Wednesday, 7 April 2010

WOYWW - 7th April


 This weeks desk looks like a bomb has hit it unfortunately... and its not due to crafting :O( - although I did manage to put some easter things together for the small people in my life (i.e. god children, friends grandchildren and my Niece) - pics later.

here is the bombsite 

The cards on the desk are there because my Auntie came to see me on Monday and I was showing her some stuff i'd done.  She's been into card making for way longer than me - but was impressed by my stash!!!  Having said that, she's got stuff that she's bought and never touched.  I had to laugh because it sounds like she's purchased a spellbinders wizzard (she did the actions so I figured it out) but never used it... She couldn't even remember what it was called!  Anyway, thats why the cards are piled there.  The rest of the mess speaks for itself really.

This morning I received a package from the lovely, kind, generous Wipso 

While texting each other a few days ago, I happened to mention that I had some felt and didn't know what to do with it, not being the sewing kind... but I thought it would be something I could do while sat recuperating.  I also menioned that I could only do a running and blanket stitch - and lo and behold - this little package was put together and posted... it contains some lovely bright threads, templates, stitch instructions and loads of ideas on what to create.  I am so lucky to have made a friend like Annie - and I know that I am not the only person who has been touched by her thoughtfulness and kindness.  She really does have a heart of gold and texts me each day to see if there is anything she can do for me, to see how I am or just to say hi.

Here are some things that I sent to the small people for Easter - the boxes are made from 12x12 papers cut down so they are the length of A4 paper (squared) then scored round each side using the tri-fold line on an embossing board. Each corner square is then scored on the diagonal and folded in... if you want more details, feel free to get in touch - i'll write them out in full and try and do a full project post when I have more energy.

I filled them with little gifts like Bunny Poo, chick treats, which were basically choc raisins for the bunny poo, choc eggs for the chick treats and some edible bunnies which were all wrapped in cello bags and put little labels on with cute images...  Darren scored some of them for me, then later in the week, I managed to do a couple myself.

Here are the cards:

My OH kindly used the cuttlebug and cut the card shapes out for me as I didn't have the proper use and strenght to hold the bug down or turn the handle.  These have been made using (I think) labels 8 - the largest of the dies on a folded A6 card, making sure to overlap the fold line so it doesn't cut it.  He then embossed each one (following instructions - which he does quite well)! then cut more card with a smaller die for matting on the cards.  I did manage to glue and stick but it really tired me out like I would never have believed.

Here is a pic of OH on the bug - he wasn't posing, he just looked up at a perfect time - he didn't know I was going to take the pic as it was done on my phone.


And finally - if you are squeemish - please look away now, as I'm going to show you my stitches.  The first pic is from the day after my op and the second is about 12 days after my op.

Now I don't want to hear you agreeing with that surgeon who said I was built like an ox... (see last weeks post) - it's all swelling.... honest!!!! :O)

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post.   If you want to take part in Whats on Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) - hop over to Julia on her blog 'Stamping Ground', where she posts her desk and adds Mr Linky for all the wonderful, friendly, generous people who are known as WOYWWers.  There's a badge you can collect also - to display proudly on your blog to say that you 'belong'.... its the best blog hop on the net - no prizes - no - its even better than that - you gain wonderful blogging friends - no stash giveaway can beat that....

I'm off to hop around my friends' blogs now, catch you later - please leave a comment and feel free to come back again.

Oh - by the way, just to let you know that I have a new e-mail address (i still have the tesco one, but will be phasing it out... here it is in code (to confuse the spammers) pmgale(at)sky(dot)com 


x x x


  1. Hiya Hun boy does that look sore, my legs are tingling, its good you have a good husband there helping you out even at crafting,
    it does seem to be healing well but dont be over doing it, the cards and the boxes look gorgeous speak to you later.
    Christine x

  2. Oh my goodness how on earth have you produced such fab Easter stuff so soon after your op?!!!
    Those little cards and baskets are so lovely - I bet the tinies were thrilled. Now here I become nagging Aunty Jo and saying -take it easy and enjoy being lazy for a bit cos you will heal quicker that way!!!

  3. Now if I tried to get my Darren to help me he would probably just pop out to the shops and buy something!! Everything is lovely, except the stitches ouch! Also just to reiterate wha Twiglet said above and I said in my emil take it easy or we may have to come and sort you out!!! Hugs Pam x

  4. Oh Paula thats one hell of a scar but sooo worth it. Please don't overdo things my lovely HUGS

    Isn't Ann lovely sending you those goodies. You could make so much with felt.

    I love the pic of your hubby with your bug. When I got my bigshot guess who was the 1st to try it??? hubby hahahaha

    Take care XXX

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments Paula but do remember you are well worth all the help any of us can give you. As Jo said [and believe me when she speaks you really should listen! :-) ] don't try to do too much. I know too well how frustrating it can be but your frustration really is short lived. You have made such wonderful progress you really wouldn't want to do anything silly and take a back step.
    Big gentle hugs,
    A x

  6. Ouch. Ouch. And more Ouch. You're such a trooper. Beautiful projects, by the way...and wow - lotsa pics today! :)

  7. Hi Paula, popped by earlier to see if you were here ;)
    Love the cards and things you made for the small people - I nearly said little people but that would make them sound like Leprechauns hehe. Love the stuff Annie sent and can't wait to see what you make :) Can't you cadge the Wizard off aunty? Listen to what aunty Jo and nurse Annie are telling you.
    Anne xx

  8. Oi missus, there's a bloke in your craft room!! I do love men, they're a bit like dogs we can train them to do absolutely anything!! He has been a trooper though. Love all the little projects he helped you make, hope he doesn't get bitten by the bug too, you know what i mean! Not that bug the crafting bug!!! That is one heck of a scar you've got yourself there, I had no idea they'd go in through your back! As everyone else has said, take it easy and put your feet up, the alternative isn't pretty! Hope you had a fabby Easter, you are allowed chocolate aren't you??? That would have been bad if they put you on a restricted diet for some reason. Anyway, I'm waffling, take care my lovely, speak to you (email!) soon.

    Brenda xx

  9. ouch! hope your feeling better! love the well trained man at bug pic!!!!! those ickle bags are so dinky!!!

  10. wow - what a scar, made me cringe you poor thing. Great pic of Darren with the bug - he's turning into a proper assistant isn't he LOL! Love all the things you have made - can't believed you had the energy to even think about them let alone do any of them. can't wait to see what little felt creations you are going to turn out.Feel better today, will PM you at the new addy.
    Lynn x

  11. what gorgeous easter baskets and cards! your desk still looks beautiful under all that yummy stash!

    I hope you are healing well, you are very very brave {{hugs}}mandyxx

  12. WOW Paula that's some scar!!! I hope your feeling more like yourself now your op is over and your on the mend! Gracie always sits near me when i craft either in her basket under my desk or on the arm of my chair, she is such a baby :) Suki's Pups are still just five weeks so they stay in their crate most of the time thankfully. however it won't be long before they are out running about and the older dogs will be trying to get above ground to get away from them :) I've added my website link so you can see all the photos of the pups. if you register you can watch them playign on the webcam :)

  13. Wow, Paula, what a scar! Still it seems (and this is from a complete non-medical person!) to be healing well. Hope you're starting to feel more like yourself - good to see you're crafting again. And well done your OH for helping out. Mind you my ex was quite keen on this crafting mullarky too. (Just as well he's not here now though - where do you think I would put him, there's barely room for me, and I know you know that cos you've been kind enough to visit!)
    Take care, (hugs) xx

  14. Crumbs...I thought my scar was bad when I had my Hip replaced, but you've beaten me hands down. wishing you a speedy recovery and glad you are back creating...Do you think we could manage without the OH???

  15. Ouch! That looks nasty Paula! poor you! Love your Easter projects! x

  16. Oh Paula that's a scar and a half! I'm so glad that you can do a bit of crafting (and that your hubby is still being a love with the bug) I expect you will be tired, but having the crafty space means you can leave it out and do it in bits - like I do. It's good for the soul to be crafting. Take care hun xxx

  17. Ouch oooh and errr to that scar it made me go a bit funny! Looks like it is healing beautifully though how is your breathing and that now? Darren looks like a pro on the cuttlebug and those easter treats and cards look fantastic! Hope you are feeling bettet each day an in the mean time get Darren to do your crafting! Love and hugs Tracey x

  18. What a fabbby husband he is to do some crafting for you, i asked my OH to help me fold pages for my bowl the other night and he couldn't even do that right hahahaha

    Your scar looks very neat, and seems to be healing well. I speak as someone with lots of scars. Are you using oil on it? bio oil is good, but vitamin E oil is superb as is emu oil.

    The bone scan is precautionary, though i am very nervous about it, and what they might find. With my history of cancer they need to check to see if the back pain is from a tumour or just muscular strain, fingers aplenty are crossed for the latter .

    Take care, and hope your recuperation continues to go well.x

  19. You poor love I'm sitting here all chocked up seeing you like that brought tears to my eyes, you have gone through so much.
    I hope you have a speedy recovery and your taking things nice and easy
    Hugs Susie xx

  20. Hello Paula!
    So happy you are with us and playing along, not only that - you were already doing some crafting!!!!(with the help of your lovely hubby of course!) Good for you girl, I guess all those prayers went to the right place! I see your scar is healing and with the positive attitude you have you will soon be OK!!
    Love your Easter projects and yes tell us about those lovely paper baskets!
    Lots of hugs

  21. Hey Paula, great to see you back up and around. That scar is a whopper, but it looks like it is healing cleanly which is great news. Be gentle with yourself and take time to heal and I'm sure you will be fine. Take care hun x

  22. Hi Paula,
    You have been busy crafting for Easter, well done to your OH, he is doing a sterling job - do you think he may catch the crafting bug and take over your workspace?
    Your package of goodies from Annie looks wonderful.
    Oh my, that is a big scar. It's healing very nicely and neatly.
    Hugs, Clare x

  23. It really does look like you're healing very well, and you're so brave to show us!! I've got a 'sad face' scar, I keep thinking I might paint two eye's above it, and give it a nose! (or maybe not!!) da vinci code!!?? I'm not that clever!!Actually I did think it was a code I'd invented for my 'never ending story' (long story) but then I remembered, the letters stand for Light Dark and Cream and the pattern they formed was for a kitten top I was making out of tiles...

  24. sorry, top, not kitten top!!!

  25. Paula, it looks like a shark bite! As long as it's healing and it's done the job, the look of it is just a story to tell. No wonder you can't use the cuttlebug and god bless your darling man; for doing it, for understanding that you need to do a little bit and well, for all of him! Your desk is probably not as busy as your lap tray will have been! Keep going gal, you're doing so well.

  26. OOOO, what a helpfull OH, your boxes are fab and love the cards too. Not sure I can do any stitching, lol, looking forward to seeing your creations.
    Your scar looks very neat but very uncomfortable, take care, be good and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  27. What fab Easter stuff you have been creating, lovely work. The scar is healing up just fine, looks as though the surgeon has done a good job there. xx

  28. Love the little bon bon boxes, they really are cute.

    Your OH did a good job on your Cuttlebug, they can be useful sometimes LOL!!!

    I asked my hubby about having his own blog and he said "I have - it's called Lazy Cats Cards" he's skating on thin ice now !!!

    Your scar made me wince a little, you really are doing well. Hope you continue to make good progress.


  29. I could n't finish reading hun and Thank you for the warning ... I am very squeamish ... so I have no idea what you shared at the end ... hope you are doing OK and bless hubby ... he does n't look like he is going to take up crafting any day soon now though does he :0)

  30. Love the pics of your hubby cuttling - great job he did too! Think I might put his/your cards in my Friday's Follower's gallery - is that okay. As far as your stitches go ... ouch! Hope you're feeling a bit better this week. Sending you a oh so gentle cuttlehug. Eileen x

  31. Hi Paula, love your easter goodies!
    Your man is a keeper for helping out in the craft room! Careful, he might get bitten by the bug ;-)
    That is some impressive scar - goes with the impressive lady!
    sending gentle healing hugs. Cathy, xxx

  32. Love your easter bits they were loved by the recipients.
    Wow ..what a scar ...looks like it is healing well... probably will have little to show in a few months.xx

  33. Thanks for your comment! I totally agree what you said about making friends through the WOYWW!
    Don't worry my desk doesnt stay that bare for long, I just happened to have a big tidyup!

    Its great your hubby helps you craft with your stitches, they look painful!

    take care, look forward to following you!

  34. Ow! Hope you are healing ok
    love those boxes !

  35. Looks like you're healing fine looking at the state of the stitches. Hope you're feeling ok too.


  36. Love your little Easter boxes!....and what a lovely Hubby you have helping you.....Phils steers well clear of my cubby!

    That is gonna be one cool scar! Hope you are taking things easy!

  37. Hi Paula,

    Welcome back, hope you are feeling better and on the mend!

    Great post today! Mine is late (just posted!) but there is a pretty new feline face waiting to greet you if you stop by!


  38. That is some scar Paula!! I am in awe, that you remain so cheerful and are still making and supervising the making of goodies for people!! Sounds like you have a wonderful OH, and some outstanding blogging friends!! Keep looking after yourself and take card! Juliexxx

  39. oops - I'm meant take care, but card works!!! Juliexx

  40. I'm glad that you have come through all your troubles with fortitude. It sounds as though you have been one brave soldier. I have just been reading a little about 'thoracotomy' on t'internet and it sounded very painful! I'll have to ask my doctor son a little more.
    I'm delighted that you are progressing well and even more pleased that you are still crafting and blogging! Look what I missed when I was in New Zealand!
    Do continue to get better... your scar has improved enormously already!
    Bless your caring hubby too!
    Take care.

  41. Eeeek thats a scar and a half hope you get healed quickly. Thanks for dropping by my blog I loved your comment about exercise being bad for you I will bear that in mind!! Hope you have fun meeting your blogger friend and get the little bear mended but you can't be angry with your little dog he is so gorgeous!! Jenny x x

  42. Looks like things are healing well for you and you've even had time for some great Easter makes. love the glamerous assistant, by the way!

    ** Kate **

  43. Thanks for visiting my blog, really appreciate that. Hope your feeling better, keep... crafting. Love Judith

  44. Hi Paula,
    That’s one hell of a scar you have there ….I hope it’s not too painful hun.
    It’s good to hear that you’re able to do a little crafting now too, it great therapy so keep it up.

    I know exactly what you are saying about the lovely Annie.
    I’m going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment too having had some devastating news about my day and she’s been a real star. …….I’m now the owner of a lovely little Red Comfort Bear and he goes everywhere with me!

    Hope you continue to make good progress and are fit and well soon.
    Lots of Love
    X x x


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