Monday, 19 April 2010

More dotty cupcake cards!!!

Just a few more cards I made in the wee small hours today using the same Kirsty Wiseman CD, and the same design set: Tea Party, in the same colourway as before.  I haven't put any sentiments on them yet so I can keep them open for any ocassion.

The band across the middle is made from the striped paper in the design set and trimmed into borders.  Sorry about the quality of the pics - the flash came on for some and not others so I tried to brighten in the software programme (and failed).

I'm still loving this CD - particularly this design set. 

I didn't go to bed until around 3am as I wanted to be really tired before I went as just recently when I've been going to bed I've had restless legs - not helped by the fact that I can only sleep in two different positions - neither of them being my natural one!!! Anyway, when I did finally go I was FREEZING... pj's on, dressing gown, fluffy bed socks - still cold - then i wrapped myself in my fave fluffy pink blanket  and pulled the duvet almost over my head and put the hood of my dressing gown on - not that much better, although I must have dropped off at some point... then woke up feeling red hot so off came the blanket, socks and dressing gown =( ggrrrrrr...

When I eventually got up the bed looked like i'd had a fight in it - OH had to make it because its still a bit beyond my capability - its the tugging that I can't do. It's really weird cos some nights I'm willing the morning to hurry up and arrive just so that I can get up. 

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


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  1. gee you had a late one!

    Those cards look delicious!

  2. Cards are lovely, so cheery! Have you chatted to a medic about this sleep thingy? You need to sleep - it's the greatest healer. Don't make me worry about you, I don't want tom remember, it;s supposed to be all about me.

  3. Good enough to eat! Lovely! Kathleen x

  4. I love all those cupcake cards, the colors are so fun :) I tend to stay up late, but I don't really get much accomplished... at least you're productive being a night-owl! I also usually end up freezing by the time I go to bed, and roasting in the middle of the night once I've warmed up too. My husband just rolls his eyes at me when he checks the clock as I come to bed... but it's quiet time for me with the kids in bed, so I veg out. I wish I at least had some cute cards or something to show for the late hours, all I end up with is feeling pooped and cranky! :)

  5. Those cards are just sooooo pretty.
    I hope you get some sleep soon, Paula, restless nights are a real downer, you feel so grotty for days after

  6. Hi Paula

    Love these cards. You were busy last night!!!

    Hope you get some sleep soon though!!


  7. Love the colors and you've done a beautiful job... sorry you are struggling with bed and sleeping... I hope you find a way to sleep more, I agree it is a great healer... Love and kisses from me and one big fluffy hug :)

  8. Born to craft forced to work--that's hilarious. I do identify.
    Thanks for coming by my little blog.
    I posted my photo late, on Saturday, as I'd only just come across the fun then.
    So I'm planning to participate again this Wednesday--looking forward to it!
    And I love your cards, and your blog too--lots of pretty fun stuff :)

  9. Ooer one of those cards were for me and it's so lovely. Thanks Paula...You're a very special friend.
    A x

  10. More lovely bright cheery cards Paula, lovley :)
    Anne xx

  11. Sorry you are not sleeping well at night mate, can you have an afternoon nap to make up for it? The cards are fantastic though, I really will have to look out for this cd, at least you put your time to good use! Tracey x

  12. ohoo yum! and thank you Paula for reminding me I have these cup cake papers somewhere!!! (But where??) Don't worry too much about the sleep..have POWER NAPS anytime you fancy one!!
    (That's what I dozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzz)


  13. Hi Paula, you have been busy and they are lovely! Hope the restless leg thing goes away, it's a blinking nuisance I've suffered with for some time! On the positive side there are tablets available now that help but only on prescription. Hope tonights a better one for you, you need your rest gal! ikki x

  14. Paula,
    I hope you feel better! It is horrible when you can't be creative & need to! I loved the desk - thanks for the peek at your stash. The kit is adorable & perfect for a little one.

  15. These are so cute!!! I just wanted to pop over and say hello and thanks for visiting me!!!



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