Sunday, 16 May 2010

Order of Service Covers

I have been trying to not do too much recently (as you know), but I wanted to finish the Order of Service card covers as the ribbon had arrived yesterday and the wedding is next Saturday.  Anyway, before I decided to sit down and start - I wanted to make sure that the craft table was clear(er) and spotless.  

I also thought, there's no time like the present to sweep the floor... which then led to me steam cleaning the floor, the cooker and the microwave (you see I started playing to see how effective the steam cleaner was - you know the kind from the shopping channels (my Mum gave it to me as she's bought herself another one)... Anyway - in short, I felt that to ensure these Order of Services didn't get a single mark on them - everywhere (even the oven) had to be clean.  Youngest son had to do the dishwasher, I then had to polish the draining board and tap - as you do... because you just don't know where that speck of dirt might leap from...!!!

Anyway, less of that - here is a picture of the job in progress:

At first I was doing them individually - then I decided to get a production line type thing going by doing all one stage at a time (does that make sense) - which speeded things up a bit.  

The heart ribbon sliders are Swarovski Crystal and the ribbon is 15mm double satin in 'hot pink'.  The card stock is 360gsm white card which I use for all my card making.

This is what the finished front turned out like:

They are so simple but so elegant. (note: the picture is bowed as I actually took it from a different angle then rotated it - so don't worry - the ribbon isn't wonky!!)

Then a pic of a number of them together - a 'flock of cards'?!!! LOL

The bride and groom to be popped round earlier and absolutely loved them - in fact they've turned out the same as the invitations they had done...  They'd been to drop the proof off for the inside.  The Vicar made a couple of minor changes to the layout (despite the template being taken from the CofE website!!!).

These are a Wedding Present to the happy couple from me.  They are getting married at Chesterfield's famous Crooked Spire next Saturday - we will be attending the whole day and night affair and staying over at the hotel with the wedding party.

I sincerely wish that the weather holds up for them... they are such a wonderful and happy pair - and have two beautiful, extremely happy little girls (3&18 months) (remember the 3 year old is the one that recently started school - and I did the little card for).  

They really do deserve the best of days.  It was the hen night last night and for obvious reasons, I couldn't join them which was upsetting really as it was one of the milestones i'd mentally set following my first operation ) little knowing that I was to have a second.  I wouldn't have been able to walk about and still have pain from both ops - but mostly I was scared of being banged into in crowded pubs.

Here is a picture of the magnificant Crooked Spire (St. Mary's and All Saints Church, Chesterfield), where some of my family have also got married: 

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. What a busy day you have had, those look wonderful not surprised the bride and groom are really pleased with them.
    See you tomorrow.
    Pat xx

  2. these are lovely, and elegant!

    hope you have a wonderful day

  3. i love what you did with the covers...and you're right they're elegant! Thanks for sharing and i sure am gonna be dropping by often!

  4. Sounds like you've been really busy this weekend! I thought you were supposed to be resting? Your OoS covers look fab!!! hope to see some of the wedding photos? I love a good wedding :)

  5. Oh by the way I blame you for my over spending this month :) (not really your fault I just have zero will power)

  6. Stunning work, just lovely. I dread to think how hard you work when you're NOT taking things easy!!!

  7. That doesn't sound like a very restful weekend!
    The cards look wonderful though and I'm sure everyone will love them.
    A x

  8. Cards are very classy - hope you have a fab day at the wedding. I am off to fun day Monday!!

  9. Your Order of Service covers are gorgeous Paula. I thought you were resting not cleaning ovens etc. Take care. Kathleen x

  10. Oh yes once you start with the cleaning there is no end to it BUT YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING CLEANING!!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! All you can do is make cards! :-) Dr. Cardarians orders!
    I don't quite know what order of service cover is but I think what you have made is lovely!
    Have a lovely time at the wedding!

  11. These look fab Hon,love the ribbon colour. I find its easier to do it production line style.

    Now, I am very disappointed that you are taking no heed of us, you MUST start taking things easy otherwise you will slow down your recovery!

    Hugs Pam x

  12. Hi Paula
    gorgeous cards so striking with the red ribbon,sue,x

  13. These look lovely and those diamante hearts are sooo sweet and look v professional on the orders.
    Lynn x

  14. Super OOS cards, what a lovely present! Hope you enjoy the Wedding and that the sun shines ALL DAY! ikki

  15. These look fabulous Paula. Simple elegance!
    I love them, I'm sure the couple do too. What fabby buckles! Well done you!



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