Wednesday, 3 February 2010

WOYWW 3rd Feb

Hi All
I've been to the orthadontist with my son this morning - he's had his brace fitted so am a bit late with my WOYWW post... 

My desk is a bit boring this morning but I do have lots of stuff to post so you'll have to bear (bare??) with me.  There's the card still there from last night (in my previous post), which I need to write in and give to my brother and sister in law.  The other stuff is basically just tools, pens, glues - seriously nothing exciting i'm afraid.

Here's my desk which I had tidied up after finishing a project i'd been working on - more on that later in the post, and some pics of my surroundings and a surprise pic right at the end of this post so keep reading...

My desk:

My storage:
and here's one of the sofa behind me - which is tidied because I straighten it in the morning when the dog has got up (its his bed because the cat has taken over his basket and he's too grumpy to share)!!  Believe me, before we repurposed the conservatory (i.e. before the big clear up) it DID NOT look this tidy - but now it is dedicated craft space, I have a place to put everything.  Everybody's happy - especially me...
Sofa (with Katie Kitten - who had to get in on the act):

If you want to join in or see some exciting desks (which i'm going to check out myself after i've posted this) - Check out Julia and her cult following at Stamping Ground.  WOYWW stands for whats on your workdesk wednesday and had nearly 60 viewings last week - it took me the rest of Wednesday and best part of Thursday to visit everyone - go and say hi to a few people and check out whats on their desk by clicking here . It really is great fun and a way to get to know your crafty (sounds a bit wrong) sisters!!!

Here's the surprise I wanted to share with you which LITERALLY arrived as I had opened up to post this - timing or what.

Ta-da - I was the one who bought this lovely canvas of poppies from Wipso and Twiglet - from the Sisters Crafty Creations - the link to their site is in my right hand bar.

It is such a lovely thing and has a very precious meaning for me.  It is now sitting in pride of place on the wall above my desk where I am currently sat blogging.  I bought it because it reminds me so much of my Dad and our joint love for poppies.  We grew them (which in itsself is not hard) but we used to randomly throw poppy seeds in bleak and bland places to liven them up and we'd be out and about in the car and say things like - "ooh that could do with some poppies on it"... 

I bought it to mark what would have been his 70th Birthday last Monday (25th January) - which was also the 2nd anniversary of his last session of chemotherapy (which he had on his last birthday (68th), and incidentally, the day I also found out about my tumor.

Anyway - this picture is to remind me of the happy times, not to make me sad.  I feel so happy to have bought it from such a talented and new found blogging friend - Annie 'Wipso' from A stitch in time.  The service I received from Annie was second to none - I paid yesterday and she ran all the way to the post office to get it to me today.... Annie - you're a special and talented lady- Thank you.

I think this post is long enough today so I'll save my project for another time.

Please leave a comment, become a follower and join in the WOYWW fun.

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  1. Your Poppy canvas is lovely and must look great in your new craft space. Hugs Pam

  2. Thank you so much for blogging my pic. I really do hope it gives you lots of pleasure.
    A x

  3. Hi Paula thanks for the kind words the medication the doctor gave me is starting to kick in!! The bag is what i made at craft club on Monday along with 4 cards. Hugs Pam

  4. What a lovely story behind you getting the poppy canvas Paula - I hope you smile every time you look at it.
    Loving your organised space. Are those Ikea Expedit shelves? I have my eye on getting those at some point.
    Love that card with the baby feet xx

  5. Hmm that storage looks familiar :) Love the story about the poppies, what a great idea ;) And love Annie's poppies, had already commented on it on her blog :)
    Anne xx

  6. what an absolutely gorgeous poppy picture - I'd love to hav something like that in my house.

    I like your storage - I really must see if I can dig out my old small square shelving in the loft - if I haven't gotten rid of it that is!!! ;-)

  7. Lovely to read the story behind the poppy picture - it is so beautiful and a perfect reminder - fab. My MBA stuff is on another desk (shh) in another room - I have lots of space but all of it in small doses LOL!
    I'm a follower now.
    take care
    Hugs Linbyx

  8. Hi Paula Thanks for stopping by, missed you this morning, You are a very well organised lady, love the poppy canvas. Christine x

  9. Your space really is looking fab..and the light is just so great! Of course, the Poppy pic is too fab, your story is lovely, how great taht you both just scattered seeds...a scrapbook page is required!

  10. Wow, your space looks fab - so tidy and bright too.
    I love the canvas you bought, what a a wonderful piece of "cheer up" art it is.
    BTW, to put you out of your misery regarding AWUMP 0 it stands for Avoiding Writing Up My Project!
    for Thursday's Bubbly Scrumptious, in this case! hehe

  11. So glad you like Annie's poppies and what a perfect reason for wanting it. Our dad was a great gardener and we both have wonderful memories of times spent with him in his garden, which is now Annie's garden, helping to sow seeds, weed and harvest.

  12. I love this post ... the poppy picture is great and your tale makes it something very very special too X

  13. Beautiful post Paula. Your workspace looks so well organised & workable. I'm sure you can find where you put everything. Love your baby card. I've tried to get a good shot of baby feet & it's not easy! LOL at Katie taking over the basket. Your poppy canvas is stunning.XXX

  14. I am giving you a special award. Please check out my blog
    A x

  15. Hi Paula, just got round to nosey in your craft room. You have some great storage space - would love to rumage in some of those boxes. I see Promarkers and Distress Inks - we obviously have something in common here, not sure about the feet though! Your new picture is lovely - you couldn't get anything better if it reminds you of your dad and makes you happy thinking of him and your times together. ikki

  16. Hello Miss Paula, how are you today? I've been reading back through your earlier posts and I'm so happy things ware looking up for you, it must have been a very stressful and worrying time, hope it's soon at an end. Loved the story of how you and your dad spread poppy seeds all around, that was truly heartwarming, Wipso's picture is beautiful too, absolutely perfect for you. I love how your crafty space is coming on, it's such a great feeling to have a little happy place of your own. I have to ask, just how many Craft cd's do you have??? That container looks huge! Oe perhaps you plan on buying a few more! See you again tomorrow!!



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