Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Flower Picture and Lovely Visitors

I had a really busy evening yesterday - which followed a really exciting day... as I had special visitors...

Two lovely ladies came down to see me all the way from West Yorkshire.  It really made my day to meet them - we chatted and drank (tea and coffee) and had the most gorgeous lemon cake... You may even know these ladies and you may even have visited their blogs - yes they are blogging friends - and no other than Anne AKA Liverpool Lou and Pat from Pats Blog.  Pat brought the BIGGEST lemon cake down - and I'm ashamed to say that it is no more - (yes - already)!!!

Well, I don't know about them, but I certainly felt like I'd known them for a long time, we chatted (and chatted) and drank tea and coffee - and ate said cake. They came bearing gifts - which was really generous and kind of them - and so unexpected.

The gifts they came bearing were wonderful (and really naughty of them) but I am so grateful - and still amazed that people are generous and kind to little old me...  I think it becomes of being bullied when I was at school - I never had anything, never expected anything - but people singled me out for not having anything - how life was cruel back then... Maybe my surprise that people want to be nice to me is borne from the fear of being let down - i've not often been on the receiving end - I usually like to be the one giving - its usually me watching the faces of my friends and loved ones light up at my gift to them...  Anyway, although it was a long time ago, it still affects me in situations such as this, it was tough back then. 

I'm not sharing this for self pity - I'm just humble that I am on the receiving end of such kindness and generousity from everyone - even if it is only a comment - and i've experienced nothing but kindness since I started blogging in January this year; kindness, thoughtfulness, generousity, caring words and lovely wishes - and not one bit of it has been expected on my part - I just tell you things - because thats what I'm like - warts and all, wearing my heart on my sleave.

Anyroad, enough of that - let me show you what fabby things these lovely ladies made for me... here is what Anne made... funny thing was, when she gave it to me and I opened the envelope - I gasped.  That was because she had blogged the other day (see her blog post here) about making something (and her problems with blogger) and provided a link to a tutorial -  which I followed.  And I realised I'd been there before (to that blog) and admired the wonder that was this:

I'd said to Anne how I loved it and how I felt it was too ambitious for me... - do you know - I was 'chuffed to little mintballs' - as they say!!!  The photo doesn't actually represent the true colour of this - it is actually a lovely hot pink - the exact colour of the wedding on Saturday - guess what I will be wearing as a 'buttonhole/accessory' to my outfit!!!  Anyway, Anne also bought me a lovely potted primula (sorry Anne I can't remember what kind you said it was - was it Hymalayan!!!???

Anyway, then Pat handed me an envelope, which contained this beauty:

I love her works of art and if I remember rightly, Pat said that the base shape was a Maya Road chipboard piece.  I admire the things Pat makes - she is also into journalling to so we talked all about that and what we would/could journal about.

When the ladies had gone, it went quiet I finished a card off that I had started - and wondered what I could make for a friend of mine who's Birthday it is today (bearing in mind that shopping trips or even trips out have been few and far between.  Knowing Rachel, I thought she would really appreciate something handmade so I set about making something - it was another of those things where I set out to make one thing and it ended up entirely different - different flowers and different colour scheme etc... here it is:

Forgive me for the rubbish photo - it was late and of course the flash came on.  I wanted to get it wrapped up - otherwise I would have waited to take the photo in the daylight as the conservatory - which is now my craft room, floods with natural light (as they do - being all glass and perspex (doh)!!

 Here is the card I made - using My Craft Studio - using artwork from the Simply Silhouettes CD.  You see - if I had planned it better, and if the picture didn't 'just evolve/happen' - I would have done the picture and the card to co-ordinate - i.e. I would have done the same pic but a different card!!!

I basically designed it by using a background paper, selecting a topper and a co-ordinating paper - printing these separately and layering... the cameo was cur using a nestie oval, the decoupage on the cameo was made by printing an extra image out and cutting out the head then putting glossy accents on.  I then made a frame for the cameo, used TH Vintage Photo DI, then brushed perfect pearls in heirloom gold round it.  Similar for the sentiment which was generated on the p.c., cut with oval nestie, distressed and perfect pearls as before.  The insert was created by me to match the outer design.  I used my MS gothic arches punch on the card ede - then backed this with a strip of black card to make it show up.

I used my Marianne Design creatables - which are flower dies.  I have all three sets but only used one.  I then used my spellbinders dies to create the scrolls in gold mirri board and my punches to create the leaves and flower centres.  The 'saying' was taken from the internet and printed onto cream hammered card - I then distressed the card with peeled paint (green) TH distress inks.  I made the design flow onto the photo mount that was already in the frame - which I bought from IKEA when I went last.  The rosette in the top left corner is one I made a while ago when I was messing around making voile flowers.  I made it with black organza ribbon with satin on each edge.  I popped a gold flower brad in the centre to secure it to the card.  Anyway, thank goodness - she loved both the picture and the card.  the reason I thought she would like it is that she always buys her family handmade commissioned cards from someone at work who is also into card making (though she uses a lot of kits from QVC - but she is good)!!

I am thinking of making a couple more of the flower framed pictures as presents - perhaps in different colour themes and will perhaps add a butterfly or two.  This is where I really value your feedback and any suggestions.  Feedback is good and constructive feedback is always valued - especially from you fellow talented bloggers.  I am thinking that if I make a few of these up, I may be able to sell them too - what do you think - do you think they would sell???

My Day Today
Today I thought I would 'slum it' in my PJ's - as I wasn't expecting anyone and I had the inserts to do for the order of service cards.  These took ages to print off as they were double sided - and they wanted a photo on the very back page (page four) of the insert so, as well as the fact that it has a B&W photo of them on, I wanted the quality to be the best I could achieve - so you can imagine, they took ages to print off.  I'm not going to complete them until tomorrow or the day after and for now, they are safely in a plastic A4 storage box waiting for the task to be completed.

As I was saying - I didn't expect visitors so had my PJ's on.... guess what? Yeh, I had a visitor - my colleague Rachel from work whose Birthday it is today.  She came by to collect her pressie and card (she had been texting and phoning my mobile, but it was on silent as usual).  So she turned up, and I was stood at the sink (yes, cleaning up again) in my PJ's.  Oh well, she's seen me in them before when I came out of hospital and was bed bound!!!  We sat outside having a cuppa in the sunshine and bless her, she bought me a piece of her birthday cake.  And a pressie she'd had but couldn't use as it had aromatherapy oils in it. And she thought of me as the neck warmer is supposed to aid good blood circulation and she thought she'd give it to me instead - how sweet is that?

Q: Why can't I EVER do short blog posts
A: - Because I've always got too much to say... as the teacher (and others have told me) - if Paula can say in 50 words what everyone else says in 10 - she will!!!  Well it did get me a great English grade AND really came in handy for my dissertation and course work (well, kinda - I had to be very careful to observe the word count limits).

Anyway, I promise to try and make the next one shorter LOL!!!

Big hugs, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think about the pics.

Paula x x x


  1. hi Paula
    You should write a book Paula, and it would be a best seller, love coming over and have a good read, most blogs just say how they have made a card and thats it, mine included, Its great news everyone coming to visit you, love the pressie's, Anne's flower is just stunning.
    Dont be making the next one too short.
    Christine x

  2. I agree, I love reading your blog, the longer the better if you ask me. I can't be short either, think it's the frustrated writer in me!
    I think the pics are great, yes, I am sure they'd sell, go for it!! Hope to see you tomorrow as it's going to be Wednesday again!

  3. Hi hon, sounds like you had a lovely day and the gifts the girls bought you were stunning.
    Hugs Pam x

  4. Wow, what a day you have had. And that flower is just stunning as are all the pictures. You have been busy. I just love reading all your news. See you tomorrow - it's Wednesday again! Take care Love Kathleen x

  5. Hiya Paula!

    I am so happy that girls come round and visit you! I sooo wish I was close and could visit you too - maybe some day I will be! The presents you got are lovely and your work is great too! I write long blogs so I don't mind if other people do to as I love to read what you have to say to us! Thank you for your kind words on my blog - I promise to be a good girl from now on and put THE SEAT BELT ON!:-)

  6. Hi Paula
    I wish I lived closer to Pat & Anne & I could have cadged a lift!! Glad you all had fun I was thinking of you all. :) Love your pressies, enjoy. You bring sunshine into all of our lives & it's such a pleasure to visit your blog. Don't stop honey. I'd buy anything you made any day. Hope to see ya Weds. Love & hugs, Gez.xx

  7. hehehehe love the post.
    BTW the plant is a Streptocarpus (don't think I told you that LOL) AKA Cape Primrose. Can't believe you've eaten all that cake - don't be trying to say your OH and the boys had some! It was yummy ;)
    I know we saw one yesterday, but they are 2 beautiful cards Paula.
    The reason people have been so nice to you is 'cos you're so open and friendly yourself Paula :)
    Tell Gez for me I can't leave comments on her blog if you visit her blog please.
    Hugs Anne xxx

  8. Fantastic post and please don't make them any shorter...I love reading them!!
    My Dad told me once that I talk so much I'd run out of words by the time I'm 40....Well I'm 40something now and I still have plenty to say an my Dad and family will vouch for that...:)
    Anyway sounds like you had a fab day - friends,pressies, cakes and crafting........perfect!!

    See you tomorrow - yes it is Wednesday again!


  9. Its great to read your blog - surely thats the point of having a blog after all it is a web diary!

    Beautiful gifts you received and I fully understand you feeling uncomfortable on the receiving end I'm just the same.

    Love your card and the gorgeous frame, you go for it!

    What a stunning corsage! You will look beautiful at the wedding!

    Keryn x

  10. I was so sad reading about your childhood...being bullied. :( Want me to go beat them all up for you? (evil grin).

    Glad you enjoyed your company AND your lemon cake! Beautiful works displayed all over your bloggy post today!

  11. Oh my goodness I SO know what you mean with those feelings of being back at school, singled out, had nothing, always giving and never receiving- my god your reading my diary hun!

    The blogging World is truely generous, and your so deserving your such a doll!

    I am SO glad you got some lovely gifties and had a wonderful day with friends!!!

    You silhouette card is gorgeous!!!!

  12. Hi Paula,
    It sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Your gifts are beautiful.
    I also love the card and gift you have made for your friend.
    Enjoy your day. I think mine will be spent visiting WOYWW'ers.
    Hugs, Clare x

  13. My dear Paula love the way you carry your heart on a sleeve :) and enjoy every single word you write .... Love your openness... hey that's how you hooked my heart to yours.

    As for you childhood it is sad how kids could be ruthless and without heart (so much for innocence of kids)... I've had my share of being bullied and singled out and having counted friends on less than 5 fingers, but hey who is strong and witty and full of life and love now? You deserve all the kindness you can get! Oh boy, I wish I was in England to taste that lemon cake and share a few more I would bring. :)) Love you and keep you in my heart forever!

  14. Oh! I almost forgot how much I love that card you made with cameo.... and all the compliments to lovely ladies who visited and cheered you up with their love and gifts!

  15. You have some wonderful friends Paula.
    Your creations are really lovely.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I'm so glad you like my designs,
    Love Sarita xx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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