Wednesday, 26 May 2010

WOYWW - 26th May

Hi Friends and fellow bloggers, here is the desk - the very reason you are probably visiting the playground today.  Also, I need to warn you in advance that this is a very long post (totally out of character you understand! LOL)!!!

Not as tidy as last week i'll grant you - but I will be tidying up before I start my next project properly.

From the left, you can see some top hats which were wedding favours on the tables at Saturdays wedding- ladies had handbags... everything from these to the napkins etc were tied up with cerise pink organza - I collected a few bits to take home... before long, every other table was collecting them and bringing them to me, including the top hats (minus the chocs that were inside, of course)!!!  (anyway, more about the wedding later...)

The flowers are made from handmade paper and cut using the Tim Holtz sizzix flower die and will be used in a project i'm doing (i'm just getting all the components together and a lot of the work has been done on the PC so far). 

The Marianne dies cutting shapes are on the table, a magazine and at the back, hung up, are my nesties, using my system I spoke about last week.

Since my last weeks desk post, up until the weekend, i'd been really busy finishing up the orders of service, making additional ones for any additional visitors not part of the initial wedding guest list that might have turned up, a wedding card and a 50th Birthday card.  Then yesterday (Monday), I started to finish another birthday card off but, it wasn't going how I wanted it to so I decided to start again and make a little memory album... more on that in a later blog post.

Anyway, following the mammoth WOYWW last week, on Thursday OH took me to Meadowhall (or hell) as we call it, in Sheffield to get an outfit for the wedding.  While I had chosen my outfit within half an hour of getting there, we had a walk round to look for shoes for me, ties for the boys and cufflinks... a while later - and me much much slower by this point, went home with shoes from the first shop I went into (M&S) but no ties and the boys (2xDS) still needed new shoes... When we came back I was knackered rather exhausted. 

You see - not only was Meadowhallhell tiring, but the whole of last week was an exhausting and busy week - I had visitors everyday:

Monday, the lovely Pat and Anne came to see me.  When they left I finished off 2 x 50th Birthday cards. Afterwards, did more work on the Order of Service cards.  Didn't go to bed til about 6.45am (was still up when OH came home off his night shift), then woke up again when youngest son got up for school.  Started the OoS again. Made a pic as a pressie and a card (already blogged last week) for a work friend.

On Tuesday said Birthday friend turned up in the morning - she bought me some birthday cake and came to collect her pressie and card - as I couldn't get it to her. 

When she went, i watched craft on QVC, placed a couple of orders then fell to sleep.  In the afternoon, my Director came to visit me as part of the sickness procedure and to tell me that, while I have been off work, they have been going ahead with a restructure and informed me that my position of Governance Officer does not exisit on the new structure (the company secretary will be taking on my duties, leaving me with no work so I now have to start applying internally for jobs created for the new structure - long story, but this is one of the issues I had to deal with during my busy week. 

Wednesday spent most of the day catching up with everyone on WOYWW.  The Bride and Groom popped round to look at the progress with the OoS and to bring the vicars amendments to the inserts.

original version:

Printed version for any additional people that turned up to the church service:

On Thursday morning, I had another visit from a work colleague, then we went to Meadowhall in the afternoon.  In the evening, I started to work on extra OoS but not using the buckles or ribbon (has no buckles left).  Instead, I designed them in a word document then glittered the heart to make them look similar to the originals. 

Fridaycame and I had another visit from a work colleage friend and just as she was leaving, my old school friend came (who was in the hospital at the same time as me).  I had a call from the bride to be who wanted me to make her a couple of Thank You cards in a similar style to the OoS cards for both sets of parent.  I added a little twist to them by adding silver ribbon over the pink ribbon which made them just a tad special. 

Friday evening, went round to the brides parents home where the bride and her sister were, the kids, the groom and some more of the family gathered.  When the other family members left, we sat outside as it was a really warm evening.  The brides father let some fireworks off which was lovely - and in the distance - we saw loads of chinese sky lanterns floating in the sky.  What a wonderful sight.  We left there just after midnight - which was now the day of the wedding and the brides fathers 50th Birthday.  I made sure that I was the first person to wish him a happy 50th birthday - by waking him up as he'd dropped to sleep sat up on the sofa!!!  When we left we went into town to get a McDonalds and then pick eldest up from his job (he works collecting glasses in a pub).  By the time we got home, it was 2am turned. 

I was still up working on the wedding card at 4am, then got on the sofa in the conservatory to get some sleep.  I got up again at 8am, worked on the card til 11am then spent about 10 minutes on the 50th birthday card.  Time to get ready - giving me about an hour to bath, do hair, makeup, dress and leave the house. Phew.  What a week.

Anyway, in all, I had little more than 10 hours sleep between Sunday 16th and Saturday 22nd.  I'm not exaggerating - I honestly had little more than 10 hours.   You see i've kind of been 'avoiding' going to bed due to the pain and discomfort - so crafted instead.  Obviously this has not helped the pain and discomfort - just call it a vicious cycle!!!

Because of said exhausting week, I've decided to write my post on Tuesday evening because I don't anticipate being up early enough to blog on Wednesday morning - I'll hopefully be catching up with some much needed zzzzz's.  Anyway, as I started typing this post, my middle cat Tiggy, was rolling around on my right hand and was almost on the laptop with me... Its probably the first time i've sat down properly in over a week so she was taking advantage of being able to get near me for a cuddle... bless her. Here's a pic I got my son to take:

Anyway, as you know (or you do by now), I attended the wedding of my friends daughter, who I also class as a friend anyway.  She is, and looked, absolutely gorgeous, and I asked her permission to put some wedding pics on here.

Bride and Groom

bride and bridesmaids

Bride and Groom, with Parents (left to right) the brides father who celebrated his 50th Birthday that day, Grooms Mother, Groom (obviously) Grooms father (who was also his best man), My friend Wendy - the grooms mother (and for those who know the story - the one I ended up in the transvestite hotel in Manchester will)!!!  At the front - the bride and gooms daughters with the bride.

Here's a pic - just for the sake of including it... The day was glorious (about 27 degrees at one point) and the full sun was beating down outside the church where all the pics were being taken - my eldest son decided that standing up was too much like hard work - so here he is, without a care in the world - in his favourite pose - not lying on the floor - I mean with the phone in his hand!!!

Here is the card I made for them... It was definately one of those cards that evolved again... I began to do something with the forever friends CD, printed a bride and groom out, decoupaged it, but really wasn't happy that it was going to work, so I started from scratch.

The base card for the front was made of pearl card, a mat of cerise pink card, then more pearl card embossed with the Da vici swirls cuttlebug embossing folder.

The two panels - with the bride and grooms initials on and the 'on your wedding day' - with the date on, were computer generated and when printed off, before the while the ink dried, I added silver pearl meltdust (similar to heat embossing powder but finer and can be used on PC generated images) then heated from the back.  When dry, I die cut with nesties - matting on a slightly larger size in the cerise coloured card. 

The larger flowers on the front were made using my Marianne Design Creatables die cut flowers which also cuts a slit in each petal so that you can thread with ribbon.  The centre of the flower is made from a metalic brad and finished off with a flatback pearl.  The swirly leafy stems were made with the die cutting shapes that comes in the set - and the other branch like leaves were made using a punch.  Smaller flowers were also made using punches.

Here is the inside of the card:

All shapes using the same die as on the front of the card.  The middle panel here has the extract from Corinthians on it.  I love this bible reading - which was read out by a friend at my own wedding (all those years ago)!!!

The morning after the wedding, when we were all in the dining room having breakfast and the bride and groom came over to me to thank me for their card.  I asked them if they had opened all their cards already - they said no, just yours because we couldn't wait to open it... I asked them how they knew if was mine - they had recognised it from the envelope - cos I had put one of the die cut shapes on the front with flowers on same as the ones on the front of the card!!!  I think that was a bit flattering that they'd only opened mine - bless... the tag on the pressie got the same embossing treatment with another flower on the front!!!

After staying until turned 4 on Sunday at the hotel (having had Sunday late lunch there), we came home - and I fell to sleep. For three hours.

If you want to get involved in this WOYWW malarky - hop over to Julia - who is the leader of the pac(t)!!! comment on her desk, write a blog post of your own - she'll explain you don't have to be a cardmaker, stamper, papercrafter to get involved - you can do any craft at all - and you don't even have to do it at a desk..... anyway, link your post to Mr Linky and bobs your uncle...  Expect visits from likeminded people and lots of lovely comments.

Now, all it remains for me to do is apologise for the length of this blog - which reads more like a diary entry this week!!!  AND, if you managed to get to the end... you get 500 brownie points... - well done you!!!

If there are any typos or spelling mistakes in this post - my excuse is that is now Wednesday, despite starting this about 9 on Tuesday, I am tired and can't see the wood for the trees - as I've checked it several times and now cannot make sense of it at all ;o)

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this really really long post. Hope it doesn't put you off coming back again!!!

big hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Duly claiming my 500 points, what can I trade them in for? can I save them all till xmas like Nectar points?

    I love all the wedding projects, the OOS and the card are just gorgeous and how stunning is that bride, just beautiful.

    what an exhausting week, I am amazed you got thru it never mind able to remember it all, did you take notes along the way?

    My friend calls it Meadowhell too, I quite like it there, might have to pop over and meet you there for a little retail therapy one day.

  2. OH WOW perfect wedding card, and lovely pictures so beautiful!

    Love the little tophats, and your kitty is so sweet!

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh - I get 500 points, too! LOL!

    Beautiful wedding photos - and your card is absolutely gorgeous.

    But listen sounds to me like you've been pushing yourself really hard. You're supposed to be taking it easy! Do I have to come out there and force you to sit on your butt and take it easy?! ;)

  4. BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!!!! I just love the brides dress ...... oooooooooooo

    Now back to your desk ..... I just couldn't get close enough for a proper nosey and I want to have a good poke around.
    I love the top hats!!!!
    And after seeing the shapes of Tim Holtz flowers even from this distnace I have decided to order me a set (plus the birdcage one. I have ermed and ahhhhed for too long about buying them really ..... so reading your post has just cost me £20+ (but I can justify it as I have just got £34 for recycling my old phone ...... which means I could order another die tooo,!!!) ...... THANK YOU ..... LOL - Its a pity none of us bloggers are on commission.
    Brilliant Post today .... lots of interesting reading ..... much better than reading books!!!

  5. 500 points over here as well please to the ladybird :)
    My what a busy week you had!!! the wedding photos look wonderful and it looks like they had perfect weather for the day. I love how you made the x-ttra OoS cards to match the originals. Both sets look great!!! I thought you were supposed to be taking things easily??? doesn't sound like you are!!! I hope you get a nice lay in this morning to rest and recharge your batteries.

  6. Yeaayy - read it all, loved it all - 500 points for me please! What a week you've had hun, lots of ups and downs. You really could have done without that news about your job at the moment, I wish you good luck with your applications.

    I laughed about everyone collecting the little top hats for you - I had a similar experience with cherub table confetti once! Lovely wedding photos, and all your creations are fab, I bet they went down a storm.

    Big hugs, Nicki, xx

  7. 500 points for me too - I'm exhausted reading about your week, never mind living it - and you're meant to be taking it easy, friend!! Love the wedding photos - esp of your son - why none of you though, I'm sure you looked great. The wedding card and stationery were all FAB. Now, hope you get some well deserved rest this week - not to mention better news about a job - good luck - just when you needed it most, eh! Cyber hugs from Surrey. Helen xx

  8. lol brownie points for me too! I came to say thanks for the comment on my blog! and ended up with an essay for read! lol!..... great cards and OOS glad I am not making OOS for my wedding in July! lol! I am getting married at our Local Hotel and the service is completely different from a normal church service so no OOS needed :)

    But yours are fab and the B&G look fab her dress was stunning!
    Samantha :)

  9. Those top hats are darling. Glad you (and friends) saved them. You had a very busy week! I would have been exhausted just blogging about it.

    The bride and groom were lovely as were those gorgeous invitations. Job well done. Hope you got some sleep and enjoy the rest of WOYWW.

  10. Wow you have been busy for someone suppose to be taking it easy and resting. Beautiful Wedding stuff, love the little top hats. Your pics of wedding look wonderful glad the sun shone down on them, where were you wanted to see your wedding outfit. Number one son looks very smart.
    Hugs Pat xx

  11. Brilliant post Paula. Now how do I claim my points? :D Thank you for sharing your week with us. The Wedding photos are super. Glad the weather was good for everyone. Your Wedding card is stunning.xx I just love the little top hats too. Glad Tiggy nabbed you for a cuddle. Take care honey.XXX

  12. Bloody hell hunny, you sound shattered... and.. as for that work thing... GRRRRR on your behalf, I am having a rant.. that is sooo unfair.. I hope that you get it sorted, tis the last thing you need... and... sending you a MASSIVE hug.. thanks for sharing the pics... wow, she looked beautiful didn't she... and the sun was shining too. As for Meadowhell, yep, been there, tis a massive nightmare place isn't it LOL Now, you, go and make a cuppa, sit down .. and rest!!! *puts on bossy voice* ;O)) Hugs xx

  13. wohoo! I got brownie points!! But woman, you need to sleep, you'll totally fall over eventually otherwise.

  14. I'm exhausted just reading your blog. You need more sleep! Not sure what we will all get for our 500 points but I earned mine cos my eye is streaming and stinging now [I'm off to see opticians with it this morning....will let you know more later. :-( ]
    A x

  15. Wow I also get 500 brownie points. Your card is amazing no wander they just had to open it. You really have had a busy week. The wedding pictures are great.
    Cheers Elaine

  16. Lovely pics hun and a fab card too. You have had a busy week - time you chilled me thinks! Oh and in my book a messy desk is a productive desk....eventually hehehehe.
    Take care sweetie
    sam x

  17. Paula ,Gorgeous wedding creations ,and such buisy week .You deserve alie in hun ,hope you enjoyed it!
    Happy Wednesday pop by as i have some candy on offer today hugs judex

  18. Oh my good grief Paula ... I am glad I started reading this post early ... it is such a shame that you never have much on or much to say :0)
    I am sorry about your job ... but having been made redundant in Feb 09 due to a restructure ... well I can honestly say ... it is one of the best things that could have happened.
    Good Luck with your search and those cards are Lush as are the wedding pics and all the other bits ... enjoy your lay in XXX

  19. Wow. I got to the end of your post. Brownie points for me too. Lovely card and beautiful photos. Glad you enjoyed your day! Kathleen x

  20. It's not like you to do such a long post Paula hehehe What a busy week, you need to put your feet up with your fav TV prog on and a box of chocs or a nice cake and a cuppa :) Gorgeous card you made. Lovely wedding pics :) You could do without that crap at work while you're still recovering :(
    Anne xx

  21. Hi Paula

    wow I share your exhaustion you sure did have one very busy week! the flowers on your desk are gorgeous, and I love those little top hats so cute! the wedding pics are gorgeous she had a beautiful dress! thanks for sharing


  22. Can I claim my brownie points then Paula??? haha OMG what a week you have must be exhausted!!!!

    Lovely to see the wedding pics and you really matched the colours well. HUGS XXX

  23. Wow, wow and wow, what a week you have had and working so hard too, don't know how you have kept it up. Your wedding card and Order of Service etc are gorgeous and match the bridesmaids beautifully. The bride looks beautiful. Hope the work problems get sorted out and soon that's the last thing you need. Take care, Tracy Evans x

  24. And you are supposed to be resting from all those operations. I'm worn out just reading it all. Seen those flowers on someone else's blog and they are lovely-both the Tim ones and the Marianne onesbut I spend all my time faffing on the computer so they will have to wait 'cos there's no time to use them!Hugs BettyXXX

  25. Hi Paula, yes they are the same range of dies as the flower one. I already had the flower one and cut some fabric flowers yesterday. Obviously it worked fine but will use a piece of paper next time on top of the fabric just to prevent little threads of fabric getting lodged in the die :)

  26. Paula this is an exceptional long post so I claim my well earned 500 points lol

    Lots of lovely things to look at and the card is very bling for a wedding I am sure they loved it. as well as all the other things you did for the day (did you get big flowers?)

    Love Dawn xx

    Love Dawn xx

  27. Popped back to say the work thing-think it could be constructive dismissal and they have to find you something on the same grade. Probably they'll find some way of wriggling out but if you are in a union now's the time to make your union dues pay for themselves Hugs BettyXXX

  28. The wedding project was fabulous! and after reading it all. wil now go and lie down! with a cup of tea and a bisqwit! Don't work too hard!! Have a crafty day

  29. 500 for me do they count like air miles? We could name them crafting miles!! Looks like you had a fab time and all the work you done on the cards etc was fab.

    Would have loved to stop by for a visit but we are going via M5/M6.

    hugs Pam x

  30. Hi mate, I need a lie down just having read about your week let alone living it! Lets start with the wedding, the Order of Service are lovely, very elegant and match the wedding colours beautifully. The photos are lovely and it looks like everyone had a lovely day! The card you have made for the happy couple is beautiful and what an honour that they couldn't wait to open it! I'm sure its something that they will treasure. Can't believe your director visited you with the news about your job whilst you are recovering from your operations and hope that it is not causing you to much stress when you are supposed to be getting better! Will e-mail you later. Tracey x

  31. Blimey my post was almost as long as yours! Tracey x

  32. Mrs!!! you are supposed to get some rest you know! Look after yourself you crazy lady! The wedding stationary looks gorgeous, and your card is just beautiful. Take care of yourself x

  33. OMG what a week you have had! Your wedding card is gorgeous and love the order of service with the hand made hearts, beautiful. Lynne xx

  34. Oh wow what a lovely wedding couple and your stationary is first class darling
    What a beautiful weekend for you all too, the weather was fab.
    Your comments on my blog really tickled me today I can't wait to hear what your hubby says about his wedding ann/ birthday pressies you are planning !!! lol you never know he may just love some nesties and I'm sure he will have hours of fun with a bind-it-all machine !!! saying that Garry took charge of the bind-it-all zutter Dream Kuts machine and I never get to use it !! but at least he's my craft slave !! he he
    Love ya Susie xx

  35. What a gorgeous post Paula, I really enjoyed this, I love weddings. Your friends daughter looked like a princess...
    big hugs

    En xx

  36. OOOOOO, Paula, get to bed, make sure you take care of yourself, you just don't need the hassle from work either, it's convenient that your not there and your post has dissapeard! We are going through "Re Structuring" too and can sympathise totally, would be much longer than your blog post so won't bore you with the details.
    Your wedding card is gorgeous and it looks like it was a fabulous day.
    Look after yourself honey.

  37. OK, first up - you need to talk to someone about the sleep thing - it doesn't matter where or in what need to sleep, it is an essential in the healing process. Not least because if you feel rested, you'll relax and the pain receptors take a break. Promise you'll do that.
    The wedding stuff was gorgeous Paula, you did such a grand job, I bet they were thrilled. They llok like they had a fab day - that dress - isn't it the one we all drew when we were aspiring 8 year old brides? Fab.

  38. can I have my brownie points in chocolate buttons please, I need the extra energy reading about your week, I am exhausted never mind you!

  39. Great post - lovely photos. Thanks for leaving update for Annie -She is very uncomfortable tonight. I am commenting from both of us tonight but have only managed about 15 so far!! Will be up till midnight - but I need my sleep so will be tucked up in bed long before you I guess. Do try and get some sleep - your body needs it!!!

  40. Hey I got 500 Brownie Points !!!!!!

    You know that you're doing far too much don't you!!! You must slow down or you'll be back in hospital again. I know, I'm nagging but it's true.

    Anyway great post. The OOS are great and the wedding pictures are gorgeous. Oh and I've had to add that Tim Holtz Flower Die to my NEED List !!!!

    Have a restful week!!!


  41. Had to come back after nagging you!! No, just wanted to check - hat can I get for 500points then??

  42. my we have been a busy haven't had time for nowt this week xx Anyway love every single pic and anecdote tee hee xxx

  43. Good grief, I'm exhausted reading it, you must be b.....k...... doing it! Can I take it you are feeling better? Take care, ikki x

  44. Well my friend, I do hope there's enough brownie points left in the ol' kitty for me too!?

    Am stunned to read what has happened in your absence from work - but why am I stunned, this is just what seems to be happening all over the place now isnt it? When the time comes to return to work you will be fine and just remember your health is far more important than any of it!

    Thank you to all concerned for letting you show us those gorgeous wedding photos however Missy, clearly Im not the only one disappointed not to have seen you in your new wedding outfit! If I trade my 500 points could we possibly be granted a wee photo??!!

    Your sons shot of your dear cat enjoying a rare cuddle with you was priceless! Pets are just such a tonic in our busy lives!

    Oh I do hope you will be able to sleep and catch up with some of it, you heal much quicker in your sleep they say. But I do understand about the pain associated with the sleep and it can seem such a predicament. Oh Im past it now, I need my sleep so I take my tablet like a girl girl and enjoy a solid 8hrs, perfick!

    Super post as always Paula! Catch up with you very soon!

    Keryn x

  45. Lots of lovely pics Paula, and fab stationery. I'd love to see what you do with the top hats too!

  46. gosh so unfair about your work briliant photos,just stunning bride and the dresses are all beautiful love your work space too i also watched qvc but fell asleep too hugs cheryl xxxx

  47. Blimey! You deserve a medal for getting through that week. Hope you get some well deserved rest this week! Leandra

  48. The wedding card is just gorgeous, so much detail. I love your cake stand storage!

  49. I'm here for my 500 brownie points too. I couldn't stop reading once I got started. I thought I was bad, but you've got me beat hands down. You did a phenomenal job with all the wedding goodies and what fabulous pictures.

  50. I agree with the person who said they were exhausted just reading your post. LOL What a lot of fantasticly beautiful work, but emphasis on the LOT of Work!!! :) It turned fabulously though. What a lucky bride. :)

  51. WOW - mammoth post! but a good read ;-)
    great photo of the cat
    humungous (sp?) amount of work!

  52. Your post kept me on the edge of my seat Paula...((hugs)) for you. How you manage to still go on I am amazed. Sounds like you do need some medical advice re your sleep patterns - and pain. I love your wedding creations and that bride's dress...WOW - fab. TFS. ~Glen~

  53. Hi Paula, just having a little catch up while I wait for Hubby to get home. When I say "little" it might not be quite the right word as you've a lot for me to catch up with today!

    Great crafting, great desk shots and fab wedding photos.
    What a pain about the job - but at least now you don't need to worry about getting back there in a hurry and can take all the time you need to really get well again.
    I had a week off WOYWW because I needed to do some crafting having been a lazy moo all week!

  54. Great desk pic and wedding photos. Take care of yourself and try to get the rest you need,


  55. Wow busy ...when do you find time to breath. ...loved that card

  56. Hi Paula,
    Wow - what an incredibly busy week you've had. Such a neat desk compared to mine!! And you got so much done. Love the wedding pics - the dress is GORGEOUS!I had a giggle at the pic of yr son with his mobile phone - such a "normal" pose for these days LOL.
    Love the Order of Service - so elegant - and the card is beautiful! How lovely that the bride and groom opened it first.
    Sorry to hear about your work/job - such a stressful time for you. Thinking of you.

  57. I've had to read in 3 installments since Wednesday (;-) but I think I get the Brownie points now?! I think you should take up making wedding stationery as a career change and not bother going back to work at all! xxx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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