and the lanterns lit under the parasol - it was so peaceful.  The dog decided at 10PM that it was a good idea to have a mad fit and run round the garden with his squeaky toy - and do it as loud as he could!!!

Monday - another late morning.  DH took Dippy the cat (yes, that's her name), to the vets about her ear again.  The vet said that the tumor had grown, and although it wasn't malignant, it wasn't any better and we had better be prepared to make some sort of decision about her future the next time he has to see her which is in two weeks time.  The vet has given her another shot of antibiotics and a shot of steroids.  The last visit cost £56 and this one cost £45 and it seems this is going to be the norm each fortnight as it is inoperable and at 17, she would be unlikely to withstand an operation anyway, particularly in her fragile state.  We now have to weigh up her actual quality of life as, although she is eating - she is really thin and scrawny and sleeps 95% of the time - which really is NO life.

Anyway, this afternoon I fell to sleep on the sofa in the conservatory (long time since I did that), woke up and my laptop had been swiped by DS again - even though we did a swap as he has a new all singing all dancing PC (which isn't working already) :O(

Then I came on here and posted this post, so without further ado, here's the card I made from the boys to my mum:



This one has been made into a 6x6 easel card.  The DP is K&Co (beautiful green pattern) - the butterfly was punched from the same paper.  The sentiment and the butterfly punch are from the 'Flight of the Butterfly' set from Stampin' up.... I ordered this through the lovely Crafty Linby, who brought it round on her last visit.  I stamped the sentiment in versamark which I heat embossed using green pearl meltdust from My Craft Studio (MCS).  I'm so happy with the way this turned out.

This is the one I made from me (and DH)...


The sentiment is from the Anna Griffin stamps I bought the other week from QVC  - again, stamped with versamark and heat embossed with silver pearl meltdust from MCS.  I then went over the embossed sentiment with my versamagic dewdrop chalk ink and rubbed back with some kitchen roll).  The DP used is a Kate Knight collection from Papermania and the dark distressing has been done using Black Soot TH DI.  I used nesties label 4 for the shapes.  The bottom runs of 'lace' effect borders have been made using Martha Stewart punches.  The flower is made using the Marianne Designs poinsettia dies... I die cut them, then put them back through the cuttlebug with the tan embossing mat to get the full effect of the veins on the leaves.   I made one of the layers with the same DP used throughout the card.  I inked up the plain one with a different colour versamagic chalk ink.

I am going to enter this on into a challenge at Crafty Cardmakers #24 - which is 'Inky Fingers' - challenging us to use inks on our projects...

The one I did from the boys came very easily - I knew what I was going to do - and it turned out just as I wanted - which makes a change....

Because I did that one so easily - I was totally stuck when thinking of something to do for the second one and really struggled - so it was one of those cards that evolved (again)... But the main thing is that Mum loved it... I bigged it up by telling her there were a few techniques involved in it - which she loved (well, there was the resist technique with the stamped sentiment)!!!

When I started typing this post, it was well passed 11pm on Monday - but knowing it would be Tuesday by the time I finished it.   Sat in the conservatory when I first started typing, it started to rain... there was that funny smell associated with summer rain... almost dusty and like dry potting compost - if that makes sense... I had the doors open - it was relatively still but the vertical blinds just started to pick up some breeze associated with the change in air pressure (probably - but i'm no Wincy Willis)!!! 

You won't be pleased to learn that I'm still struggling with sleep - it just doesn't seem to matter what time I take the amitriptyline - they just won't knock me out - which rightly or wrongly - i was hoping that they would do???  The even more frustrating part is that I just CANNOT get up in the morning!!  DH has been leaving me to sleep as he knows how little I've had in recent months - but whats that all about?... I'm also finding myself a bit all over the place when I first get out of bed - I just seem so clumsy and can't walk to the bathroom straight without falling into the bed on the way!!!...

It's really late/early now and while I have a few more things I want to share with you - it might just make this post a bit too long... and you know me - I only like to do short posts hahahahah!!!

Hope you come back again soon - I promise to visit you back....

hugs, Paula x x x

p.s. please put any typos or grammatical errors down to my meds /state of mind /time of day /lack of practice /tiredness*

* delete as applicable - LOL!!!


  1. Stunning cards! I know all about the meds not working right for helping with sleep. I hope and pray that you figure out the right med.

  2. How you can focus on making such beautiful cards when you're in such pain and with little or no sleep, I don't know, but they're both just gorgeous. Good luck with sorting out the meds, what is the Dr doing to help you?????

  3. Keep badgering that Dr to help you get your meds right and hopefully really soon you will be well enough to not need any so you can get back to what's normal for you [not sure any of us has known you at your best but I'm certain we all will be around to find out....just make it sooner rather than later please....in otherwords GET WELL SOON my little friend].
    A x

  4. Hi hunny, nice to hear from you :-) sorry the meds aren't doing their job properly, hope you get sorted soonest. You've certainly had lots going on. Beautiful cards you made for your mum, love the simplicity of the one from the boys and all components on the other one, wonderful colours on both cards. Just one question - won't the papers rustle in her drawers when your mum's walking round? ROFL!
    Not like you to do such a short post.
    Ah poor puss, don't envy you the decision.
    Anne xx

  5. Hey your back, although I wish I had gone and got my lunch before I started reading your post! lol. The cards are stunning, I think your mum's birthday is the same as my hubby's. I love that green that you have used on the one from the boys and the butterfly and wordings are so pretty. The flowers are fantastic on the card from you and I love what you have done with the nesties, very clever! Sorry to hear meds are still not helping you sleep, could you change them for something else more effective? Rest when you can in the meantime. Tracey xxx

  6. Both are beautiful cards! Thanks for joining in our Inky challeneg at Crafty Cardmakers

  7. Fab cards hon you mum must have loved them. Sorry to hear you're not really making any improvement do you need to go back to docs again? I must admit I was glad I found your post to read as it gave me something to do whilst on the phone to the Physio he put on hold 3 times for 5-10 mins each time!!!!!!

    Hugs Pam x

  8. Glad you joined us at Crafty Cardmakers

    lv Toria


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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