Saturday, 3 April 2010

I Got an Award...

Happy Saturday everyone... 

 It translates into something like - this blog is charming

I've received an award from Barbara of Hunnybunnycards, which was quite unexpected but very gratefully recieved.  Barbara was one of my 'buddies' when I first got in to card making and showed them on the gallery in the do-crafts forum - back in the early days!!!  I was so inspired by Barbaras style and quality of card making, she was the original reason I NEEDED a cuttlebug... reading one of Barbaras posts following a long absense from logging on to the forum, I saw that one of her creations had linked to a 'blog' which provided tutorials on using the bug... this was Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard... I looked, then found myself bloghopping and thought that a blog is something i'd quite like a go at... that was January 4th 2010 - the rest, as they say, is history.

I have been asked to pass this on to 12 people - I'd really quite like to pass it on to everyone who has visited and left lovely comments following my operation last week, however, if I'm limited to 12, here they are in no particular order - !apart from number one which is number one for a reason) - she is the kindest, most generous and unassuming person I have 'met' in a long time - be that either virtually or physically....
  1. Annie - WIPSO - A Stitch In Time
  2. Jo - Twiglet
  3. Anne - Liverpool Lou 
  4. Julia - Stamping Ground
  5. Tracy - Handmade with Love
  6. Pam - Pams Paper Place
  7. Crafty Chris - Christines Crafting Haven
  8. Gez - GezzyB's  Crafty Bits
  9. Brenda - Butlers Abroad
  10. Linda Elbourne - A crafting Journey
  11. Claire - LittleBear Crafts
  12. Lynn - Crafty Linby
Gosh - it was really hard to stop at 12 because Ive made so many blogging buddies in 3 short months (who'd have thought it's only been that long since I started blogging???)  And you've been through my recent journey every step of the way, and i've had nothing but support from these 12 crafters plus many many others.  Thank You. xxx

Now each of these bloggers are asked to simply list 12 they wish to pass on to as well as name the person passing on the award.

I hope you come back soon as I have some little Easter gifts and cards i've been working on - which required a big input from my non-crafting OH... I even have a pic of him on my cuttlebug as I was unable to turn it the other day!!!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post.


x x x


  1. Thanks Paula. I feel very honoured to be your number one cos you are such an easy person to be nice to so it really takes no extra effort on my behalf. Really glad you are beginning to make gentle improvements even if sneezing is out of the question just yet....ouch!
    Big gentle hugs,
    A x

  2. Hi Paula
    Wow thanks Paula for thinking of me, I give it right back to you, you deserve this and a lot more for what you have just been through. I just couldnt imagine what it was like, painful is just one word but I am sure there are lots more words you could use. When your feeling up to it you can drop me a email I didnt want to bother you, let you rest and get your strength back.
    Thanks for thinking of me I will proudly display this award on my blog.
    Take care
    Big hugs
    Christine x

  3. Congratulations Paula on your award, you deserve it. Hope with each day it's getting easier for you and less painful.
    Take care
    Pat xx

  4. Hi Paula - so lovely to see you blogging again and a big thank you for my award. Hoping you are feeling better each day and that life is getting a little easier for you. I agree with crafty chris that the award should be bounced straight back -so you are defo top of my list (of course I too will have to put Wipso up there at the top with you - you know why I love her so much don't you!!)Have a Happy Easter x x Jo

  5. Ahh thanks mate this has really cheered me up and as the others have said, should go right back to you for keeping your sense of humour during recent months. Hope you are feeling stronger each day and in the mean time good idea to get hubby to turn the cuttlebug for you, hope he is doing the hoovering, cleaning, cooking etc too!I will post this and the other one you gave me in a week or so when the kiddo's go back to school, i'm still around just haven't had chance to do any crafting since Olly has been off as he is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment! Lots of Love and gentle hugs Tracey xx

  6. Aaaww so glad you got your OM involved with the crafting - it's a crime that you can't turn the bug at the mo, but it's a gauge for progress I guess. Glad you're even feeling up to crafting a bit. It really helps me get through too xxx

  7. Hi hunny, hope you're pain is lessening even if only a little :)
    Thank you so much for the award and of course well done on receiving it in the first place - well deserved ;)
    Anne xx

  8. Hi Paula
    CONGRATULATIONS on your award. So richly deserved. ♥♥♥
    Your blog is super & your creations are always inspirational.
    It's lovely to hear you feel up to a little crafting. Hope you feel a little stronger every day.
    Wishing you a lovely Easter with your family.XXX
    Thank You for thinking of me.xx

  9. Hi Paula,
    Congratulations on receiving this award and I am honoured that you have passed it on to me.
    I hope you are getting plenty of rest and are recovering well.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Clare x

  10. Well thanks girlfriend, 'charming' is not a word a lot of people will attach to my ramblings! Happy to see you back on the blog.

  11. Right back at ya hunny - I've got a little something for you on my blog ;)
    Anne xx

  12. Thanks so much Paula and congrats on receiving it yourself.
    Lynn x

  13. And now you have another one... take a look on my blog!

  14. Hi Paula
    Hope you are keeping well
    i have left you a little something on my blog
    the one at the bottom.
    Christine x

  15. Hi Paula. Congratulations on receiving this award, not only do you have a charming blog, but you are one truly charming friend and crafter. Hope you are feeling better, look forward to seeing your hubby cuttling. ikki


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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