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WOYWW - 17th March

Afternoon fabulous bloggers.

Thanks for dropping by to view my space this week for WOYWW.  Wanna join in? - then pop over to Julia, cult leader, at Stamping Ground - founder of the ever growing group of bloggers that share their desks - what they're up to, what they've got on them, exuses, reasons - whatever you want to call it for the current state of said desk or washing machine LOL (pop over to GezzyB's Crafty Bits to find out more on this concept of crafting)!!!  Having said all that, if you want to join in or just have a nosey and visit everyone who partakes, please do remember to leave a comment or just say "Hi" and let everyone know you've been by.  We all appreciate this tremendously.

Anyway, without further ado, i'll show you my mess desk this week.  I didn't actually do any crafting yesterday as I fell on the hoover after cleaning up after the SKY man, who had just upgraded my craftroom/conservatory box from mere multiroom - to SKY plus.  He'd left his drill dust down the side of the sofa so I hoovered, tried to straighten the mat... the next minute I was on top of the hoover and in tremendous pain.  I hurt my knee, ankle, wrist and to add pain where it's least needed - my ribs!!!  I felt so sorry for myself yesterday, crafting was out of the question.  I went to sleep for a while on the sofa then just watched TV.   Ooops - there I go again, digressing!!!

Here's the desk:

On the desk are some scrapbooks I bought in out of the garage (it's never ending that there supply in my garage)!!!, some cards I made two days ago that I need to blog, my cupcake stand with all my adhesives in the bottom, my punches in the centre (not my MS ones though - they're safely away in the drawer), in the top I have squatters that I need to move on to their rightful place - i.e. my excuse of a sewing box!!!  Also on the desk are an order I received yesterday of some different coloured skeleton leaves for some more candle makes.  I also purchased some lovely bargain organza bags to put finished candles in should I ever do a craft stall anywhere!!!  Other than that, they'll do for gifts and were only 32p each and are actually sold as bottle bags - making them cheaper than those paper bag things you buy for bottles!!!

Here is the next view:

Here you can see some more A5 files from tesco - although these weren't 20p like the green ones - these were a whopping 60p each (LOL)!  I filled the green ones up too full so m OH fetched me some more while he was in the vacinity of tesco (well he was nearer than I was at the time - put it that way!!!).  All in all - not a lot to show on my desk really.

I want to share with you all the cards I recived for my birthday which I have photographed around the conservatory/craft room.  

This is the one that my lovely Mum made me...

and the inside:

My mum went to the 'More is More' school of crafting and is a self confessed 'I don't know when to stop' crafter!!!

Here are my lovely flowers:

My Birthday this year was such a fantastic day.  I had friends, family and colleagues round, a load of us had a chinese in the evening - which was my treat.  The day didn't end until 11.30 when my my dear friend Wendy went home...  My special friend (and one of my oldest) Donna came to stay until Sunday.  I was also spoilt by my new blogging friends - you know who you are - you really added to making this birthday extra special so thankyou with all my heart.

It so made up for the last two years which were both tinged with great sadness - the last one being the first without my Dad - but the memories were quite fresh as the year before on my Birthday he was basically told there wasn't a lot they could do for his lung cancer.  We'd went out for a meal in the evening but I kept excusing myself to go to the ladies where I'd break down rather than let my Dad see me upset.  Anyway, as I said - this year really made up for it!!!

One final thing - this will be my last WOYWW for a couple of weeks as next Monday, I will be admitted to hospital to have sugery to remove my tumor (which i've named Tommy).  I have my surgery on Tuesday and expect to remain in the Northern General at Sheffield for the remainder of the week - or until they throw me out!!!!  So from Monday, there won't be anything going on on my desk for at least a couple of weeks as I expect to be restricted in my activities especially on my lefthand side.  The surgery will include cutting through the muscle, ribs, chest wall and removing Tommy from my lungs and everything he's attached himself to so i'll take it all as it comes.  But do not fear - I will be blogging as soon as I can - so stand by your desks as I'll be helping Julia (if she doesn't mind) visit you all and inspecting craft areas - be they desks, the floor, the dining table or washing machine!!!

Big hugs to everyone - especially if you stayed and read to the end!!! tee hee!!!  I'll start visiting as soon as i've made myself respectable!!!

x x x


  1. Hi Paula, er wow look at all those cards, how wonderful :)
    Huge huge hugs and good luck for surgery and I hope you recover with speed and that surgery does what it needs to do (iykwim)
    See you blogging in a few weeks xxx

  2. Now come on Paula get out of those PJs :-) Hope your bumps and bruises are not too painful today. Love all you cards and flowers. Just what you deserve. Shout if I can help from a distance in any way over the next couple of weeks.
    A x

  3. heres a late happy birthday. You were lucky - so many cards and flowers. I'm jealous

    I also want to have a look in those scrapbooks - too nosey I know...

    Is that my Oxford dictionary in the corner there? I really can't find mine but that is probably yours.

  4. Fab cards .... much tidier desk than last week ... Stay away from the hoover in future ... they are just tooooo dangerous ... I stayed until the end :0) I hope all goes well and I shall be thinking of you X

  5. The organza bags were a great buy Paula. Tell your mum not to worry; I read somewhere that 'Less is only more, when more isn't good enough' or something along those lines LOL. Lots of lovely cards and beautiful flowers :) Good luck next week, I'll be thinking about you ;)
    Anne xx

  6. Wow - that's a lot of cards you received! Beautiful flowers.

    I do hope you're feeling better. time watch where you're going, you klutz! ;)

  7. Great post Paula, am gonna change your link on Mr Linky though, it's taking everyone to last week for some reason. Anyways...gos the conservatory is so cheerful and flower filled it makes me smile to thnk how much fun you had last week; a good chunk of handmades in amongst those cards too which is great!
    And for sure we'll mis you next week but it is only temporary. We'll be thinking of you too, and GO TOMMY! (geddit?!)

  8. Great cards hon and beautiful flowers. I sent my OH shopping yesterday but not for something simple; a bra convertor strap, he wasn't amused and it didn't help that the bra lady was on lunch so the stand in didn't know what he wanted he said she look at him as if he was mad (!!!!!!) Hope everything goes well next week you will be missed. Hugs Pam x

  9. Hi Paula. Firstly, you can copy my storage idea haha If it helps I have tried sooo many different ideas for storing these little blighters & this is makes them sooo easy to find.

    I just love your Mum, if only because of what she wrote inside your card my lovely.

    As for Tommy, I really hope that everything goes very well for you. We haven't met but I will be thinkingof you sweetie, HUGS XXX

  10. Glad you had such an excellent birthday, especially after all the crap of the last couple of years. Must be nice to be popular *sniff*! Will be thinking of you next week, sending big hugs, but only cyber ones, cos I'm thinking real ones a re going to hurt!! And if you got yourself acquainted with the vacuum more frequently, you'd know exactly what to do with it and wouldn't let it trip you up!!

    Brenda x

  11. Wow many cards are popular.
    Hope your bruises are less painful tomorrow so you can craft.

  12. oh so sorry you hurt yourself. You had a lovely lot of cards and all those flowers -fab. Your Mum's card is lovely, I was trying to peek inside then realised you had let us see it anyway - how lovely. Take care of yourself and see you soon minus Tommy!
    hugs Lynn x

  13. Sounds like you had a great birthday and all those cards!!! they are great :) Good luck with the removal of tommy. wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery! Px

  14. Fab desk...looks are as accident prone as me by the sounds of it..hope you not in pain now hun xx

  15. Great blog Paula - hope all goes well next week - we will all be sending positive vibes to you - love Jo

  16. Oh hun what a wally. I can safely say my hoover has never tripped me up -if it did it wouldnt be a hoover for very long - I'm a dab hand with Percy (my sledgehammer - Percy sledge get it lol). I hope the removal of Tommy goes well and I'm so pleased you had a fab birthday. Take care and we all look forward to seeing your lovely craft room again soon.
    Sam x

  17. Thank you for being my first follower. This blogging thing is all a bit scary, but I'm going to give it a go!!! Happy belated Birthday and look forward to seeing your desk next week.xx

  18. ohooo lovely cards, lovely flowers and lovely craft room too!!

  19. Oh, so glad you had a good birthday, what an amazing display of cards and flowers! Hope you get rid of Tommy and all goes well - your WOYWW friends will be thinking of you.

  20. I love all your cards and flowers and Im glad you had a great birthday and how lovely that you can share your crafting with your mum! I can see that cup cake stand has been put to good use amd look forward to seeing some scrapbooking from you when you are feeling better. Good luck for Tuesday, I will be thinking of you. Tracey x

  21. Belated happy birthday and hope all goes well on Tuesday for you. Look forward to seeing you back with us soon. xx

  22. Happy Birthday, gorgeous flowers!!!! love your desk this week - not too messy hehe xxx

  23. Happy Birthday, albeit a bit later. Those flowers are fab and so is your desk.
    Good luck for next week and good riddance to Tommy. I hope you make a speedy recovery and are able to do a little bit of gentle crafting to help you feel better. Take care xxx

  24. I sent you an email on your birthday so I hope you got it...I am glad you had such a lovely birthday and I hope all goes well with your operation and you will soon recover and return to blogging - you will be missed!
    Lots of hugs flying over to you from Slovenia
    Cardarian xxx

  25. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago only the vac fell on me and I fell on the tv etc and hurt my back,leg thumb and arm.
    You are a very popular lady all those cards, I got quite a few too as mine was 15.03.10 but lazy me I haven't blogged them.
    Best wishes for Tuesday I hope everything goes well.
    Pat xx

  26. Hi Paula Lovely to hear you had a nice birthday after the last couple. Your flowers & cards beautiful. Enjoy.xx
    Thank you for your lovely kind words re; my washing machine habbits!
    Will be thinking of you next Tuesday.

  27. Happy Birthday Paula - I have never seen so many cards!!!!

  28. Me again.

    I shall be thinking of you all day Tuesday. I can't find the words for what I want to say without sounding like Thought for the Day!!!! Anyway - away with you Tommy - and bring on the blogging ASAP xxxxxxxxxxxxx MUCH LOVE

  29. So many cards, glad to hear you had a good birthday this year. Thank you for popping over to look at my little workspace. I also read to the end...good luck with everything next week.

  30. your space is amazing!!! I just LOVE your playground lettering over your desk, brilliant! what a fantastic name on the space you create in! this has inspired me to make a playground sign for my door! thanks for popping by my blog too!


  31. So many fabulous cards and sounds like you thoroughly deserve them. Love all your ickle jars and your lurrrvvverllleee stash lol. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery, big hugs.

  32. Lovely cards and flowers Paula, you are obviously much loved by friends and family, and quite a few of us bloggers too! But, do take care and stop throwing yourself about - dust doesn't matter, but you do! ikki

  33. Oh my Paula, what a weekend you’ve had. All those cards and beautiful flowers, I bet they smell gorgeous.
    Your desk looks pretty tidy this week and it seems to me that you have your own fair share of little jars of goodies sitting on your shelf.

    I hope your op goes well next week and that you’ve back keeping a beady eye on us all soon.


    PS.. Thanks for asking for some of the threads and supporting my charity stitching.

  34. Happy belated birthay, looks like you had lots of fuss made of you.. i know i wont be so lucky in a weeks time lol..
    Hope the op goes well and your soon on the fast road to recovery xx

  35. Hope all goes well for you and that you are back crafting wit us very soon.
    ** Kate **

  36. Thanks for the suggestion for our bridal department( sounds very grand doesn't it!). Love the idea of something blue on a garter - just a little dumfling I think!! You have given us so many great ideas and spurred us on to try things we hadn't thought of - thanks lots.
    All the very best - love Jo

  37. I'm a very late WOYWW-Watcher this week! Everything in your craft area looks so inviting. Your birthday cards look wonderful - what a lucky girlie you are! Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    Glad you liked the "springy" card on my blog btw


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