Friday, 9 April 2010

WHOOP WHOOP.... - delivery of felted bear's body

Well people, I have some news on the poor felted friend who is currently bagged up Like this):

Here's the toe tag

Do you want to know the best news?.... I'm personally delivering her to Wipso - yes, my OH is driving me to Shropshire for a nice day out so I can meet the lovely WIPSO... oh happy days... 

More later.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


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  1. Yes she really is...wahoo wahoo wahoo. I cant wait :-)
    A x

  2. Have a lovely day hon. Pam

  3. OH MY it does look like a body bag! lol!

    Have a great time!!!

  4. Hi Paula
    Good for you girl have a brilliant time
    Christine x

  5. Ha, ha more ROFL! Paula you just can't stop making us laugh can you?? Have a lovely day and get that poor thing fixed! Is Dylan back on treats???

  6. Marvellous news. A great tonic for you both I'd say! How exciting, have a lovely day.

  7. Nooooooo.....naughty Dylan!!!! But in Dylans defence the bear was very pretty hahahaha!!! Never mind...I still love you Dylan!!!

    Have a lovely lovely time with ann XXX

  8. Update on feltie bear:
    Arrived safely at Wipso's bear hospital.
    Injuries not as serious as suspected.
    Wonder Woman Wipso able to use her bionic powers to restore life to the said collection of felted parts.
    May need the odd stitch or two, but who better to accomplish the task!!!

  9. OOh that really does look like a body bag! Im sure Whipso will have her good as new in no time. Have a lovely day together. Tracey x

  10. Well I should think that you've been and gone and come back by now, but I hope you've both had a lovely time together and Annie has started to weave her magic on the poor unfortunate bear xxx

  11. Just found your wonderful blog thanks to ikki's great cuttlebug cupboard. Sorry to hear about your op. hope your making a good recovery.

  12. You certainly haven't lost your sense of humour. Hope your bear will be fully recovered soon.
    Have a wonderful day with Wisp I'm sure you will.
    Pat xx

  13. I've enjoyed reading in your blog- I came from Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard, and it has been great fun to 'hear' how you talk- my mom is in Thornton le Dale (North Yorkshire) (she's British- why I'm in 'The States" long story, but it's like listening to her talk- a true pleasure. What a great sense of humor you have :), I'm sorry to hear about your dog's appetite for your felted friend though- at least it can be repaired :). Good luck on your continued recovery from surgery, hopefully you can get back to craftiness soon- I know that it is great therapy.

  14. ROFL! You're sooo funny! That bear really was the cutest though! :( You'll have to do another one now! :P

  15. Oh how wonderful Paula, have a lovely day :)
    Anne xx

  16. I hope lil' bear can be fixed up as good as new. Here's hoping each day finds you feeling better! Thanks for taking a leap over the ocean to visit me today!

  17. Bwah ha ha! I would write tales of things my cat destroys but that would just make me wanna kill him!

  18. My first time reading your blog and I see that you speak of a 'body bag'! LOL. I wondered what I had come across - a blog other than crafting! Have a fun day out. TFS. ~Glen~

  19. Hi Pauls, YOU ARE A HOOT! Only you could have bagged up your poor Ted this way - visiting you is certainly never dull. SOOOOOO, please to hear you are getting stronger and how great to get to visit Wipso. Enjoy! ikki x

  20. Hi Paula poor teddy! poor Dylan. I hope he's forgiven by now he is super cute. :) I called by over the weekend but didn't get chance to leave a comment. Just love the toe tag.
    Hope ted is back in one piece now. Hugs, Gez.xx


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