Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cute little cards - CRAFTRAK

I hope to spark a debate off with this post and hopefully you'll have your two penn'eth (if you're anything like me, you won't be able to help yourself)!

I have received these two litte cards which are A7 size.  This is as a result of joining something called Craftrak.  This is a recently launched concept where you receive and send cards to random people in the pretext of making new acquaintences in the crafting world and works a teeny bit like swapping ATC's.  However, Craftrak goes one further and automates the tracking of your cards.

I am a Craftrak virgin, but joined back in Feb/March following a post by Jak Heath of Crafters Kitchen who works for La Pashe - the people behind Craftrak.  You purchase blank cards - a pack of 20 for £4.99.  Each of these have a unique code on the back... you make the card up, take a pic of it, upload to the craftrak website and imput the unique reference code on the back... You can either drop it of at a trading place (dotted around the uk), send it to someone in particular who is registered with craftrak or have the system generate you a random recipient to send your card to.  The system then shows you how far your card has travelled and plots it on a map... Once you receive a card, you have to log on and enter the reference in the system to say you've got it... you can even pass it on again once you have recieved it so it gets to travel around the country.  Well, here's my first offering - something very simple to start off with - i've registered it and have been given the random recipient so it is going to be winging its way to Wiltshire:

Once it has been received - the person logs that it has been received and may, or may not send it on its way again to someone else...  I don't know what the etiquette is for sending on and whether anyone is offended but I think anything goes...

At the mo, these feel like an ideal size for me to decorate up and you can use all those little scraps up...  With ATC's I suppose once you've sent them, you don't know anything else about it - not that I know ANYTHING about swaping ATC's - but this basically tells me everything I need to know.  Being a new concept - everyone is in the same boat in terms of learning what's what.  There is the chance to add friends, message people and join in discussions on forums too...

Thanks for reading - let me know what YOU think - would you give it a whirl - is in not for you, do you think it will take off, just want to know your opinion...

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  1. I am happy you are enjoying the thoughts of your cards traveling around the world. I haven't joined a club like you have but through blog land etc I have cards every where and that makes me smile, that some one some where loves my cards and keeps them and there all over the globe *smiles to self* and this is through blogging just chatting and sending stuff just like all these lovely people have sent stuff to cheer you up, all the crafty people I have met in blog land & real life are just wonderful people it's nice to make friends with really good honest quality people good luck with the card yr sending

    Love Dawn xx

  2. hmmm.... not sure if I'd do that or not... (of course the point is moot since I'm in the U.S., but the idea of it sounds fun- in some ways like having a tracker on a blog to see where everybody visited from- it's fascinating to see where in the world people "come from" so to speak. So this is basically U.K. then? Do you get any actual contact names at all? I think if it's fun for you, go for it! ;)

  3. sounds like a nice idea. But I love to make a card with a specific person in mind!

    Love your card, great stuff!

  4. Is the idea to write inside the card to a specific person? If so then how do they then send it on? I am a bear of little brain. Think I would prefer just to make my cards with a specific person in mind but I love the idea of tracking the cards I sell in packs to see where they all end up :-)
    A x

  5. I saw this in a magazine the other day Paula & had mixed thoughts. I don't work so its a lovely way of 'meeting' more people. I have met & made so many more friends through blogging & forums...its been lovely! But do I want to take on another thing??? Not sure!

    But I do see the fun side of this one. Do you have to use their products then???

    Have fun XXX

  6. Hi Paula not sure its for me im always behind sending cards, I think blogging takes up whatever time I have for myself and card challenges, but you enjoy if thats what you want to do, Happy crafting.
    Christine x

  7. Hi mate if you fancy it go for it! It sounds like another great way of meeting people. I struggle to keep up with making cards for family and friends so personally I wouldn't take it on. Do you reply to the people that send you cards too? It could keep you quite busy! Good Luck! Tracey x


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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