Wednesday, 3 March 2010

WOYWW 3rd March

Good day WOYWWer's & fellow bloggers!
Bit of a change to the old workdesk this morning - I've had a set of drawers under the desk.

Here's the desk and the 'wall of fame' behind:

On the desk is a few cards I need to post - but that will be later (or tomorrow because WOYWW consumes my Wednesdays - and some of Thursday!!!), a teapot I cut out last night, a beautiful bookmark a friend of a friend made for me and some cards waiting to be sent to work for colleagues' birthdays.  All in all - a bit boring (that is until I get started crafting)...

When I brought everything in the craftroom out of the garage, I needed to empty 3 sets of those plastic drawers  - the type on wheels, which are now, after a few weeks, completely empty.  Each set had 4 drawers.  I tried to put one set under the desk a few weeks ago but they were too tall, so that put paid to that idea - hence everything being on my desktop - limiting crafting space.  

I asked my OH to take me to IKEA on Saturday for a new set of draws to go under the desk (as its too uncomfortable to drive and hump things around) and all I got were huffs, puffs and sighs... he wanted to watch the football, which I didn't begrudge him because he's been doing all the laundry, most of the cooking and all of the (food) shopping (I can still manage the craft shopping thank you - tee hee). He's a true diamond geezer!!! 

Anyway, my Mum (bless her) who was here came up with an inspirational idea (which thicko me hadn't even thought of)... "why don't you reduce the drawers from 4 to three so they fit under the desk" - OMG - what a perfect solution.  The drawers are the module stack together type, are already empty, already paid for and in the garage.  No money to spend, no trip to IKEA and OH can watch the football.  My Mum is brilliant!  10 minutes later, drawers were reduced to 3 and in situ.  The fourth drawer is on my desk with 'work in progress' tidied away and can be popped from surface to floor to create more room in no time at all.  Eureaka!!!!

Anyway, without further ado - and before you click off this page through boredom, here are said drawers:

 Top drawer:

This drawer, at the moment has some of my tools in, but you know how it is when you get something 'new', if you're like me, you have to try things out and change things until I'm satisfied that it's 'working' for me!
Middle Drawer:


My Mum kindly labelled all my inks up so that I can see which is which as I wanted to stack them on their side (also so I can easily see which ones I need to buy)!!

Bottom Drawer:

This basically has all my little books in, my labels and my box of various adhesives.
Now you can say you've seen my drawers - tee hee!!!

If you want to take part in What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday or even just have a good old nose round some more desks (there were over 60 last week - although I stand corrected), blog off to Julia's desk - which is the starting point, them make a comment, and follow everyone else who has joined in - they will all have left a comment in Julia's comment box to let you know they've posted their workdesk - click here for your starting point and pay every one a visit - and let them know you've been.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


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  1. Love your new drawers Paula. It takes me ages to decide what goes where in new drawers so that it works. I've spotted your fan club cards etc on your's looking brill. Really hoping today is a good day for you and you can enjoy your crafting.
    A x

  2. Very organised! I can't get to IKEA as I don't have a car and I must admit I've have been wanting to watch the football too!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your space again Paula.
    Your Mum is brilliant - it is always the simple ideas that are the best.
    Clare x

  4. I think your mum is a wizz! what a great idea and it works so well. I like the idea of having the top drawer open ont he desk next to you or moved to the floor out of the way at speed and in ease. Brillant!!!

  5. Clever mum and happy hubby and of course very happy Paula ;) Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  6. great set of draws, nice and neat and tidy they are inside too

  7. What a great tidy out you have had. It leaves you with a sense of satisfaction doesn't it? My tidy phases are short-lived I'm afraid.

  8. send your mum round to my place, she had a geat idea and save you some money that you can now spend on some more crafting goodie

  9. Hi Paula
    Hows the form? good i hope
    Isnt your mum brilliant, Mums always have the best ideas, I wish I still had mine.
    Funny that I wanted to go to Ikea they do have some great storage, I need something tall that doesnt stick out to much. Desk is looking pretty neat you had better get crafting and mess it up a bit. Better go my sis is coming have to get to shops and get some sweet treats,
    Christine x

  10. Please can you explain how you get 3 sets of 4 drawers into one set of 3. I need magic like that for my craft room!! Thanks for stopping by ** Kate **

  11. Don't you just love organization?! :)

  12. I have some drawers similar under my desk but they are so untidy. Hugs Pam

  13. Looking good, and getting rather organised I would say.. want to come and do mine, No matter how much I get , still cannot sort it, lol

  14. Such a tidy desk and what a clever Mum saving you money and recycling at the same time!! I have to drawer re-organisation sessions to remind me what is in them....

  15. Will you come and get me organised please Paula?! Your wall is very memorable too! Lol! xx

  16. Great idea of your mums Paula, you really need to start thinking outside of the box! Groan!! It'll take a wee while for those drawers to settle down, I've moved my stuff around a couple of times, I think I'm happy with it for the moment. That last photo in my post, the one showing the stamped snowflakes... well, there's one image that as soon as I saw it reminded me of 80 yr old female dangly bits!! You know, when they're down to our knees!! I don't want people thinking why is she sending me a Christmas card with 80 yr old female dangle bits on it!!! Have another look, see if you can spot them!!


  17. Hey get you girl showing us all whats in your drawers !! lol I'm glad to see you keep your drawers nice and tidy ! and I looooove your beautiful green mat/carpet its like having beautiful summer grass indoors I love green its my fav colour along with pink of course
    Big Hugs Susie xx

  18. Well done mum for such a good idea! Your drawers look very organised if you don't mind me saying so and you have a nice collection of distress inks building up there! I got my cupcake stands from a local home accessory shop but I bet if you googled it you would find one on the net. When I am next going past I will see if they have them still and if you want one I could send it to you! Oh yes and whats all this about a transvestite? Enjoy the rest of your week! Tracey x

  19. ooer tidy drawers! I can see my card on your wall how lovely. How did you get those drawers reduced, did you have to take a saw to them?? Unless they were ones that pop together, but they look like the ones I've got in one unit. Would love to know.

  20. Clever Mum, I wouldn't have thought of doing that LOL Thanks for showing us your drawers hun :O))

  21. Hi Paula, good thinking - no new drawers to buy - so does this mean more to spend on goodies? Sorry I didn't get back to you - ran out of time and I'm away this week. I'll contact you next week. In the meantime - enjoy your very organised space. ikki

  22. Awesome! Mum's have a way of being brilliant I think haha. Looks organized and tidy.

  23. Danger! Danger! Your draw on the desk as a work in progress box will turn into a scrap box and then the box of shame....if you are even one ounce like me that is!! What's the teapot for then gal? And waht is in the Union Jack tin? Whatever it is, I wanna get me one of those. Love seeing how your crafting has bllomed and bossomed since we 'met'.

  24. 'Bllomed'....of course is a tryping error. I mean bloomed. And blossomed. And I shouldn't be using the past tense either, it's horribly incorrect. But you understand huh?

  25. I am a sucker for neatly packed drawers ... Thank you so much ... I had a great time rummaging :0)


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