Saturday, 6 March 2010

New Stash Saturday!!!

A bit late in the day but I like sharing with you what's been delivered over the week - which hasn't been much - but I actually have more on order than I've recieved but what I have had was pretty cool and needed as much as wanted...

 My printer, which is a HP Officejet V45 was running out of ink.  I've had this printer since 2002 and when I bought it, it cost around £169 at the time. It was/is one of the original all-in-one printers - at the time, they weren't as widely available as they are now- but mine had the added feature of a fax machine: e-mail wasn't common place and fax machines were still widely used (at the time).  It has a scanner on - but not the flatbed type - you have to feed it through like you're printing - and this is also the way you copy - not good if you've got something other than a piece of paper to scan/copy.  Fortunately, we have another newish  printer that has a flatbed scanner or with copying functionality - but don't use it as the replacement ink cartridges are also daylight robbery so is not used.

Anyroad up (Derbyshire saying), the ink needed replacing on the HP.  Oh, the cartridges are still widely available - but for a decent amount of ink - so i'm talking about the larger volume cartridges - we were looking at around £58 + shipping for colour alone.  Here's the thing.  My sister bought a cheap Canon printer - one that you can buy one of those continuous ink supply systems (CISS) for - which are the same price as a new cartridge (about £60) for all the inks, the system and tools necessary to set it up.  Well, they don't do a CISS for my printer and my sisters printer is no longer available (my Mum also has a CISS and a canon printer but a later model).  I had to do a lot of research to find a reasonable priced printer that I could buy a CISS for.  After much research I found one which was cheaper than my cartridge alone.  I've bought it and the CISS and told my OH that its his Birthday present to me :O) - well I had to buy my own Christmas present which I'd told him I wanted - I never got it and had to order it on-line on Christmas Day so I didn't think i'd leave it to chance this time.

Not much to look at but i'm happy with it.... Canon PIXMA ip2600 (£35(ish) from TESCO - and points too!!!)

Ink system - again not much to look at but will save me ££££'s - and much needed seeing as I print a lot of DP's from CD's for my crafting.  

Here is my pressie from my Mum (again - i've had to order it)!!!  These are the Spellbinders Shapeabilities Doodleparts - like little flourishes to add those extra touches to projects (pic is actually dowloaded and not taken by me):

And last, but certainly not least is a very special thing... It arrived this morning like this - all nicely packaged:


Ta da:

A fantastic addition to my much loved poppy canvas made by the lovely Wipso at the Sisters Crafty Creations - it is a dumfed picture of some lavender - i'd snapped it up before it even went in the shop and I love it.  You should really check out the shop which she runs with her sister Twiglet.  There's some seriously gorgeous stuff in there.

I'm going to rearrange that wall so that these two pics become the centrepiece above my desk.  

Hope you like my acquisitions as much as I do.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


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  1. As far as the printers go, congrats! I have two. My Canon and my Epson wide carriage. My Epson wide carriage is fitted with a CISS, and it's SO HANDY.

  2. Hi Paula
    you just pipped me at the post for the lavender one, when we lived in france, we had a lavendar field behind us, and the smell was just gorgeous, the 2 of them look fantastic,
    Christine x

  3. Thanks for the thumbs up about the pic Paula. Really glad you like it. It was my fav so Im really glad it's gone to a really good home :-) Enjoy. A x

  4. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for the info about your new printer. I am in the market for a printer and you have saved me lots of research. I had never even heard of CISS.
    I like the look of the Spellbinders swirls. I will be looking out for your creations using them.
    As for Wipso's dumfed pictures - they are amazing!
    Clare x

  5. Wow i love your blog and your poppys art xxx
    if you ever fancy sharing your work on our craft blog pop over and check us out at
    we have a competition running too.
    jayne x

  6. love the lavender picture, in fact you have just the two I would have bought if I had been quick enough!
    Lynn x

  7. Oh! Well Done for getting the picture. :) It is gorgeous! Lovely to know it has gone to a good home. Enjoy.XXX

  8. Beautiful picture, your wall will soon resemble a flower field. You had me confused about the printers, you were talking about your HP but the photo was of a Canon! Thought you'd taken one too many happy pills for a moment, until I read further down!



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