Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday's update....

This is just a quick update from Annie about Paula for those who are wondering how she is.

She was allowed home on Friday but is still feeling pretty rough.  I guess having operation scars on both right side of the front of your abdomen and on the left side at the back of your chest it doesn't leave much that's pain free and getting comfy is far from easy for her.  She sounds to be feeling pretty fed up and tearful with it all at the mo and has had to spend most of the last couple of days in bed.  She was hoping to have been able to get on her lap top to write her own update but has had neither the strength or inclination to do so.  It's not like Paula as I know we all know her for her fun, laughter and enthusiasm.
I 'm sure we all send her love and best wishes and if anyone can think of a way of lifting her spirits that's what she is in need of at the mo. 
Many thanks,
Annie  [for Paula]


  1. Paula hunny ... I have been sat for ages ... well about 5 minutes actually trying to think of a way to cheer you up ... and to be honest ... I can't. Why??? Well I could make jokes or silly remarks but the truth is ... you have every right to feel fed up ... this must all be such a trauma for you and horrible ... so all I am gonna say is ... you be as fed up as you like ... for as long as you like ... we will all still be here for you when you are ready and I shall be sending you virtual hugs ... gentle ones of course ... until that time comes XXX In the meantime just take very good care of yourself!!!
    I hope you are impressed with my Paula length comment by the way ... I reckon it is nearly the length of a blog post :0)

  2. I hope you are well enough to at least read comments on your phone Paula. I am sure you will soon improve and be feeling better - a bit of warm sunny weather wouldn't go amiss would it!! I dumfed a couple of owls this weekend - (well it was dark, so noone noticed) lol They are on my blog - when you are well enough to surf a bit - (just mind you don't fall off the board!!) Sorry, my poor attempt at humour. Take care x x Jo

  3. Paula, it's good to hear that you are home, but I amsorry you are still feeling so uncomfortable, although as Annie says,I suppose it's to be expected. I hope that you soon start to feel more like yourself. We all wish you a speedy and compelte recovery - just don't push it too much, and we'll "see you"" when you're good any ready. Hey, it could be worse, you could be a Liverpool fan too.... (that's my attempt at humour). Hugs. Helen xxx

  4. Hi Paula, just to let you know we're still thinking about you here in blogland :)
    Thanks for the update Annie :)
    Anne xxx

  5. Hi Annie and Paula
    So glad to hear you are out, it is to be expected that u r fed up but time is a great healer, and knowing you, you will be bouncing about in no time, just take care of yourself, I had a vision there of you on one of them balls.
    Take care
    Big Hugs
    Christine x

  6. Hi mate, i'm glad you are home but my goodness it's not suprising that you are feeling low. Just concentrate on getting yourself better, rest when you can and know that we are all thinking of you lots and wishing you well. You have definately had your fill of illness this year so the rest of the year is looking good for you! Lots of love and gentle hugs to you. Tracey xxxxxx

  7. Thank you for the updates Annie, now, Paula- I agree with those who say you are entitled (and I generally dislike that word, but not in this instance) to be fed up and feeling down. I think your body is waving the white flag, so to speak, saying, "enough already! I don't know what I did, I really don't, to have to deal with all this cruddy stuff, but enough already!" :) Hang in there Paula, it will get better, your body just got double whammied back to back with the physical stuff, I think it's a bit on overload right now (as well as your spirits). You are in my prayers, there are obviously many people here who care for you... So here's my (lame) attempt at humor (you'd probably spell it humour), "Two fish are swimming in a tank. One says to the other, 'hey, do you know how to drive this thing?' - to give you an idea of how lame I am, the first time I read that joke I was literally in tears, I couldn't repeat it to my husband without being a mess and not being able to say it because of laughing so much. ( A little bit ridiculous I know, but.... :) ) Hang in there Paula!

  8. I think you are one hell of an amazing woman coping with all that you have been through ...dont let it beat you now. The worst is over and soon you at least will be at your laptop and as you improve, crafting. Dont rush the recovery ... make the most of the time ...let people pander to all your whims...including your sons ...request favourite meals ... enjoy others doing the washing, ironing and hoovering. Think of it as a sort of vacation from chores ...there has to be a plus side to all this.
    Gentle Hugs xx

  9. Hi Paula,
    Just a quick message to let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Big hugs, Clare x

  10. Hi Paula,
    Take it easy, you need to rest for now. I'm sure your body is telling you to. I look forward to you posting here soon. HugsXX

  11. Hi Paula,
    Just to let you know I am thinking of you and I hope you are feeling better soon. Missing you here and on Craftrak. Hugs xxx Kathleen xxx

  12. Hi Paula, just popping in to say "hi" and to send a very gentle {hug} your way. Take care of yourself and let yourself heal and you'll be back before you know it

  13. Very gentle hugs for you Paula, I'm not surprised you're a little fed up, you've been through so much lately. Here's hoping that every day takes the pain away a little bit more. Take it easy xxx

  14. Just wanted to pop by and say Hi. Heal well soon xx

  15. Oh Paula, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. I am praying for you and missing you.
    We are all missing you, but want you to be resting and getting better soon.

  16. Lots of love hugs and prayers for Paula, hope she gets back to her happy self soon and that the pain eases!

  17. oh Paula, praying for a speedy recovery for you and for God's Blessing upon you and your family

  18. Dear Paula, hope you're feeling a bit better, it takes time to get over major surgery, and you've had two major ops in a short space of time. You've got every right to feel fed up, but listen to your body and take each day as it comes, each little step is getting you nearer to complete recovery. Take care and chin up!

  19. Hi Paula
    Hope you are feeling better really soon-however you have been through a LOT and so time to take it easy Hun - blogland will wait for you. Do take care.
    Love Lynn x

  20. Hi Paula,
    I feel really bad that I haven't visited any 'friends' blogs recently and so didn't know about your latest 'setback'.
    You take your time in getting well; rest is the best healer, but know that there are loads of us out here, all wishing you well.
    It seems unfair that you have been hammered with a double whammie, but hopefully things will be on the up from here onwards.
    I've certainly missed your cheery comments!
    Bless you and I hope you'll be feeling better REALLY soon!
    Chrissie x

  21. Hey you - feeling disinclined to do much is your body's way of forcing you to take time to heal. Do that. We'll wait, you're missing nothing. We're missing you! Just get well, one day at a time gal. x

  22. Hiya Paula!
    I have been in England and have thought of you a lot, take as much rest as you need, we are all here thinking of you, missing you of course and we hope that you will get better soon!
    Lots and lots of (gentle) hugs from
    Cardarian xxx

  23. Thanks Annie for the update.

    I wont go all sentimental so I will try some simple humour!

    What do you call an eskimos house with no lavatory?

    An IG!

    Ok, so perhaps Id have been better with the sentimentals?!

    Everything will still be here when you are ready for it and just think of all of those challenges that you will have to catch up on!!

    Wishing you every comfort Paula.

    Keryn x

  24. Oh Paula, just stopping by to send you lots of good vibes and healing thoughts!! Take care, Juliexx


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