Tuesday, 2 March 2010

OMG - I won a challenge!!!

In fact the challenge I won was the very first one I ever entered!!!  What a lovely surprise to come back home from the hospital to.  Here's a link to the card which won the challenge - which is all the more special because it was picked - and not by 'random.org'!!!  I have a big smile on my face.  I love FUNKY HAND products so am pleased that I won their challenge.  I have all their CD's - so the next challenge is what do I spend my £20 prize on???

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


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  1. Congrats of winning the challenge Paula! The card looks amazing, as does all of your work. I'm a big fan!!!

    Feel better, and don't forget to post about your newest creations.

    All the best,


  2. Congrats!! It was a beautiful project! How sweet that you won your very first challenge. :)

  3. It's only what you deserve. I sit looking at your amazing work every time I sew and feel very honoured that you made one of your cards just for me.
    A x

  4. Hi Paula.
    Many well deserved congratulations! This is a fabulous project.
    Clare x

  5. Not surprised you won - its gorgeous! Do hope all goes well for you Paula. Lots of very positive vibes heading your way.

  6. Congratulations Paula, it was a fab card! Tracey x

  7. Well done Paula, a worthy winner. So much nicer when it's picked rather than a random thing huh!

  8. Yay, how cool is that! That was a great card you made too. I won a challenge just before Christmas too, isn't it a great feeling? I won a lovely PB stamp, I'm sure you could hang on to your prize and get the next cd that Anice releases. I don't know how I feel about random rather than picked... I mean, if you look at some of the incredilby stunning cards people make, it would be easy to think "I could never compete with that", and naturally the best people will win every time.... on the other hand if a beginner card maker with limitied supplies wins some goodies then surely that will spur them on even more, instead of leaving them dejected that they're not good enough! Bet that made your day though, I know I screamed loud enough to be heard clear across the Atlantic!!

    Brenda x

  9. Congratulations Paula!!!
    Hope you are ok (read your last post about the op) :o)x

  10. couldn't have happened to anyone nicer and more deserving at a time like this. Hugs Lynn x

  11. Well done Paula and the card is really lovely ;) Tried to comment on the scan but had a problem. So hope all goes well with the op and have a great birthday next week.
    Hugs Anne xx


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