Sunday, 14 March 2010

Card for my Son

This is the card I made for my Son for his 17th Birthday.  I was up until 5.50am that morning finishing it off for him.  When he was younger, staying up this late was normal on his (and my) Birthday as I used to make his birthday cakes and ice them in his favourite character of the moment.  Not being the best baker in the world, I used to start when he'd gone to bed and still be doing it until 3&4 in the morning.

Well this card was as difficult.  I really did set myself up for it!!!  These were the elements I had prepared ready for the project:

I made the DP's myself by getting a tennis ball image off the net and putting it in My Craft Studio graphics programme and tiling it.  The same image for both DP's but reduced the size of the ball before tiling to make the second DP.  I didn't use the tennis ball (cut from nestability circle and coloured in yellow then put the 'tennis ball' marks on with white sakura souffle pen.  I did use the ball on somebody else's card though (more later)..

First I made a racquet template on my Silhouette and drew round this onto cardboard (back of a teabag box).

Then I marked the where I needed my holes and made them with my sharp pokey tool:

The I used a darning needle and bead thread (one with a bit of spring to it) and threaded the strings.  This first attempt was a bit of a disaster as the cardboard wasn't strong enough and bent and contorted all ways - and just in the nick of time, my grungepaper arrived... so cut it out from that (ooh, doesn't it smell like leather??).  

So once I'd repeated the above (marked, pricked holes and 'sewn' the strings) this is what I had:

It was still bending, but the grungepaper didn't rip at the holes, so I made two more templates for the racquet head and glued it together and put it under my heavy dictionery to dry (used pinflair glue):

It still looked untidy so I cut two more templates out of black card and sandwiched the racquet between them.  I didn't take a pic of this because by this time I was tired and just wanted to get it finished.

Anyway, after hours and hours spent (in total since starting the project), here's the finished result - not how I had envisaged it turning out, but was still pleased with it.  The best thing is that Ashley was blown away by it - my kids always tell it how it is and are my biggest critics (and I appreciate the honesty) with my cards so his approval was the best I could receive!!!

The new tennis ball was made by printing one out and cutting with nestie circle.  The others on the band at the bottom of this easel card were done the same way by making them smaller and cutting with the smallest nestie circle.

This is the card I made for Ben, Ashley's friend who was born the same day as Ashley.  The play tennis together and I took them to London in November to watch the ATP Masters mens finals:

I used the template for the racquet and the ball I originally intended to use on Ashley's.  Ben was well chuffed and said that it was the single card he got that had the most thought put into it.  Ahhh bless!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Wow what a lot of work went into that Paula. but with great results ;) Clever you doing your own background paper - I've never thought about doing that using the tile effect, will have to bear it in mind.
    Happy Mother's Day ;)
    Anne xx

  2. What a lot of work and love you put into Ashley's card Paula with spectacular results! No wonder he loved it :-D Hope your boys are spoiling you today.


  3. Wow that is really brilliant. You are just so clever.
    A x

  4. Now I can see what you have been telling me about! Paula its fantastic! I know it took you ages but I bet your son was blown away by the amount of effort you put in not to mention the time it takes to come up with such a wonderful idea! Well Done! Tracey x

  5. These cards are fab Paula. You've really had your thinking cap on - great job.
    Lynn x


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