Wednesday, 31 March 2010

WOYWW/ Missing In Action/Goodbye Tommy/ I'm 'Back in the Room'

W A R N I N G ---- THIS IS A LONG POST!! ----  

Well blogging buddies, where to start???

Firstly - my desk i suppose- after all, I couldn't miss WOYWW could I and at least I'm here to visit everyone in return this week - so sorry i didn't come and see you all last week.  I was somewhat otherwise engaged...

oops, all a bit messy!!! - and not even like its down to crafting!

Had a few things delivered since my last desk post which was somewhat of a postdated, present past and future tense affair!! (hope you followed it).  There are some bits and bobs of an order (can't remember where from), I had a Kirsty Wiseman CD delivered and some little goodies that Pat from Patcrafts / Pat's Blog sent and also some lovely bits that Gez from GezzyB's Crafty Bits included with her card too - thanks both!  I also have had lovely cards from Anne (Liverpool Lou) and one all the way from America - from our Brenda (Butlers abroad) - also Angela from Toucan Scraps did me a digial card - how clever is that - it moved with balloons on and everything (thanks Angela - truely talented) in fact, you are all a talented and generous bunch o' gals!!

My 'get well soon cards' i've received so far are adorning the curtain rail and windowsill in my bedroom where i can enjoy them along with some refreshing yellow tulips and daffodils, and a couple of very special pressies from the equally special WIPSO who has been keeping you up to date on her blog about my 'little visit' to hospital etc. and a marvelous job she's done of that as well as being a MASSIVE support to me via text too.  THANK YOU ANNIE!!! (she even sent me a pic of her, Twiglet and their friend on the Funday Monday when I'd arrived to be admitted to hospital last Monday just to cheer me up (i;ll let you all know now that Twiglet, Wipso's sister was eating chocolate while the other two were working (hee hee).  Annie has also regularly sent me lovely picture texts of her garden and daffodils,  her cute doggie and even of Twiglet (I think) on the floor cutting up curtains (Annie's least favourite job).  She's a true diamond friend - precious and rare.

pressies from WIPSO (and Twiglet):
cute or what??? (and much more unique than a me-to-you tatty teddy)

And this lovely dumfed notebook - perfect for writing instructions to my carer (my OH - whos had time off work to look after me) LOL,  to jot down my tablet times or if i just remember something i need the next time I call OH upstairs using my coathanger which i use to bang on the floor with (well, he'd never hear a bell would he?)

Missing in Action
So, i'll just give you some snippets of what's happened over the last week then.

Monday - Admitted to hospital - own room (felt privilaged) coloured some stamped images with my promarkers (took the job lot in a beach bag, then only managed to use them once)...

Later Monday and throughout evening, obs, shower, another ECG as pulse rate had risen to 140 (not good), pre-meds, sleeping pills, bloods taken. Visits from 3 separate Doctors, anaethatist, surgeon, pharmasist.  I got drawn on by one doctor - and when his pen didn't work I offered him a promarker - any colour of his choice - but he had a back up purple one instead (his loss).

I was second on list on Tuesday following some bloke having a minor procedure.  Off I went at approx 8.30 with my sexy white anti deep vein thrombosis stockings (called TEDS) on and paper pants (WTF?).  I vaguely remember being in the anaesthetic room - then not much else really which is just as well - as you're not supposed to!!!.  

My OH and our youngest came to visit - but not the eldest  -oh no, far too busy with mens Social Night at the tennis club! - but i was pretty much out of it anyway and of course it meant he wasn't too concerned and still doing things someone of his age should be doing - not looking at their mum with various pipes and wires coming out of them and talking gibberish. The Youngest was happy enough - solely due to the fact there were games on the patient TV thingy and the only thing reported back to his big brother was that it had a particularly good game on and he had recorded the highest score - I tell you!!!. (My boys have a lot of dignity about them and aren't melodramatic or worriers (MUST take after their Dad for that).

Next couple of days also a bit vague but remember texting Annie to see if my blog had appeared following my meticulous planning of the post dated WOYWW - not worked so i gathered myself togther in order to give her my login details for blogger so she could sort for me.  And she did!!!  You see, even under the influence of strong drugs I was thinking about you lot!!!! (LOL).  Apparently sent some pretty incomprehensible texts to randomers and stuff, most of which could not be fathomed out!

Wednesday afternoon walking to toilet then about the ward with the physio who made me cough to get the chest drain working (so it was cough then cuss)!!. 

Chest drain out Thursday then off the morphine. Up and about walking. various visits from pain consultant as the nurses thought i wasn't 'with it'...but he thought I was, (and I quote) "as bright as a button"...

The food was sh**e so ate very little apart from icecream while in there (child school meal portions) twice per day.  Funny thing was, I started a sweepstake with my fellow patients on who actually got anything they'd ordered the day before.  Biggest percentage wins.  No winners i'm afraid.  It did keep us amused though as they even had the cheek to include your menu card, with your name and your choices on the tray with the random food they included!!!

Came out Friday thinking that my rib cage was going to snap in half - NEVER EVER EVER had so much pain before - it felt like that until Sunday and I learned how to stand/relax to control/prevent it from keep happening. 

Bathing - painful - can get in but not back out
coughing - daren't cos too painful - but need to cos not coughing could lead to pneumonia
laughing - please don't make 
walking - like neanderthal man - (a bit lopsided)
hair - washed once by OH (never a hairdresser will he make) and its gone curly
Food - better than in hospital and I get what I've asked for
Carer - very good, bit of a looker, does as he's told and love him millions

Trying to keep pain managed by various drugs, spoke to my doc Monday and Tuesday - lovely man.  Have stiches out where my chest drain had been today by District Nurse.

Here's an interesting fact for you (which I didn't know until I dutifully read my discharge papers): I cannot legally drive until my surgeon has seen me and signed me fit to do so.  Until then, my insurance will not be valid following this surgery.  If you want more information on the surgery - it was a thoracotomy (some good websites out there with full frank details - if you dare!).

The wound - about 7+ inches, sewn using nylon thread (well, thats what it looks like - either that or fishing line).  When requested, refused to do a daisy stitch (true crafter in me) and looks like a shark bite - and that's what I might tell people it is IF they were to ever ask - cos that'd be a damn sight more interesting a conversation than the real one!!! Actually the wound itself has caused no pain what so ever, is clean and well good.  Pity they didn't do a tummy tuck or breast lift at same time :O(   Want a laugh??? The Doctor (or whatever he was, who worked under the surgeon - the one who's purple pencil ran out... well after surgery he came to tell me it went all well and acording to plan etc etc. and that I had big muscles - he was an african doctor with a strong accent - so picture the scene (one of the nurses called him Chris Eubank which was hilarious as you could see what she meant - but he didn't really look like him at all - and much older... (random)!!! - anyway, he said something along the lines of- "you were tough to cut - you built like ox!!!"  He said "you will take long time to heal" - i had to laugh - only because I couldn't move quick enough to swipe him.  It still makes me laugh now (I only just remembered he said that)!!!  I know i'm carrying some weight, but ox? - A bit far!!!

Goodbye Tommy
And the tumor?  Gone.  

Sent off for biopsy but expected to be OK.  Surgeon didn't need to remove rib or part of rib (although don't think that would have made any difference pain-wise) because the surgery still meant cutting through the intercostal nerve and muscle (and other nerves and muscle) and actually left the lung intact.  I'll get results when I go back on April 26th.  He did say that it had grown since discovered in January and described it as the size of a tennis ball (so grew quite a bit then).  Just shows you - I originally went to the docs with ANOTHER chest infection and associated back pains.  If I hadn't had the chest infection - I'm sure with the pain I was suffering in the end, she would have given me brupofen (as she had before) and said it was muscular.  How can I be sure? - The look on her face when I went back after being diagnosed by the consultant - she was totally (and genuinely) shocked.  Now don't be paranoid BUT don't ignore your body either, when you 'feel' something isn't right - get it checked out.  P L E A S E  -  Especially don't leave it and then go on TV's 'Embarrasing Bodies' - WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT????   Dear me!

3,2,1 - I'm Back in the Room
Not necessarily the craft room yet - far too uncomfortable at the moment, but defo back in blogland. 

a genuine thank you for the kindness, compassion and interest you have taken in my 'issue' over the last few weeks.  You know who you are if you are reading this.  Even a little comment has meant a lot to me - but some people went a whole 9 yards further - and they know who they are too.  Cards, little bits of stash, stamped images, keeping in touch via e-mail etc etc has helped me handle this a whole lot different than I would have without blogging and finding friends through Julia's blog.  But one very special blogger stands out miles and miles... THANK YOU ANNIE (WIPSO)  XXX

Thanks for staying 'til the end and enduring a rather long post!!  I needed to bring you up to date - for my sake if not for yours (LOL)! If you did manage to read to the end - you might need to go for a wee now (ROFL) before joining in the WOYWW fun by going to Julia's blog (stamping ground) - you should know the drill by now!!!

gently little hugs (IN THE SAME VEIN AS AIR KISSES) 'til I feel well enough for big hugs,

x x x


  1. Paula!!! Soooo luvly to hear from you & that things are good.
    I have been following everything on Wipso's blog.
    Keep up the good work & get well really soon :o)x

  2. YIPEEEEEE!!! PAULA is blogging!! I am so happy for you coming around and doing this really long post! Better get a rest now! Sending you lots of "light" hugs and soo happy you are doing well!
    Lots of love and positive thoughts, get well soon!

  3. Blimey girl you have been through the mill , its so nice to see you back
    And glad to hear your lovely Man is looking aftwr you
    I hope you will be on the mend and fully recovered asap coz you have been dearly missed in blog land.
    Linby told me what a great day you had together and what a scream you are I wish I had been there too , its sounded like you 2 had great fun
    Anyway you take it easy
    Big get well hugs Susie xxxx

  4. Thanks Paula, but no special thanks were needed. You are a special lady who I have found very easy to 'do my bit' for. All I've given is my time and you are well worth that. Just really lovely to have you back in the blogging world after a very successful surgery.
    Gentle hugs,
    A x

  5. what a surprise to see you blogging. you made me laugh offering the surgeon a promarker! don't look too closely at my desk, didn't think you would be up to looking this week and I'm working on something for you.big hugs and so glad tommy is no more.sorry the text thing didn't work,couldn't figure how to send the pic and I've done it before!
    Lynn x

  6. Great to have you back Paula. And a lovely post from you too - all the gory details of what you've been through! Get well soon, hun. Sending air-kisses over the 'net.

  7. Hi Paula
    great to hear you back, didnt think you would be on so soon, but love it cos you are, you have been missed, they really throw you out quick these days, I thought you would have been in for a week or more, take it easy, speak soon, glad youre ok.
    Christine x

  8. Great to know you are back at the blogging desk and as usual in top blogging form! We really missed you and we are so glad all went well. Now take time to recover - sounds like you need plenty of warming soups -oxtail? Hehe - all the best Paula x x gentle air hugs from Jo

  9. Hi Paula
    It's lovely to come visit your bloggie my honey. :) The doc turned down a pro marker sounds like a Copic man to me then. :)
    What a FAB idea using a coathanger for a bell.
    Why am I not surprised you didn't get any of the food you ordered in hospital. My dad is diabetic & they kept bringing him just anything on his tray including desserts!
    I've emailed you before reading your post which is happen as well as it would probably have been a lot longer!
    I think it's remarkable that you are up & on your feet so quickly after what you have been through. Must be the ox in you ;) The cheeky doc!
    Take care. You know where we are..... Sending gentle cyber ((hugs)) Gez.xx

  10. Awe Paula...just been for a wee hahaha!!! Its lovely to see you back & you sound so well, apart from your sore bits. You take it steady my lovely XXX

  11. Luckily, I'd just had a wee before reading this!! I'm so glad that it seeems to have gone well, sorry about the pain you're in, but great that you kept all your ribs!!
    I had to laugh at you being described as an ox!! Only a man could say that.
    I hope you continue to make progress and the pain eases with each day. Fingers crossed for a good result.
    Great to have you back amongst us xxxx

  12. So glad you're on the road to recovery and able to join us this week hun ;) The post made me chuckle, especailly offering ProMarker to doc asking for daisy stitches and youngest son telling big bro' about the game! - shouldn't we be making you chuckle? Oh no perhaps not :-/ I'm sure the doc only meant you were strong like an ox, not the size of an ox ;) Gorgeous felted bear and fabby notebook.
    Anne xx

  13. You know, even in your pain and discomfit you're on here making us laugh. Wonderful to read such a frank account of everything, love the African doctor story, at least he didn't say elephant! Made me think of the Fawlty Towers episode where Basil ends up in hospital, better not watch it though, it'll make you laugh too much! I really hope the pain can ease a bit each day as Kaz says, and it's great that your hubby is caring for you so well. Sending lots of hugs from this side of the pond, take care,


  14. Hi Paula
    it is so nice to have you back, forgot to say I love your notebook and teddy they are just lovely.
    Yes I do subscibe to the mag and you get a nice freebie when you do, and you get the mag before it hits the shop, there is always great inspiration in it not all adverts like some.
    Christine x

  15. So pleased you are back to blog land and doing so well after all you have been through,hope you continue to do so. Only an African doctor could use an ox as a description of a person's body.
    Take care and lots of gentle hugs.
    Pat xx

  16. Oh, poor you. Glad you're feeling be'ter though. I agree with all you say (I did read to the end), because I;ve just gone through a similar experience....treated for sinusitis when turns out (after three months of being undiagnosed) that I've got a rare condition which was made worse by the treatment for the moral is, as you say, believe your own body, not always what the doctors tell you. Good look with your recovery. xx

  17. So glad to see you are BACK!!!! Laughing at the image of the dude telling you you're built like an ox!!! HA HA HA! Funny girl, you are, the way you relayed that story, even in so much pain. :)

  18. Oh bless you for the longest WOYWW! Am so glad you're cheerful - built like an ox eh? Is that better than being the gob o' the north?!! Keep improving girlie - and hey - my DH doesn't give fig about my unwashed hair in the last 5 days - so don't worry about curly!!

  19. Great to have you back Paula. Now a few points can you ask the Dr for my nylon thread back I hunted the house high an low last week looking for that so i could sew the buttons back on my new(!) coat, as they say they don't make things they way they used to! Now onto the OX comment in the african village your dr may have been born in (some where in surrey!!!!) being told you are built like an OX is probably a complement, now if he had been dealing with a lower part of your body he may also have said what great child bearing hips you have!!! Ok now on to the tennis ball do drs only describe sizes using sporting aparatus; when Hannah had her operation to remove a tumour in her tummy (she was 6) we were told it was the size of small rugby ball - i rest my case

    Take things easy, hope Darren carries on looking after you as well.

    Long distant hugs as I don't want to get too close as I have a cold!!!!

    Pam xx

  20. Glad to see you blogging Paula. You've really been through it!!! Your post did make me laugh, but then if we didn't laugh where would we be!!!!

    Take care of yourself.

    Gentle hugs !!

  21. Hi Paula,
    So glad you are back. I adore your teddy from Twiglet and Wipso.
    Make sure you don't overdo it now you are home.
    Ox! te hee! I am sure it was a compliment to say how strong you are.
    Bigs hugs to you.
    Clare (Littlebear) xx

  22. Hey hunny, flipping heck, you been thru it ...I am sending a very gentle hug your way...and *adopts nurses hat* telling you to take it easy!!! And...your words..about your carer..brought a lump to my throat...I wish you a very very very speedy recovery...and as for the ox reference...cheeky beggar, I would have given him a swipe too! Now, rest up..and take care...and it is lovely to see you back in blogland again...keeping everything x'd for the 26th too hun xxx

  23. I wish you well and will keep you in my prayers.

  24. Just popped back to see if today is the April fools day of word verification cos I have seen some funny ones today too!! Haven't you had lots of lovely comments - only what you deserve - now chill and get a good night's sleep!

  25. Blimey Paula ... you might have had surgery but you still can't half talk! I have been reading this post since 9am this morning ... I have had 6 cuppas ... 6 wees ... chocolate and me dinner and I have only just finished!
    Just kidding hun ... it is great to have you back ... I missed your smiley educated face on my blog ... a lot ... and I am now willing you a speedy recovery XXX

  26. so glad to have you back blogging again!!! glad you're feeling a bit better - and WOW 7 inches!! glad you got rid of Tommy at last. enjoy your days of peace and rest, keeping up the positive vibes xxx

  27. Hi Paula, Great to see you back amongst us - you've been through all that and are still finding the funnies in it all- brilliant!!! Was going to say take care and keep getting better but then you might lose the pleasure of your wonderful carer and wouldn't that be a shame!! My pen storage is an Ikea DVD rack with empty DVD cases for the shelves - not my idea but it is fab!! Tend to only use ink with my flourishes at the moment!! Big Hugs, Juliexx

  28. Welcome back blogging, Paula, I do hope you make a full and speedy recovery. Luckily I read this after my dinner (but with the remains of the glass of wine) or it would have got cold. You made me laugh with the tale of your son, and your hubby sounds like one in a million, treasure him (make him work hard, keep him at your every beck and call, lol!) gentle hugs xx

  29. Glad to have you back Paula. Unfortunately no pics from me this week - I forgot it was Wednesday. Anyway I'm glad the surgeon managed to leave your sense of humour there and as I don't have your addy or anything there is a little something on my blog for you. Tae care now and don't over do it.
    Sam x

  30. Ph Paula, what a time you've had - it's great to hear you're getting well, though - sending some very gentle hugs your way!
    You asked: "I'm gonna ask a daft question... whats that tall whitish thing on your desk - I've seen it a few times but never fathomed it out.!

    It's a folding daylight lamp - the front part lifts up to reveal the lamp bit - I leave it closed when I take the photos because it would make a glare.

    Anyway your desk is looking pretty good to me - the new storage ideas look so neat. Sounds like you've had plenty of little surprises through the post to cheer you up

  31. oh Paula it's so good to be able to read this long post. We've been praying for you, and still will. You sound chirpy - I hope thats real. Ignore that silly Dr you will heal fast and surprise him.

  32. you really brighten my night! ive only followed your blog for a couple of weeks but you have such style i pop over to see what your up to, so pleased it went well for you and you are so strong (like ox, lol so funny) gentle hugs for you hun you certainly are a top lady and a great blogger x

  33. Hi Paula!
    First visit to your blog - and what a time you seem to have had lately! I've just had a flutter through your last few posts (well, it started as a few then I just kept scrolling down!) Congratulations on Tommy's eviction, and I hope you start to feel much better soon. I love your decorated candles - never tried it, but it looks fantastic!! Hope to visit again soon!

    (Gentle) hugs

    Esme xxx

  34. Greetings from Australia!
    wishing you a speedy recovery and sending gentle hugs ;-)

  35. wow, sounds like you have really been to war, but it also sounds like you are fighting back and making a good recovery. Having got rid of a tumour of my own 4.5 years ago, and having had 10 operations I feel your discomfort. I hope you feel much better soon.x

  36. Great to know you are blogging fit Hope the pain is controlled now and everyday sees an improvement. Did OH smuggle food in ?? ...I remember doing it for my son when the local hospital was on a low fat, no sugar and no salt regime ...can you imagine what their apple crumble tasted like

  37. Oh so glad you are ok, and must have been a right old pain to be in hospital.. sounds like you are a lot of fun :) Get well soon
    Hugs to you

  38. So surprised to see you back soo soon, hope the pain goes away soon and you deffo made me smile.
    Big hugs and take care.

  39. Having a coffee and catching up with WOYWW. Like the sound of your carer, glad to hear he's a looker, lol. Thoroughly enjoyed your lovely long post. Keep getting better.

    ** Kate **

  40. Hi Oxy, Bet the other patients really missed you and your fun outlook on life! And, that Doc sure missed out on the Promarkers - did you tell him they write on anything! We missed you too, and it's really great to have you back posting and making us smile. Take care, keep smiling and get stronger each day. Sending you a little bitsy cuttlehug. Eileen x

  41. Was I supposed to snigger all the way through? You certainly made your visit sound really funny even though it wasn't really. I know where you're coming from on hospital food - I think its so bad on purpose to make you want to leave asap.

    Really pleased Tommy's evicted too. I'm sure your positive outlook will help you too. Look forward to my next visit.

  42. Wow Paula you have been through the mill, good to see you back, hope you are soon feeling much better.

    There is something on my blog for you

    Take care, Barbaraxx

  43. Dear Paula, this is my first time 'meeting' you, but I feel like I know you just from reading everyone else offer you love and support on all the other blogs. I do hope that you continue to recover and can comfortably stamp and color while waiting. It is so great to have the wonderful friends you have.

  44. Great to have you back Paula, get well soo, PLEASE :D

  45. So sorry Palua to hear you've had such a rough time, despite the awful pain you must have been in, it's great that you have such a humerous outlook!
    I hope you are well on the road to recovery, take it easy,
    Love Sarita xx

  46. so glad your op went well Paula and you're up and about (almost) and back into blogging again! Look after yourself, air kisses back and very small bear hugs too.

  47. You are amazing!!! thought all of this you remain comicala nd lighthearted!!! I loved reading your post and am so pleased to hear that Tommy is gone and expected to have casued you no further problems. Sorry I missed this earlier and didn't post I've been on and off with blogland lately. so pleased to see and read you are back in the craft room even with a little cutting help :)


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