Friday, 23 April 2010

First Tag - Free as a... Butterfly!!

edited due to some rather faux pas typos (i'd put crap paper instead of scrap paper)!!! LOL

Hi All

For my Birthday, the lovely Anne (Liverpool Lou) sent me some tags (thanks again Anne) and I hadn't (for various reasons) got round to doing one... thing is, I don't know what one does with them once they have been decorated - you see, I'm very keen to try all these different techniques, I wouldn't say that I have a particular style when making cards - I take inspiration from all my lovely blogging buddies - and will try anything (alright, I have my limits!!!), but 'altering' is also something I want to do - I did do some many years ago when I only worked part time and my youngest was pre-school age.  I went to a paint techniques class where I did stencilling, scumble glazing, crackle glazing and made my own stencils with the use of a pane of glass, acetate and a soldering iron - long before purpose manufactured tools came out to do this type of thing.  It was in the dizzy heights of Changing Rooms and Linda Barker and LLB with his curtain material suits and floppy sleeve cuffs!!!

Anyway, I digress (as usual)... I thought that, while I couldn't sleep some nights ago, I'd try out a tag and play and here is the result - remember it IS my first attempt!!!

ooopsss... not a great pic is it???

First I distressed/inked the tag with peeled paint and brushed corduroy, then I put this thing on it with holes in (looks like sequins were punched from it - I'm sure it has a name but I don't know what the heck its called)!!!

Anyway, I put this holey (not Holy) thing on and dabbed Tumbled Glass through it to make the dots - then swiped some Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearl over while that was still damp.  When that was dry, I used some stamps that I've had for a couple of years and never used - these are Flora Bella by Graphicus, using Black Tuxedo Momento ink.  When dry, I put crackle accents on a couple of the blooms and one of the butterflies, which were made using the stamp and punch butterfly from Martha Stewart.  These were done from some scrap paper I inked up using what was left from my tag (by wetting the wet.dry foam).  I layered the butterflies up only stamping the top layer.  These were fixed on the tag using pinflair glue.  The metal tag is from a stash I've had for donkey's...

There - my first attempt!!!

I have decided (just) to enter this into the Sunday Stampers Challenge run by the lovely Hels Sheridan (Ink on my Fingers)... I so KNOW it won't be up to the standard that some very talented people out there put together (I don't have a lot of arty farty stamps either)- but is is my very first stamp entry - and Hels 100th challenge - so, a bit of a milestone for both of us.  

Her theme is 'free' this week (as in anything goes) - although she did add that you could include birds to go with the 'free as a bird' saying... Well, I think butterflies are equally free (i'm just saying that because I didn't realise before I made this tag that she had said that bit LOL) - so there, I'm going to name my tag 'Free as a... Butterfly'...

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.

Big hugs,

Paula x x x


  1. I LOVE it Paula ... you have done a fab job ... I am loving the composition dahling! I am trying to work out if that is crackle accents you have used or crackle paint ... either way I LOVE LOVE LOVE the effect.
    Give us a shout when you are ready ... we could so a tag swap X

  2. Really love the finished result Paula. Good luck with it :-)
    A x

  3. I think you did phenomenal!

    I think it rocks and would love to try this out!

  4. WOW Paula this is fantastic my lovely!!! XXX

  5. Hi Paula,
    I am VERY impressed with your first tag - it's fantatstic. It looks like you had a lot of fun making it. I love the effect of the crackle glaze.
    Hugs, Clare x

  6. Just love all the butterflies. They're gorgeous! Well done. Kathleen x

  7. Hi Paula,

    Just had to say I did LOL when I read your typos - crap scrap!!

    Such a beautiful tag, I love it! Im sure you must be kidding about it being your first attempt as it is just perfect! Just fab images youve used on it and the little butterflies are so delicate!

    Keryn x

  8. I remember Changing Rooms ...even bought a few of the mags..
    I think you have been telling porky pies way is that your first! ....LOVE IT ....wish mine were as good as yours.You have a real talent for these.xx

  9. Your tag looks great Paula, lovely layering of colours! x

  10. Looks lovely, my lovely! Fantastic first attempt. I have to say I'm with you though.... all these altered items look absolutely brill, but what the heck do you do with them all? We have a wet and thundery weekend forecast here so I think I'll spend my time holed up in the craft room, it's such a hard life! I was making more homemade papers last night, think I've got a new addiction!! Try it yourself, you can add all kinds of things and at least you can use it and put on cards. Thinking about it, you could easily make a card with this tag as a focal point?

    Brenda xx

  11. Hi Paula, I LOVE your tag - love all the layering and colours - really, really pretty. I tried to do a tag once, but it ended up looking like something from my compost bin (I like the look of distressing but can't seem to master it) so my tag ended up as a frisbee - but you really nailed it Paula - yours is so gorgeous!!

    P.S. Thks for visiting my Blog today (via Ikki's) and leaving such a lovely comment & for becoming a Follower - wow, it really made my day!!

    P.P.S. I did have a good giggle about your typo! :-)

  12. Well it works for me - the thing about this altered stuff is the lack of rules I think - and actually, we all seem to like being inside the boxes! It's great. As is your first line about the editing. Laughed out loud!
    THANK YOU for the lvoely card; really the pleasure is mine.

  13. It's lovely Paula :) and I know my first attempts at this kind of thing weren't as good! The holey stuff is called sequin waste ;) Hope you have a good weekend - just put your feet up with a good book and some choccies when you're not crafting hehe. TraceyW and I will be at the show in Liverpool :)
    Anne xx

  14. Fantastic tag!! Wow!!!

    (And I'm laughing at the usage of "crap" instead of "scrap"....because I'm like that!)

  15. Hi Paula, Love your butterfly card and the embossing is gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  16. Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your visit and your comment! I had so much fun checking out your posts, what a sense of humor you have, I love it. I'm so impressed with your beautiful tag, I thought you might be interested in this weekly tag challenge at Kard Krazy-
    blessings to you,

  17. The tags look great. You've done a beautiful job Paula!!

  18. its very pretty and sooo does NOT look like a first attempt welldone!!! the holey stuff is called punchanela i use it at work to make bows x

  19. What a great tag Paula, fabby stamping and wonderful texture,
    A really lovely collage piece,
    Love Sarita xx

  20. *been wanting to do this for yonks.....* Hey Hey Paula (is it just me that is realllly old or do you know that song you hear it all the time LOL) So, I start off my comment with a long old load of waffle *why change the habit though eh?* Paula, this is your first tag? well, I think it is utterly beautiful...the colours are just so perfect...and look really;s that for a Sunday morning early word eh?? Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper and I am totally honoured you chose this to be your first so hoping you will make more tags cos if this one is anything to go by, they are all going to be stunners! Sorry I didn't get here straight know,moving house and all that, getting the t'internet up n running and a mammoth catch up...THaNK you again for joining in ... am so chuffed :o)) PS...there is no way you would have wanted to see my desk last was broken! by the moving men :O( but they fixed it and it is now buried under boxes and boxes and boxes....and they are all for other rooms LOL Hey hun, you said you wanted my email addy...tis a new one now
    Thanks again Paula and hoping you are feeling tickerty boo now babes x


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