Thursday, 15 April 2010

Happy Ending for Felted Teddy!!!

She's back in the fold - fully restored thanks to my lovely friend Annie (Wipso) of A stitch in time.  And i've christened her Jane (as in Jane Doe) LOL!!!

She arrived by post office ambulance this morning right in the middle of me texting Annie as it happens - Dylan has already been warned off her - its the dog house for him if he so much as sniffs her!

She has a few stitches but I think that these definately add to her character - not like a drastic face lift that some 'A' list celebs wished they'd never had.... Infact - I think she looks better than ever!!!

Also, what came with her this time was this poem that the lovely crafty sisters penned (Wipso and Twiglet) (Check out their blog for more fabulous stuff including bears) between them - while I had a massive grin on my face - I also welled up to think that they had actually spent their time together doing this for me - they are so talented in more ways than crafting - I said to Annie - "Move over Pam Ayres"

Get a load of this:

Ode to Jane ‘Teddy’ Doe

From a parcel on a hospital bed,
This tiny teddy fell.
A little gift from Annie,
To wish poorly Paula well.

Just 4 days later bear was home,
[with Paula stitched and sore].
Sitting safely, keeping watch,
Upon the bedside drawer.

Paula, feeling better, now
Struggled down the stairs,
Putting teddy on a window sill,
A scary place for bears.

Little bear was terrified,
As folk went whizzing by.
She looked a little anxious,
And a tear came to her eye.

The sun came out and cheered her up,
She took a little leap.
And landed bump upon the floor
In a crumpled, fluffy heap.

Just as she bent over,
To see what she could find
A hairy, scary monster
Grabbed her roughly from behind.

He dragged her down the garden,
While Paula was asleep.
And chewed her arms and legs off.
No one heard her weep.

But Darren saved the little bear,
Though only bits were left.
He handed them to Paula,
And she was quite bereft.

She popped her in a body bag,
And blogged the wicked deed.
To bring life to this little bear,
A miracle she’d need.

Emergency action called for,
They dashed south to A and E.
The A of course is AnniE,
And her extended family.

Paula showed her bear parts,
Yes, we saw them all for free.
A day of fun and giggles,
Of sandwiches and tea.

Now Annie worked her magic,
Prodding, poking arms and feet.
The little bear, once broken,
Was soon to be complete.

So here’s a happy ending
Included with this letter.
Bear brings a little message.
We’re all so glad you’re better.

Lots of love from Annie and Jo

How fantastic is that???!!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


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  1. Hehehe thanks for that Paula. What you didn't say was all the fun we had writing the poem and how we couldn't help finishing lines with words that would only rhyme with rude words. :-)
    A x

  2. That is fantastic, the poem is great, back together again you better keep it up high.
    Christine x

  3. Oh how fab - I love the idea of the rude word line endings - too much giggling! Great post gal. x

  4. Ha ha ha!! Aaww I think the stitches make her even cuter. Glad she's home again xxx

  5. Yay teddy is back! Looking even prettier! And the poem a real emotional treat!

  6. Awe Paula...that brought a tear to my eye. Aren't these ladies wonderful!!!

    Jane looks sooo cute now that she has a tale to tell XXX

  7. So glad she is back safe and sound!! I doubt we will ever be poet laureate but it has raised a smile and that's worth everything!

  8. Rude word endings not from Wipso and Twiglet surely!!! Glad "Jane" is back and well!! Hugs Pam x

  9. What a great post and that poem is totally fab. Glad Jane is back in one piece with you.
    Lynn x

  10. Oh how lovely,they are so talented aren't they. Jane looks no worse for her ordeal,hopefully she can meet my little Fayette Feltie one day, my dog only has little legs so can't get to her!Tracey x

  11. Your little "Jane Doe" looks better than ever, how wonderful to have a sweet and fun poem to go back with her. What an adventure for a little felt teddy! I'm still chuckling over the body bag... :)

  12. That is so wonderful, they are both very talented and obviously kind caring people. I am so pleased JANE DOE is fully repaired and feeling better hope you are too Paula.
    Pat xx

  13. Brilliant ...absolutely captivating ....would make an amazing childs book with loads of illustrations...

  14. How lovely to see Jane back in one piece.
    Clare x

  15. They are indeed a very talented pair!

    What a fab makeover Jane has had. Her little war wounds look so cute.

    Im sure your dog wont go anywhere near her now!

    Keryn x

  16. Welcome home Jane Doe, and tell that Paula to look after you this time! Great poem, made me smile - what great talented friends you have! ikki x

  17. Yaaayyyy! So glad to see little Jane back to her whole fuzzy self! Great poem too, how posh she must feel having her story imortalised like that.

    Hope you are recovering well Paula, thinking of you.

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  18. So happy the teddy is back and looks even nicer than before! I must say Twiglet and Wipso are very talented ladies and I just loved the poem they created!
    Hope all is ok with you!


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