Monday, 10 May 2010

Have you 'felt' my cupcakes !!!

Sorry for the 'poor' title of this post - but I wanted to attract readers LOL...

If you remember, before my latest stay in hospital, I had a webcam session with the crafty sisters (that makes 'em sound a bit sly) - i'll rephrase that to Creative (and uber talented) Sisters.  I joined them for their funday Monday.  Well, I did a bit of hand dumfing with felt fibres and attempted a bear - thats for another post (make sure you have your tena lady on when you see that) - and I also did a 'thing' with some sheets of felt that i'd received in one of the 'goodie bags' purchased previously from Create and Craft.

This is what that turned out like:

Anyway - the 'thing' i sewed, i can only describe as a drum?!?!?!?  Well its basically 2 circles and a length of felt - the lenth measuring the same as the circumference of the circles then sewn into a cylindrical shape - then stuffed.  That was my contribution during funday Monday LOL... Not even anywhere near on the same plane as Wipso or Twiglet ROFL.

Anyway - as I said before, I hadn't been sleeping at that time, so to pass the time away, I thought I'd do something that was suitable as a gift... then I thought - why not keep the theme going following the cards i'd been doing previously - CUPCAKES... So that's what I did... and set to, to pass the small hours on.

I thought I'd also take piccies of the stage to form a kind of tutorial - although I know lots of bloggers reading this really wouldn't need one - there a lots of bloggers (like the one writing this) that REALLY DOES!!!

Remember this is the way I did MY cupcakes - there are other ways (probably better) but the tutorial I looked at (Can't remember where but there are plenty more out there) used a cupcake case/bun case and cut the bottom off then cut down the side to make a template - but I was clean of of cases (erm... probably because I DON'T bake) lol - so i improvised.

I'll write this the way i did it anyway.

Felted Cupcake - Tutorial

first of all it helps to have the following:
  1. Felt
  2. Stuffing (I used stuffing from an unused cushion)
  3. Needle and thread
  4. A piece of cardboard
  5. Decorations like seed beads for sprinkles are optional - faux gems can be glued on too
n.b. I used my cuttlebug and nesties to cut perfect circles

I used red white and blue to match the colourscheme of the cards I'd made (see previous post here).  I used white felt for the icing.

The following pics show me working on two different cupcakes - but I will write this tutorial in singular terms.

Cut a larger circle from white felt - i used the next to largest circle nestie

Cut a smaller circle from a different colour felt - this should be the same colour that the sides (body) of your cupcake - I used the next but one nestie

Cut a length of felt for the sides (or body) of the cupcake.  This should be measured so that the bottom length measures smaller than the top - this is because you are sewing the topside to a larger circle than the bottom.  Chose the depth according to how deep you want your cupcake - about 2"-3" should be deep enough.

From the white circle which should be the larger of the two as it will be the top (your icing) - cut a wedge shape (or a pizza slice if you like) (or Pacman) LOL!!!

Stitch the two edges together (I used a blanket stitch) - this will make the piece slightly conical

Now stitch some seed beads on to this (making sure you have the sewn seam on the opposite side to the beads - these will be your sprinkles

Join the two edges of the sides of the cupcake and make sure the sewn seam is on the outside

Sit the conical circle upside down onto the sewn sides of the cupcake and sew together

Turn the right side out once sewn together.

Fill with capoc or chosen stuffing and place the cardboard circle underneath to hold the stuffing in.

 Place the smaller felt circle over the cardboard circle then begin to sew all the way round

Turn upside down and sew the smaller circle into place.

For those eagle eyed bloggers amongst you - yes, I switched from the red one to the blue one when photographing the tutotial - why?  I DON'T KNOW - I JUST DID (sums me up really!!!) LOL...

Hope you enjoyed - here is what they looked like when complete:

I made the boxes from card printed with the polka dots from the aforementioned Kirsty Wiseman CD which I love love love...  The boxes were bespoke (LOL) - hand cut and made to measure!

Just to make you smile - here are the two upturned 'icing' circles sat together....

Does it remind you of anything ladies... it does me from breastfeeding days....

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x


  1. WOW Paula thank you for a great tutorial.xx I have to say I just love your icing circles!! Your boxes look FAB btw. Take care honey..xx

  2. These are adorable!!! (I'm still laughing at the reference to nursing pads, though!)

  3. You had me at the title, and then the nursing reference, yes, those do look deja vu-ish... good times... :) Such cute cupcakes!

  4. Brillant tutorial! for some really cute cupcakes!

  5. Good to see you back - hope you're taking it easy still though. Love these cupcakes, they look so cute.

  6. they are wonderful Paula, so good that you not only tried soething new, but designed your own project as well - so proud of you.

  7. wow Paula you have been busy and another tutorial, i thought when I first looked at them they where real, well just shows you how good your buns are, lovely hand crafted pressie the best kind.
    Christine x
    Glad to see u back on, keeping well?

  8. Oh clever you, what perfect gifts these will make. I dolike a felt cupcake. *cough*

  9. Juat have to laugh at the bottom pic Paula hahahaha!!!!!

    These cupcakes are really yummy to look at my lovely and thanks for the tutorial. Looking forward to seeing your dumfing !!!! HUGS XXX

  10. Hi Paula - yes we love our cupcakes and it made us think that we crafty sisters maybe should produce a calendar - erm... do you have a pattern for bigger cupcakes!!!lol

  11. They look good enough to eat! Well done you, fab tutorial and good to see you are crafting again! Take care, lots of love Tracey xx

  12. Had a good laugh at the nursing pads. Love your tutorial! Kathleen x

  13. Love the cupcakes Paula, they're fabulous - clever you ;)
    Anne x


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