Wednesday, 5 May 2010

WOYWW - 5th May

Another long post from me i'm afraid - so make sure you've been for a wee and have a hot, fresh cuppa with you... apologies in advance if you drop off to sleep before the end!!!

some sneak peeks to keep you interested...
Gosh, this is my first post since being whisked off to hospital in the early hours of Saturday 24th April - and only 8 days since my second surgery (5 weeks after thoracic surgery)...

While I've been away, my very special friend Annie (WIPSO - (A Stitch in Time) took over the reigns for me on my blog in order to inform you of my latest 'misdemeanor' and provide progress updates.  I thank her once again from the bottom of my heart - and also thank all those of you who visited and left comments - you really make a difference in my life - I can honestly say that i've had so many more wishes from my crafting friends than I have from 'friends' and family... 

Funny how things happen - if you don't want to fall to sleep with boredom - scroll down and skip my little story, if you want to know how it all came about, read on...  Oh, and I promise not to show any wounds or stitches this time (that's especially for Linda Elbourne who's a bit squeamish) - bless - sorry for frightening you last time Linda!!!

Once upon a time... (LOL) - not really!...

On Friday 23rd April, my OH wasn't working as he'd finished his hours by Wednesday (he'd been on nights).  His plans were to go for a round of golf after he'd dropped the boys off to school but I'd been a bit upset and overwhelmed - you know how it is, you cry but don't know why (well I did but it will sound like I feel sorry for myself - which I DON'T)...  Anyway, he came back home instead of going to play golf because i'd been upset.  He asked me if I wanted to go out anywhere so we decided to go to Bakewell and take the mutt (Dylan).  We had a lovely day - walking (very slowly) by the river and through the park letting Dylan run free.  We didn't stay out too long as I tired really easily.  We went to the chipshop for lunch and ate by the river...  Anyway, we came home and I had a couple of hours sleep (bearing in mind i'd only been out and about a handful of times so still find it really tiring).

Here are a few photos I took at Bakewell...

Across the park:

Another view from the park:

Dylan doing what dogs do:

Finally, Bakewell bridge - taken while strolling along the river - such a tranquil place to be:

After my lovely nap, came downstairs and got some things out in my craft room ready to make some craftrak cards to send out - using all my scraps and bits of decoupage i'd done but not used.  I thought i'd get it out ready to have a go at it in the morning.  Got a phonecall from eldest Son wanting to be picked up from tennis, so i went along for the ride - (still in my slippers).  Being a friday, the boys wanted a take-away, so ordered this.  OH and I shared a 'kebab meal special' - i had the salad and a few pieces of chicken (I can't stand kebab meat) and had some cheesy garlic bread.  

About 9pm I started with what I thought was indegestion - raw onion sometimes affects me like that, and i'd had plenty in the salad.  Had 2 gaviscon tablets - after a while felt a little worse so had two more (following directions on the box like a good girl).  Went to bed and felt really uncomfortable laid down so got back up and called NHS Direct as it was getting beyond anything I'd experienced before and didn't want to leave anything to chance - especially with all the meds i'd been on - it could have been anything and my health wasn't worth the risk in me ignoring it.  Got put through to a nurse who got a doctor to call me.  He told me to go to the out of hours emergency doctors.  Had to wake hubby up - who wasn't particulary in a rush and set on our way...

To cut a long story short (or is it a bit late for that??? LOL), the out of hours docs just happens to be based at the hospital at the moment so we got there but went to A&E by mistake - picture the scene -  1pm on a Fri night/Sat morning - full of drunks claiming their drinks had been spiked (yeh, right)!...  

I ended up in a wheelchair as I was unable to walk, in loads of pain and really struggling to breath - we (eventally) got to see the Nurse Practitioner who suspected gallbladder problems.  This was not before I was literally writhing in pain.  She asked me if I wanted painkillers to take home and go to see my doctor on Monday or go to EMU (Emergency Medical Unit) - errr - no brainer... Darren wheeled me up to the ward.  I was admitted straightaway and they got a doctor to prescibe me morphine (which took an age to work)...  They got the surgeon to see me straight from theatre who examined me and asked for xrays and ultrasound scans... I had the xrays when the morphine kicked in (it wasn't that effective, then ultrasound scan next morning.  Thats when they transferred me to a surgical ward.  One stone found and an inflamed and infected gallbladder meant I went straight on to antibiotics.  I needed additional painkillers so shots of morphine were required.  Surgeon came to see me and said that it would need to be removed but they usually like the symptoms to settle down then have you back in 4-6 weeks...  I explained that I didn't want to return to work to have to be off again following my last surgery so he took that on board and came back to see me saying he'd put me on the emergency list as it wasn't settling down.

In the meantime, I had my long awaited outpatient appointment on 26th April with my surgeon from op 1 - the thoracic surgeon.  He was surprised (and bemused) that I turned up to the appointment in my PJ's and in a wheelchair.  He confirmed that the tumor was benign and that I wouldn't require further testing as exposure to regular x-rays would put me at more risk than the possibility of anything growing back.  He confirmed that the tumor was called a schwannoma - which is a tumor of the sheath that covers the nerves (in my case the intercostal nerve) - this grew to a size where it was pushing into my lung and growing against it rather than on it - hence the thinking that it was an actual lung tumor.  It had also attached itself to my ribs - fortunately I didn't have to have any lung tissue or rib removed - but he said that had it been left - the story would have been different in that it would have attached itself to my lung.  Anyway, he said if ever i wanted to see him or speak to him, he would leave things open for me, but didn't need to see me again.  He advised me to refrain from driving for a further 4 weeks after that i'd know when I would feel ready, and also said that he wasn't at all surprised that I was still on the same amount of meds as when i'd been discharged.   He made me feel better by saying that I wasn't being melodramatic by still taking the meds and said it may take 6 months to feel recovered (notwithstanding the setback I was about to have) etc etc....

Had surgery last Tuesday, 'laporascopic cholecystectomy' which has added to my collection of scars - from 2 to 6 - all in the space of 5 weeks.
I have to say that it has really taken its toll on me and i've been weepy and pretty low - so apologise for not making it round everybody's desk last week.  I'll try and make more effort this week.

One positive thing to come out of my hospital stay - which I think Annie mentioned, is that when I was moved onto the surgical ward, an old school friend was on the ward after having similar pains.  Hers was a more complex case however and they didn't detect any stone - rather, they think she had passed it which caused sever pain and messed her blood levels and liver function up... Anyway she's booked in to have her surgery on Thursday.  We spent a lot of time talking while in hospital - she came to sit on my chair next to my bed being as i couldn't move about as easily and we have vowed to keep in touch as we believe it was fate that brought us together after 23 years (where did that go)!!!  She's coming to pick me up for lunch later so my visits will be started after I come back.  See, there is always a positive to balance out the negative...

Onto the reason for todays post ("at last" I hear your cry)!!!


The pic of my desk basically shows it (almost) in the state I left it in - apart from some bits and bobs received in the post - some lovely stamped images from the lovely and thoughtful Gez (Gezzy B's Crafty Bits), some more lovely Housemouse images from our Brenda (Butlers Abroad) - who is probably either in the UK or on her way here (she knows how much i'm loving her HM cards at the moment) ... Some handmade paper from the kind and generous Kathy (Kathy's Waffle) so I can make some of her (much admired by me) shabby chick flowers - click on her blog and have a look at her tutorial - and the flowers - they're stunning (she also makes absolutely stunning cards too - just my taste - right up my street) - and finally (if you can see a brown box under all the stuff) some Kanban stamps I received which i'd ordered just before my 'episode'.  

Just for all you neat freaks out there - I have no intention of tidying this up anytime soon LOL...  Under doctors orders - I'm not to do any heavy lifting for fear it could lead to a hernier where i've had my lower incision - I intend to allow myself to recover this time and take things very, very easy (so no tidying up) and unfortunately, no crafting probably).  If anyone feels like coming and tidying up for me and keeping me company for a couple of hours - get in touch via my usual e-mail address... (I'm being serious)!!!

A big thank you to all of you who persevered to the end of this post (I admire your stamina) and a special big thank you to all those who have previously stopped by and left their kind wishes and words. You make me happy!!!

Just before you go - I thought i'd share a new herb I found growing in the garden - taken before I went into hospital...

You gotta love him!!!

Lots of (gentle) hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Oh Paula you have been through a lot haven't you my lovely. Now you be a good girl & rest for as long as it takes. Thank you for explaining it all personally...Annie has been amazing at keeping us up to date too! If I was closer I would come visit XXX

    I just adore your dog!!! Gently hugs for you XXX

  2. Hi Paula
    Great to have you back on, If I lived closer i would be round in a flash you would be sick looking at me.
    You have been through the mill thanks goodness you went to the hosp silly doctors asking do you want painkillers and go to your GP on monday, love the new plant in the garden and the photo's are stunning what a lovely place to visit. Big hugs and take it easy you have been through enough.
    Christine x

  3. My dear Paula!
    So happy you are recovering, wish I could hop over to see you! Wishing you all the best and lots of gentle hugs

  4. I am so proud of myself ... I read it all ... did n't faint once and Oh my goodness ... No I am not referring to the length of your post ... but the all the horribleness you have been through. And you still remain thoughtful ... Thank you so much for sharing really lovely pictures rather than ... well you know what sort I mean. If I was closer Paula ... I would be around there at the drop of a hat XXX You take care ... and I really do mean it ... and take as long as you need too ... don't let anyone hassle you into going back to work before you are ready XXX

  5. Paula, it is fantastic to have you back in person and I have spent the whole of my lunch hour reading your post (ok, not quite all of it, lol) I admire your courage and upbeatedness if that's a word and if not why not! I wish I was close enough to come visit but I think you'll end up cheering up your visitors not the other way round. Take CARE - hugs xxxx Helen (currently on a chair at work, not the floor...)

  6. You're bound to be feeling weepy I think Paula under the circumstances. Nice to know your director is so understanding - not! Certainly don't be in any rush to return - I know sometimes people end up feeling guilty when they've had a lot of time off work but you really must take it slowly. Lovely pics of Bakewell and love the pics of the dog - thought it was a sheep at first LOL
    Hugs Anne xx

  7. omg hunny, you really have been through the mill of it. I am sending you loads of positive thoughts and healing vibes. you are a very very brave lady :) I am so delighted too to read of you finding an old school friend :)

    hugs mandyxx

  8. What a fab blog Paula. It's so good to have you back in charge. I'm really no replacement for you :-)
    You seem to have a lovely lot of willing helpers if only we all lived closer eh? Never mind ...the dust will wait....just dont look at it :-)
    A x

  9. still preaying for you Paula, and don't stress over visitng desks today - we'll still keep visitng you.
    p.s. when you get a skype contact request from Daniel C it's me really using hubby's addy.

  10. Would love to drive over and give you a little hug but we are a bit grounded these days. I loved your little pictorial tour and especially your new herb. Don't worry about people thinking you are feeling sorry for yourself you have obviously had a crap time and don't hurry back to work either. As for me I'm glad I never have to justify myself to some boss ever again and can just take my life at my pace even though it's a bit frustrating sometimes. Lots of love Bettyxxx

  11. I'll come and tidy!! (said she of untidiness-wheres-the-hoover-oh-is-that-whats-thats-for-ness) indigestion??? Yeah...told me that for nearly 30 years! and then had the cheek to say..(after turning me away three times) 'you should've come to us sooner' Sqoooes my French but I could swear! and then go squeeze a grape!! Don't do too much, just a bit of sticking and gluing!! NO going back to work! Wishing you well!!

  12. I'm so proud of you for sticking to doctor orders and not doing anything is VERY strenuous! LOL It's good to know you are home and recovering. I hope to see you soon (online). I have been so busy with work that I have not been online much and have not participated in WOYWW - and may not for a few more weeks; we'll see how it goes. Keep getting better dear and I'll try to Skype to check in later.

  13. Hi Paula,
    If you live in the CV22 postcode area I will gladly come and tidy up for you!
    Glad to see you are following doctors orders and resting.
    Clare x

  14. Beautiful photos and what a sweet dog :)

  15. Aww...poor you. I feel your pain and I do hope and pray that you have a speedy recovery. Good that you are being wise and resting up. I sure would visit you for company - and to nurse you back to health. However, I live quite a distance from you. Take care and thank you for making the effort to post. ~Glen~

  16. Wow, Paula you certainly don't do things by half. What a dreadful and painful time you've had!! Great to have you around again - have miss your banter. Bakewell looks great as usual - we could meet there in the Summer when you're feeling better. Stay postive and take care. Speak soon. ikki xx

    ps: yes. he is lovable, must come from having a lovable owner!

  17. Hhmm that new herb looks mighty tasty!!
    So glad you're back home again now and how good to meet up with an old friend. Stuff work. Hope you start to recover soon, take it easy, feet up and sleep as much as you need. Hugs, just gentle ones xxxx

  18. Phew, luckly for you missus I'm house bound today waiting for the sky man (2-6,that will be 5.50 then). Glad to hear you are actually listening to everyone and taking it easy this time and you know if I lived closer I would be knocking on the door now!!! Hugs Pam xxxx

  19. Très jolies photos. Et ton bureau ressemble au mien LOL

  20. Hi Paula
    cor you have had a rough time of late, wishing you a speedy recovery, take it slowly, fabby piccies, lovely doggie, sue,x

  21. Firat up - Annie has been a star witht he updates; I onlyhope I have remembered to thank her. Second - do not, under any circs, pressure yourself to do anything...Iknow you say you'll do it properly and recover in good time and blah - but really - especially when the 'but you don't look sick' thing kicks in, don't over estimate how 'better' you are.
    You know I'd be round in a heartbeat if you weren't so pigging far away. SOOOOOO happy you're home and back, takeit easy gal. Love that picture of the big 'erb!

  22. Glad to see you back Paula. Lovely photos and a lovely pic of the dog. If I lived closer I would come and visit you. Take care! Kathleen x

  23. Blimey I am glad I made myself a cuppa before I read your story, I can't believe how unlucky you have been! Rest and take it easy, NO HOUSEWORK however tempting it is! I just checked how far away I am from you and its a 7 hour round trip so I doubt I will make it for a tidy up at yours but I will try to get my skype working this week so we can have a natter! Please do not worry about work, it is an additional stress and guilt factor that you don't need at the moment, just concentrate on getting well. Tracey xx

  24. My goodness, that is a long story and very moving as I know just how such things affect your emotions; I have to have surgery every year and it's coming up in three weeks time so topical here too.

    Little point me offering to help as I have to have help here but I'm thinking about you.

  25. You poor've been through so much more than any one person should have to endure.

    I'm glad you're home now, and hopefully you'll be back to bouncing happy and active in no time. Don't overdo it, though! Marlooney's orders! :)

  26. So pleased to read you are on the road to recovery, take it easy and chill out, cant imagine how you must be feeling poor thing! xx

  27. Well Paula, we're so glad you're finally home! Even though I know it's hard to not do much (especially crafting), it really is necessary for your recuperation. Thanks for posting those lovely pictures of the scenery, makes me feel like I'm "home"- even though I haven't lived in England since I was 6 (it still feels like home, it's so beautiful in the countryside!) So cute to see your doggy in the herb bed too :) What a funny place to end up reconnecting with an old friend- in the hospital of all places- like you said, something good to come from unpleasant circumstances. You just keep taking it easy, I'm working on something for you and will get it to you by means of Annie (Wipso). Just keep taking one day at a time, and you will get stronger and feel more energy. Good to 'see' you home! :) Kathryn

  28. Wow, Paula, I missed you last week (I posted a special photo of Legend for you and noticed you had not been by) but had NO IDEA that you were back in the hospital! I sure hope you are feeling well and this is you last of the visits there!

    I really enjoyed your pics today - your world is so beautiful and different from here - I especially like the latest herb in your garden - can you package up one of those for me and ship it air mail? :-)

    Too bad I'm not close enough to come an hang out with you but I'm never so far that I can't send you lots of love, hugs and prayers!

    Stop by when you have a moment - lots of kitty pics for you!


  29. Blimey girl, now be true to your word and rest. I will be over for a visit soon -I'll PM you.
    Lynn x

  30. So glad you have managed a little blog this week!!!!!!!!! Joking aside - we have really missed you and hope you are getting better. If Annie wasn't working we would both pop up to see you (I know the road from here to Sheffield like the back of my hand - 40 years of travelling back and to!!) Anyway - take care - do all the things you love doing that are not to painful - oh dear that sounds a bit..... lol hugs Jo

  31. Paula I'm so glad you are on the mend and i have really enjoyed your blog this week!!! It did make me chuckle in places!!

    I have no idea where in the country you are but i can def say if you were close to me i would be there coffee and biscuits in hand (anything to avoid going to work!)

    Just wanted to say your newly growing herb is so cute.

    Looking forward to next weeks post and your progress in health and craft

    Kelly x

  32. Paula what a time of it you have had. You are in such good cheer considering. Glad you are recoupertating and I love your lived in workspace hugs Pascale

  33. Hi Paula,good to know you are home & hopefully on the mend.
    Take care :o)x

  34. Take note of what the Dr says Paula and take it easy and look after yourself. We were frequent visitors to Derbyshire as my in laws lived in Buxton for 10yrs but they have been back in Yorkshire for the last 4 and we now live within walking distance lol.
    Sending lots of hugs and think you deserve a little cry.xx

  35. you certainly have been through the ringer of late haven't you! I do hope that now you are home with all your bits and bobs around you you will start the to heal and feel better. Dylan is delightful!!! like a little grey lamb! I love Beddy's

  36. Dear! If you hadn't been in another country I'd have been at your doorstep already, hugging you, putting the kettle on and taking the dog out of the flower bed ;)
    I've had a gall bladder operation and just reading your post made me sense that initial pain again, it's undescribable!

  37. sending you huge hugs, sounds like quite the ordeal xxx

  38. Oh you poor thing. You should get a bravery award for everything you've been through.

    Love the picture of Bakewell - I love it there, we take our boys to Derbyshire every year - we are only in Nottingham so it's not far and they love it.

    Love your new herb !!!

    Take care of yourself - no more hospital adventures !!!


  39. Oh Paula {{{hugs}}} you poor thing! The positive is that the tumor was benign at least, but what a time you've had. I have a director like yours. When I had cancer she made me feel like I was letting everyone down by not making it in to the office more often. Life is too short to worry about these people hun xx

  40. What I love about you Paula, is that even after all this, you are still smiling - it shines through your post!! You look after you, and don't even think about work!! Wish I could come and keep you company but just a tad too far!! Juliexx

  41. Poor you, what a lot you have been through, fingers crossed you are on the road to recovery. Take it easy. Your health is more important than a tidy desk eh. Sending you positive vibes and gentle hugs. Tracy Evans x x

  42. Awe Paula...You've been through so much, no wonder your weepy!!

    Now you really need to take it easy and look after yourself.

    If I lived closer I would definitely be round to make you a cuppa..

    Take care

    Lots and lots of get well

  43. Hi Paula, great to see you back home!
    I really did have a wee and poured a fresh cuppa before I sat down to read your post ;-)
    Thanks for posting your lovely pics - it really makes me want to visit ;-)

  44. So glad you are able to blog again ... and glad that you are going to take it easy.Dont rush into too much crafting. It was great having updates while you were in hospital. Gentle Hugs xx

  45. Wonderful news to hear that the tumor was definitely benign but so sorry to hear that your recovery has not been plain sailing. Hope you are feeling well enough to craft, I want to see your take on Kathy's flowers.

    Kathy and I are quite regulars on a forum here so although we may not be able to see you in person you could drop by for a chat any time.

    and lastly, lovely the little monkey in your herb box.

    ** Kate **

  46. Hi Darling sorry I'm late I have been having such problems getting on the blogs , its seems blogger doesn't like me much these days
    Anyway I'm here now and your desk is looking great and very productive too
    What divine photos and your doggy is oh so cute
    Hugs Susie xx

  47. Glad your recobering, what a gorgeous dog in the herbs and a great space to create in when you feel up to it, gorgeous pics too. Jay xx

  48. I think your sob story beats my sob story hands down! At least mine hasn't left scars and it hasn't put me in hospital... yet! I wish I could stop in but we've got the schedule from hell as you know! Anyway, glad you're home, truly hope you're on the mend this time and I hope you plan on entering the HM challenges in my absence!! Love Dylan, bet he's so soft to cuddle up to. Take care of yourself, I'll catch up with you when I get back, off to the osteopath in a few, glad to report the muscles are loosening up!

    Brenda xx

  49. You've really been through the mill hun, but hopefully you're on the right track now. Wishing you well, have sent you a little email too.

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  50. oh Paula you have had such a rough ride you are bound to be feeling a bit weepy and wobbly, dont let work bully you into going back too soon take your time and go back when YOU are ready. Lovely to see you desk as you had left it, it will be waiting for you once you feel like a little light therapeutic crafting. Take care and hope you are soon feeling much much better.

  51. oh have really had a tough go of it!Take it easy!

  52. Hellloooo! I had just poured a cuppa after eing at a crop all day before I sat own to read, glad I did. Manage to get thru quite a few ginger biscuits too lol

    Crikies haven't you been in the wars, I feel for you, truly I do, being in pain is no joke and is wearing even without an operation. I have had a bad back now for 6 weeks and I am exhausted with it, but I feel I am getting off lightly compared to you.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comments, I admire you having the strength and inclination to go blog hopping.

    I would so stop by with cake if you weren't so far away, instead I suggest you invest in a scratch and sniff computer screen.

    I have the show with Kirsty recorded, however I have yet to find out how to get it off the telly box and onto my laptop lol if I find out and you haven't managed to see the show I can email it to you.

    Take care lovely lady x

  53. You have really gone through a lot. Many good wishes and and a big hug to you from me. Your workspace is creativly messy, so don't tidy it! I love the new herb you found in your garden. Wish herbs like that could be found here too, but my cats would probably eat it...

  54. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Loved your pics, thanks for sharing as I'm always interested in snooping at other places - being an Aussie :o)

    That new 'herb' of yours is gorgeous!

  55. It's just SO good to see you back in the land of Blog once more!
    My goodness you've been through the mill and no mistake. I've really missed you!
    Make sure you get really well before you try to do too much... work wise!
    A little gentle crafting may not go amiss.
    Lovely pics and a really good posting!

  56. Oh Paula! You've really been through it haven't you?! Glad you are home now & on the mend. Take care & hope you are able to craft again soon.
    Love n hugs, Alison xx
    P.S. Lovely photos of Bakewell & your cute 'herb'!

  57. My goodness Paula you haven't half been through it!....Glad you are on the mend!
    What type of herb is that?...Looks very like one my friend has!lol

  58. I thought your doggie was a lamb in the sneaky previews *g*

    Oh my goodness what a lot you've gone through :( And yet you still retain a sense of humour, the weepy moments - well blimey I think you are entitled to those!

    Thanks for stopping by my desk :P No it is not so tidy now - the dratted tumbleweeds were getting annoying so I messed it up a bit *g*

  59. Honestly. The lengths some people will go to to excuse a messy desk! hahaha
    Great to see you back blogging - thanks for the links and your (very) kind comments - looking forward to seeing how you get on with the flowers now. Have just found out that that paper is fab for making coiled flowers to so save your scraps!

    I hadn't realised that "dogwood" was a herb....

    Now, don't overdo it - try and get properly well before you do any more gadding about, It's all too stressful for the rest of us, you know!

  60. omg paula.. no wonder your desk is messy... just leave it that way ... dont want you ending up back in hozzie...!!!! you take your time... and try and not get stressed out...great pic of your dog... he looks cute... i love bedlington terriors....

  61. Your desk is not messy! It's just full of crafty goodness! Haven't you been having a time of it! :-( Glad you got to meet up with your friend, even if it wasn't the best of circumstances, perhaps was a blessing in disguise as you both had a little bit of distraction. Glad you're on the mend, look after yourself!

  62. I know. You don't have to remind me. I'm late, I'm late, for this very important date. But I'm here now, touched by this post I read every bit of (and didn't even nod off). I can't believe the problems you've had these last few weeks. I hope everything gets sorted out soon. And, I really hope you are better now, and not just in a bit of relapse. Gosh, guess it's almost time for the next WOYWW, so I'd better get going. Get stronger and weller (yep it's now a word) soon.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. OOoops sorry Paula. I made a silly spelling error! ~blushes!~ must be time for bed!
    Here is what I said with my added correction! Please forgive me....xx
    Oh dear my lovely I can't stop smiling at your comment about Dylan. Doesn't he just look the cutest ever!!
    Sorry it's taken till now to catch up with your fantastic blog. Still having passport hassles! :(
    I really hope you are feeling a bit better each day. I wish I was nearer. ((hugs))
    You have been one brave lady through all of this & we admire your strength. Thanks for sharing your story. So very pleased to hear your tumour was benign.
    I only wish I grew things in pots as super scrummy as you. Take care. Email me


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