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WOYWW - 10th March

Oooh - I bet you thought i'd forgotten didn't you... Well, I am late in posting for WOYWW (click on this link to Stamping Ground and Julia's blog if you want to join in the fun) ...

But this is the reason I am late today - if you are of nervous disposition - please look away NOW

Shock, horror!!!

Well, the other night I had to go and fetch Ashley from tennis - on the way back I needed to call into TESCO :O(... The last time I went shopping was New Years Eve and my darling husband has done all the shopping since - for obvious reasons.  Anyway, I was drawn like a magnet to the stationery aisle.. so the desk became a bit of a dumping ground for said shopping... You will see that grey box - which is a set of drawers that cost  £2.50... - yes that what I thought - so I bought two sets - well you would wouldn't you...  The green folder cost me 20p so I got two of those too.  These are to file my stamps in.  Not sure how successful this will be but we'll give it a try.

On the back wall you may be able to spy a lovely card sent to me by the lovely Tracey from 'Handmade with Love' - its been made using that lovely stamp my Kanban (need it)... She also very kindly included several stamped images of it so I can use it on cards too.

Here's another view of the bombsite:

Not much to say really apart from "what a mess"!!!

The lovely Lynn from Crafty Linby came to see me yesterday and it was absolutely fab to meet her.  We NEVER STOPPED TALKING...  I hadn't talk so much in ages (or since I was at work)... - if you read this Lynn, thanks for coming and putting up with the bombsite of a craftroom, smelly cats, hyper dog, cheeky kids and talkative old me!!!  Lynn brought me some goodies in a bag which I'll blog in next couple of days... I felt like it was my Birthday (oh - it is tomorrow tee hee)!!!

HOWEVER - after some tidying and chaning shelves round etc, here is the desk now:

I've moved my cuttlebug and drawers back to my desk.  Also - do you see my new cupcake stand - bargain... £14.50 off e-bay.  I've put my adhesives in the botton, punches in the middle and pins/pin cushion and tape measure in the top - although they won't be staying there as they have their own home.  I've spun my silhouette round just to make more room.

Here's the new printer in situ (I haven't installed the CISS (continuous inky supply system) yet as the printer came with cartridges so thought I might as well use those up first as they'll never be needed once the CISS is installed.  The new £2.50 drawers now have all my print paper of different types in - to save me keep moving the plastic boxes round (I always seemed to need the one at the bottom or middle).

Just a little update to provide you with, as I have just spoken with my surgeon's secretary:

I will be going to the hospital next Friday (19th) for a pre-op assessment, then will be going in for surgery on 22nd March and having surgery on 23rd March.  Surgeon said I should expect to be staying in at least 3 days. 

Right, I'm just going to have a relaxing bath to sooth my back then will return to have a nosey at a desk near you!!!  If you haven't already - go join the fun, visit all the other WOYWWers via Julia's blog - have a nosey, see what they're up to and what they've got - whether messy or not and be sure to leave a comment - even if it's just to say hi.  Click here and have fun!!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.

Apologies for any typos, spelling mistakes and/or bad grammar but the bath is calling and i've somewhat rushed this post!!!


x x x


  1. What a transformation ... fab work Paula sweetie and as a special birthday treat you can come round and do mine :0) What? Of course it's a treat? You are obviously very good at it :0) I share the same Birthday month as you X

  2. Hi Paula
    thought you forgot, sounds like you had a great time with Linby, she sounds really nice on her blog, its nice to actually meet, love the cupcake stand, drawers were a good price, and your all nice and tidy again, how long will that last, you'll die when you see mine, you thought yours was bad.
    Christine x

  3. wow - you room is so much tidier now!! and some fabby bargains from Tesco - love it. Not sure what your surgery is but I hope it goes well when it comes around and i'll send you some positive vibes xx

  4. Hi Paula!!!
    Luvin the cake stand,I NEED one!!!
    Your desk looks great now you can see it,lol.
    I go to Egypt on Sun,so might not speak to you b4 hospital,so sending you lots of luv & hugs :o)x

  5. Love your now tidy space Paula. You got some real bargains. I'm impressed. Hope the bath helped relax. Enjoy your day tomorrow and let everyone do the spoiling :-)
    A x

  6. How lovely to see your space nice and tidy again. Well done on your Tesco bargains.
    Thanks for your help re CISS as soon as I have used up my spare ink cartridges I will be converting.
    Clare x

  7. Great bargains - we have a local pound shop where I get all sorts of useful bits and bobs for crafting. Have a great day tomorrow!!

  8. Oh i need to go to tescos I've been every where today looking for paper storage and those grey trays would fit the bill. Hugs Pam x

  9. Love this its shows hard work and fun, just how it should be :)
    by the way, i now give freebies on tuesdays and wednesdays at my other blog if you want them. Just thought i would mention it so you dont miss out
    Hugs June xxxx

  10. Hello you - well that space looks soooo different now! Hope you haven't overdone it. Have a lovely day tomorrow.
    Lynn x

  11. You have been so organised. enjoy tomorrow.

  12. Paula you tidy up nice - the desk looks very nice now and all is there - and for a bargain! Linby blogged about her visit to you - I bet you had a great time!

  13. Well Paula I can tell you that I was starting to worry, then realised that I hadn't refreshed my page and suddenly here you are. It's never too late to post a WOYWW anyway, so no pressure. LOVE your uber tidied space, LOVE thatyou think it looked untidy at all. LOVE that you got around Tesco, with bargains and that you aren't too exhausted to blog. Mostly though I LOVE that you and Lynn have met. Wow.

  14. I just love those cupcake stands - I need one!

  15. I was worrying about you! Love the before and after photos of your desk and love your cupcake stand, it looks lovely on your desk. How lucky to have met up with a crafting buddy, wish I was there! Good news that you have a date for your op and have a fantastic birthday tomorrow! Tracey x

  16. another lovely crafty space with loads going on! Love all your bargains!

  17. Happy Birthday for tomorrow and good luck with the op. I'm sure everything will go really well {{hug}}

  18. Some great bargains there Paula. Love the cakestand for storage, vertical storage is a great space-saving idea :) How great that you and Lin got together ;) What is a CISS; how does that work?
    Hugs Anne xx

  19. Glad I do tesco shopping on the net as I would have come back with 4 of each lol
    I thought the before view had creative spirit but the after is better to work in.

    Hope everything goes well in the hospital ...we will be thinking of you

  20. Great bargins Paula. Love your cake stand thingy. Hope your bath helped. Sorry I can't send you the choccie!

    Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday honey.XXXX

    Good Luck for next week at the hospick as my tiny man calls it!

    Hugs, Gez.xx

  21. Hi Paula
    Tesco is awesome for crafty bargains isnt it :) I love your craft space I'd love those ikea shelving but I couldnt fit them in :(

    With regards to my pink room! The only space I'd be able to make mine in the new house is the conservatory which has a part brick wall, so I have plans already to paint a huge square of mdf 'pink' and get him indoors to attach to the wall for me (but sssh he doesnt know that yet) lol

    Thanks for always popping by my blog :) Everytime I try to get around everyones my computer crashes :( xx

  22. Happy birthday. Have a great day.will send u template later today when I have my computer on. Hugs Pam xxxxxx

  23. Happy Birthday to you
    Have a great day
    christine x

  24. Alright, now whose getting all the bargains!! Fantastic that you and Linby got together, bet you both had a hoot. Hope you and Ashley have a fantastic Birthday today, and good luck for the op. Everything will be fine don't worry, you've got all your mates on your side thinking about you.


  25. It really is tooo tidy you know!! Me again..Believe it or not, I moved the mug out of camera shot, wellll they were getting worse! My finger? Short story.. I dog sit...I grabbed the dog by his collar..he turned quickly, that's all! bent the finger so it's been in a splint, then another doctor, took the splint off and ....(yes...bent it again) so its now worse than it was! Two mugs in next weeks picture!!(but not mine!)(Lyn)

  26. Great bargain hunter I bet if I go to my local Tesco there won't be any of those drawers. Well done at achieving a tidy workspace, looks good.
    Happy birthday, we share the same birthday month too.
    Good luck with the op.
    Pat x

  27. can't believe i bought exactly the same storage box for nearly 3 times the price in smiths last week!!! happy birthday paula! x

  28. Wow, some desk full of bargains, and what a beautiful job you did on them! Wish I lived near a Tesco's - but now you've posted this there certainly won't be any left even if I did. sob!! I been a bit busy the last two days with one thing and another, and I wish I had seen this post earlier, because I didn't know it was your birthday - SO, I just have to say Hope you've had a lovely day! Best wishes Eileen x

  29. If you would like to check out my blog there is a much deserved award waiting for you there.
    A x

  30. Wow well done on the tidying, it feels great once it's done doesn't it? Good luck with the op, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Crafting is very good therapy - as it retail therapy! xx


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