Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I didn't want to miss WOYWW so I thought I'd join in by post dating my desk.

Now, in order to do this, I'm writing this post on Sunday afternoon and scheduling it for Wednesday so please bear with me as I am writing in future, present and past tense - how weird is that (and I won't even be here to see it posted!!!)

Anyway, if i've done this right you should be reading on Wednesday and looking at a pic of my desk which was taken Sunday (which is actually today for me - but three days ago to anyone reading) - am I messing with your mind yet (LOL)!!!
If you are reading this, you are probably a member of Julia's gang that post a picture of their desks each Wednesday, tell you a bit about what's going on (or not), what they're currently working on or towards, reveal their mess, or obsessive tidyness and maybe give you a swing or two.  If you are really lucky - you might even get a look at their drawers (tee hee)!!!  Julia can be found over at the Stamping Ground which is the starting point for the trail of desks.  Mr Linky will help you visit each desk - there were 59 last week.  Pop over and join in the fun and remember to leave a comment everywhere you visit as we all like a comment or two.

As you can see (if you've been to my desk before), several things have changed.  I've altered the layout of my desk and put my cuttlebug on the right and stacked my embossing folders and nestabilities on a CD rack behind the cuttlebug.  This has enabled me to select what I need easier rather than scratting about in the drawer where they previously lived.  This has given me a spare drawer where i've rehoused my scissors and crop-o-dile.  ou might be able to spy some beer mats on here - I borrowed these from a pub following Linda from a Crafting Journey encouraging me to steal them - just like she does (ROFL)

I've also taken the lettering down off my wall and will be replacing this with something else equally extravagant (woteva).  Also, I'm not sure whether I'm going to have a shelf put there or not - that was the original plan when we first kitted out the craft area, but my OH is somewhat of a procrastinator (I can't really moan 'cos he does all the laundry instead!!!).  

You may have noticed that my cute little peach felt bear is missing from the wall also - thats because he is currently in hospital with me.  This little bear was kindly sent by my special blogging friend WIPSO from A Stitch in Time specially to take into hospital with me.

Isn't that poem just brilliant - Annie makes them up herself - so, please don't copy as it wouldn't be fair, but Annie does makes these little fella's for all sorts of ocassions and includes a little poem for each of them so go check out the blog shop at Sisters Crafty Creations.

Recently I have been thinking of a way to store my stamps to make it easier to select the one I want - I haven't nearly as many stamps as the average WOYWWer but my collection is steadily growing.  I've filed them in these lush A5 binder folders from tesco - 60p each for the pink ones and 20p each for the green.  Stamps are in polypockets with a piece of card in each to stop them from dragging at the bottom where the weight of the stamp is.  I've tried to create a theme in filing them - but anything is easier than how they were before.

Finally for this WOYWW post - I want to show you the threads that Sue H at Sue's Kraft Kards had on her desk last week.  I bought a couple of bundles and thoroughly enjoyed separating them.  Here they are in their new jar.

Righto, please feel free to leave a comment as I will read them when I come out of hospital (although not sure when that will be).  My surgery is/was scheduled for Tuesday (yesterday to you lot!) - but I'll be back checking as soon as possible.

I just want to add a BIG THANKYOU to all you WOYWWers, my followers and any visitors who sent their good wishes and enquired about me leading up to my surgery.  Its been a tough few weeks since I found out but blogging and meeting new friends and crafty bloggers has helped me through this time and helped me take my mind off it.  Actually it seems quite surreal that its happening to me at all because prior to being diagnosed, I hadn't had a day off work for 2 years and regularly worked almost a 50 hour week in a stressful job!  Thank you all once again.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read my post. Hope to see you again soon.

Happy Crafting!


x x x


  1. Hi Paula. Your wish is my command :-) Always happy to help a friend out and thanks to Julia that what we have become. Hope little bear is doing his job and is looking after you well. Chat soon but until then just get lots of rest and make a speedy recovery. We are all missing you.
    A x

  2. Hi Paula
    firstly I would like to Thankyou for your parcel i just loved everything in it, you are so kind. I am hoping when you get to read your comments that you are well on the mend. Nice and tidy workspace just waiting for you to return and mess it all up. Sending you loads of hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Christine x

  3. Get well soon Paula.
    I like the Keep Calm sign on your wall and of course the dumpfing pictures I recognise ;)
    I often take my WOYWW photo on a Sunday and set it up to appear on Wednesday as I can only craft at weekends. I even set it up wrong once and my post appeared on a Tuesday!!

  4. Aha, how great that you're here in spirit! How like you to be able to figure it out..and your desk is looking good, am sure you're right about the CBug folders; I use mine a lot more now they're on the surface.
    As for, I sure hop you're as comfortable as you can be. Take it easy and remember every day is a step towards being recovered. Thinking of you, for sure.

  5. Hi Wonder woman! How clever to be in two places at once! Hope you are soon back at your desk and joining in all the fun. Until then, let that little bear work his magic (there is something very special about them - we don't know how they work but we are sure they do)
    All the best Paula - love Jo

  6. Love your keep calm sign and of course your lovely little teddy! Hope all goes well for yesterday. ((Lyn))

  7. Hi Paula I hope you are well.
    Your desk is looking wonder, how good it is to get more storage space.

  8. Well done for working out how to mess with our minds by being in two places at once. Hope that you are back in the land of the WOYWWers soon

  9. The ultimate in organisation a post-dated WOYWW, we are not worthy! Hope all is going well ** Kate **

  10. Hi Paula,
    You are so organised! I love the teddy and poem WIPSO sent you. I hope he is looking after you in hospital.
    I hope you are back at your desk soon.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Clare x

  11. Paula, take care and wishing you a speedy recovery, love the new look craft area, hope you're back using it soon. xx

  12. Missing you Paula, hope you are Teddy are ok in hospital.
    Love Lynn x

  13. Here's to a speedy recovery for you!!! xoxox

  14. Sending you love hugs and sloppy wet kisses XXX get well soon hunny bun .. I is missing you XXX

  15. Nice and tidy desk ready for your return. I'm finding this technical stuff a bit'll have to give me a few tips!!!
    Speed recovery and hope Little Ted looks after you!

  16. Hey Paula {gentle hug} get well soon hun. I can relate to your last paragraph about how surreal it seems. I was never off sick until I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, then had to have loads of time off for treatment and recovery. That was two years ago now and, since recovering from the chemo/radiotherapy I haven't been off sick again. I'm sure the same will apply to you.

  17. Hope you're soon back and raring to go Paula :) Such a lovely thoughtful gift from Annie and a sweet poem to go with it.
    Hugs Anne xx

  18. Paula it wouldn't be WOYWW without you!! Hope you are back on your feet. Would send you a bit squidgy hug but that may hurt so here is a big kiss instead xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Nice tidy work space waiting for your return. x

  20. Hope everything is well with you Paula, I too was given a hospital bear but I didn't get a poem to go with him.Thank you so much for all the little goodies yes they did put a smile on my face.
    Your desk looks wonderfully organised ready to start again.
    Pat xx

  21. Thinking about you ...hope you make a speedy recovery xxx

  22. Hello Paula!
    I was so happy to read your post....we are all thinking of you and praying that you will be well soon and will join us again! Hopefully the doctors are taking care of your pain so that you don't suffer much!
    Love and lots and lots of hugs

  23. sending you so many hugs, i hope you do ok and feel better really soon!!!!! hope you're back really soon, take care xxx

  24. love how you store your stamps! hope you feel better soon and everything goes ok, {{hugs}}mandyxx

  25. Hey you made it here anyway! I hope you are doing well and that the surgery was a success and that you are being well looked after. Your desk looks very organised mate im sure you will have it messy in no time as soon as you are back. Take care and I will catch up with you soon. Tracey xxx

  26. To continue in the same vein as your post, you're here, but you're really there!! Wipso is doing a sterling job keeping us all up to date, and I've visited every blog and said hi just like you always do! Hopefully by the time you get to read this you'll be home and on the mend. Talk to you soon, and take care

    Brenda xx


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