Thursday, 8 April 2010

In Sympathy (LOL)!

Just a quickie...I've some bad news i'm afraid...

do you remember this little sweetie:
well unfortunately - she now looks like this:
Thanks to this:

Dylan - the murderer ran off to the 'greenhouse' when he was told how naughty he was.  He had taken my lovely little felted friend, sent to me by the lovely Wipso, off the windowsill in the lounge.  I didn't see him do it but my OH spied him up the garden with something yellow in his mouth.  When he brought it back in I was mortified.

I contacted Nurse Wipso and informed her of the misdemeanor... and she laughed til she nearly pee'd herself...  My felted friend will be going to the 'A Stitch In Time' hospital for emergency surgery in the next day or so.  I hope that an emergency procedure can be performed to restore her to her former glory.  In the meantime, Dylan, who pleaded guilty to the crime, is to be starved of treats.  

Please remember to leave a comment of sympathy for our poorly friend. Hope you had a lovely day of sunshine where you are.


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  1. OMGosh!!!
    The poor thing,this would be a regular occurence with my 3 if I didn't hide things,lol!!!
    Hope it get's better soon & hope you are doing ok too (nasty wound!),take care :o)x

  2. Poor Dylan!!! LOL!!! (Oh wait, it was your felted friend you wanted sympathy for, wasn't it?!) HA HA HA!!!

  3. Oh no!
    But how can you blame Dylan when he looks so sorry about what he had done!
    Clare x

  4. awww poor fella! may nurse wipso weave her magic (he he he your post made me laugh though!)

  5. Oh Paula. I am sat here laughing at you. Thank God for tena lady :-) You never fail to amaze me how you can still make us laugh from your sick bed :-) I promise I will do my best to repair/replace little bear but only if you will give Dylan a big hug from me and tell him I still love him lots even if his Mummy is cross with him cos he really made me laugh today.
    A x

  6. Oh he does look suitably mortified I must say! Bless him. And God Bless Annie too,she'll sort that poor teddy in a jif.

  7. Oh, the poor little ted! Dylan does look very remorseful though.

    I hopped onto your blog tonight and have spent a while reading your posts, so I just wanted to wish you well with your recovery.

    Nicki, :0)

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh Dylan does look a bit guilty doesn't he?! Poor little thing, murdered before she even had a name.
    My sister has a puppy so I know just what those hounds can do to a little creature.
    I hope the nurse will be kind (and not be like the nurse on my mum's card)! xxxx

  9. Ah just look at those eyes, he certainly knows what he has done but no doubt couldn't help himself, like me eating chocolate know I shouldn't but just can't help it.
    I read your WOYWW last night but so late I was too tired to comment. Your scar looks to be healing nicely and is very neat, your Dr is certainly good with a needle and thread maybe he could repair Ted!
    Hope you are continuing to make good progress, it certainly hasn't diminished your sense of humour.
    Gentle hugs Pat xx

  10. Reading this I cried in laughter! I don't know who to feel more sorry about Dylan or the poor Teddy bear! Anyway I have decided for sympathy on both sides! And I hope for a quick recovery for Mr. Teddy! Also I think the punishment for Dylan should not last longer then a day as he is repenting - just look at him!
    Light hugs to you Paula,

  11. Oh naughty Dylan! He does look cute in that photo though! I'm sure Annie will do a great repair job and your felted bear will feel better in no time. Hope you have a lovely weekend and are enjoying the sunshine! Tracey x

  12. oh Dylan you naughty boy - I still love you though.
    Lynn x

  13. Oh Dylan, you naughty boy! Oh Teddy, you poor thing! Good job you know a nurse Annie! Obviously Dylan wanted Ted stitched up like you so you could comfort each other - so don't be too hard on him for too long. ikki

  14. Poor ted!!
    We have a mutt who eats anything and everything he can get his sloppy chops around..He's just 1 year old now and it must stop.....I've lost count of all my , yes MY things...including brand new, never been worn flipflops...a beautiful leather spectacle case!!

  15. Oops :-/ Poor ted :( Can't really blame Dylan though, that's what dogs do ;)
    Anne xx

  16. Poor Teddy!!!

    Mind you I can't possibly believe that sweet little furbaby had anything whatsoever to do with it!

  17. oh poor thing. Glad Wipso is goign to fix the littel treaure for you

  18. Oh poor teddy, I think he'll be fine after a few stiches and I think Dylan learned his lesson (looks as if he's sorry).... until next time :D... Dogs will be dogs! He's cute!


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