Monday, 31 May 2010

Another Forever Friends Card

I thought I would make a baby boy card - just in case...

Again, this has been made using my Forever Friends CD - which enabled me to digi design the card - I chose what goes where, whether I decoupage or not.  I did print the image of the bear in the towel out twice more then decoupaged on to the front of the card.  The images on this CD are just too mega cute for words...

Anyway, I thought I'd share a pic of Dylan the daft dog enjoying his icecream earlier.

When we buy a cornet from the icecream man - who quite conveniently stops across from the end of our drive, Dylan goes a bit mental.  He LOVES icecream - so rather than him eating most of mine, we thought we'd get him his own - with bits and juice of course LOL.... here he is enjoying it - Darren feeding him...

As you can imagine - I took loads more pics of him.  In the end he stopped literally biting the icecream because... guess what.... he likes you to break the bottom off the cone and make him a little cornet (ah bless).

Anyway, it ended up in his bowl cos it started to get a bit messy.  This enabled Katie Kitten to join in too.

I think we started him off with his love for icecream cones when we took him to the seaside when he was younger (he's four on 6th June).  We took him camping to Mablethorpe with his girlfriend Meg (a liver coloured Bedlington - and far daintier than Dylan).  She also enjoyed a cornet too - I have photos of them both on a disk somewhere :O)

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Awww he's so sweet! Kathleen x

  2. Another sweet card, great that you can design everything yourself Paula!

    Oh Dylan is just adorable, why do dogs bite their ice cream?? It always puzzles me! lol!

    Keryn x

  3. When my brothers and sisters were little they ussed to queue up at the ice cream van and our pointer Nero always queued with them. He was rewarded with a broken cornet and some ice cream from the ice cream man!My sis still has a faded snap taken in the seventies.Happy days. Love the card and kept wondering about getting that CD. Truth is I don't need it and just bought stamps from QVC on line yesterday-Paula Pascuals sentiment stamp set back in stock. Didn't get it first time as it sold out as I was dialling the number-this time Paula has put the info on her blog. Hoorah. Hugs BettyXXX

  4. OOps think that photo was taken in the sixties!-well a long time ago LOL!

  5. great card and oh lordy, thats one spoilt pooch!

  6. oh thats sooo cute, our poodles have all loved ice creams too, and yes we used to make mini cornets for them with the bottom bit. however our last poodle liked to have a tub of ice cream instead of a cornet..he also liked pringles....the things we do eh?


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