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WOYWW - 24th February

Afternoon WOYWWers (and any other visitor)
Yes, its that time of the week again when we reveal whats on our workdesk - hence Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday - hosted by the genial hostess Julia over at Stamping Ground.  Check Julia's desk out then read the comments where people leave a link to their very own workdesk/space/area - and sometimes reveal more.

This feature to me has been somewhat of a godsend while I've been off work sick for the last 8 weeks (already?!?!?!).  If I hadn't discovered blogging and the wonderful people through this feature - I might have handled my current situation very differently by focussing on that rather than 'meeting' (in the virtual sense) some talented crafters and lovely people out there in blogland.  So thank you one and all.

I've had a bit of a lie-in this morning, then the dog grooming lady came to sort out my Woolley Baby (AKA Dylan the Bedlington) - so before and after pics at the end of this post for you.

Anyhow, she's gone and he's stopped quaking/panting so here I am blogging my space and some additional never seen before swings to the left!!

Before I reveal the first pic, I have to tell you that I DID clear up last night as the mess i'd created over the past couple of days was doing my head in - things kept falling off the table into the dogs water bowl and it was only a matter of time until it was something that would be ruined beyond rescue - as it happens, so far its only been a can of spray glue and the resident can of hairspray thats landed there.  For purposes of clarification - the dogs bowl is to the left of my desk on the floor which is just inside the kitchen itself.

Without further ado - here is my table ready for me to create - which might not be today now being as I will be 'visiting' everone else for the rest of the day...

Nothing exciting about the desk today. So i'll show you the top of my high shelf unit where I store my ribbons (this is to my right if you look at previous posts)


Next is a picture of some more organza flowers I made last night and the one I showed in my last post - but with a gem glued in the middle of the button - which I DID colour black in the end


Now, here we have a box of organza glittery leaves which have been in the garage for a couple of years - I dragged them out last night with the bag of organza which I made the (above) flowers with (pure experiment).  Not sure what I'm going to use the leaves for yet though.

Right, here we have the swing to the left which is actually my kitchen.  The conservatory, where I am located, is open plan to the kitchen which enables me to multi-task (yeh-right!!!) (p.s. - those fairy lights on my willow sticks are on 365 days a year - I haven't fogotten to take them down from Christmas!!!)

Please don't zoom in or you will see the muck!!!

Next is another view of the wall to the rear of the table - the canvas is one that I made as a piece of inoffensive wall art - basically a frame with some nice material on - when I get fed up or change my colour scheme - it'll cost me a couple of metres of fabric!!  Also - the tumble dryer usually lives in the garage but i refused to keep fighting my way to the back of the garage with wet washing and falling over bikes, golf clubs & trolleys etc etc so it came in the kitchen a couple of months ago so the engineer could mend the door catch - I wouldn't let OH take it back (until pegging out weather is here anyway):

Finally - my Woolley Baby (Dylan) before:


and after:

Hope you enjoyed.  If so - hop over the Julia's and why not join in.  Now i'm off to get a Tramadol and a coffee and go visit everyone else and leave a comment to let them know i've been.

Thanks for dropping by, please leave a comment or become a follower to keep up to date with my random ramblings,

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  1. Hi Paula!!!
    Awww luv your doggie!!! (I have 3 dogs)he looks cute b4 & v posh after,lol!!!
    Your jars all look v organised & the flowers are gorgeous.
    Hope you are feeling better :o)x

  2. Aw poor Dylan, won't he be cold without his coat in this weather? More gorgeous flowers Paula and you can use some of the leaves with the flowers. Glad we're helping you with the aid of Julia ;) I'm going to subscribe my email as I get lots of funny emails from peeps and some are really hilarious so will hopefully bring a smile to your face also ;) Sorry I still haven't sorted out my award I really did appreciate it, but as I've been having probs with PC - getting kicked off internet and having to reboot to get back on, everything's taking so much longer - still got loads of emails that need attending to :-/ I'll hopefully be able to do it before the weekend.
    Anne xx

  3. Sorry Paula, being dozy as usual. I thought by subscribing by email it would give me your email addy. Anyway if you'd like to receive funny emails perhaps you could email me (email at top of my blog) as I don't know where yours is.
    Anne xx

  4. Oh Dylan looks sweet, our poor holly desperately need a cut! I have some "twigs" in my hall that have lights on all year round we just add easter eggs or xmas desks at the appropriate time of the year. Your flowers look lovely.

    Ok I must now go and take my coat off as I've been home 40 minutes now and still haven't done it!! Hugs Pam x

  5. You do know I meant xmas decs and not desks!!!!

  6. Love your space Paula. I would really love a Dylan of my own but think Rocky, Skye and Wispa might have other ideas :-)
    I love your flowers. I'm sure without the centre button they would dumf beautifully :-)
    A x

  7. Well you've really settled into that sapce propely Paula - a good focus since you've been a thome for sure, but overall just a crafter's triumph! love your ribbon storage, so pretty and neat..I will do a close up of my jar so you can feel mometarily smug!

  8. Love Dylan ... the organza flowers look fab ... how much did you spend on craft day? and I am sooooo glad you had a lie in ... I was worried you would be wearing yourself out X

  9. oh smart boy!! Those flowers are fab - could make neat brooches - look forward to seeing them on cards.

  10. AAh Dylan looks like a real sweetie,and very smart with his hair cut. I love your colourful jars full of lovely things, I love the wall art that you created in your kitchen, I love your organza flowers which look so delicate and beautiful and I love your all year round fairy lights, I have that too! Tracey x

  11. Fab desk!!! love those jars I have my buttons in some just like that.

  12. Oh I'm in love .... Dylan is gorgeous and looks a right character .... just found the WOYWW cult today and will blog about my mess!

  13. Hi Paula
    Love the ribbon storage, and the flowers, nice wall hanging, do prefer him clipped he is gorgeous, hey that desk is real tidy after all that crafting.
    Christine x

  14. Woo Hoo ... your link worked ... pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to something crafty! DOH! :0)

  15. craet desk your room looks so light, and I love the lettering on the wall.
    Great organsa flowers
    p.s. I use a step ladder to get to my gear.

  16. Great space sharing! Just love those jars for the ribbons.

  17. aww... you always look so neat and pretty! (workspace I am talking about!!) thanks for your comment on my blog, I am sad however you dont love me LOL

  18. Well, I really enjoyed this sneak peek!
    Your home is lovely and your crafting stuff is great. What beautiful ribbons. Very cute hound Paula, what a smart doggy!

  19. aww cute dog! Love your ribbon storage, just like a sweetie shop but not fattening LOL!

  20. Paula your flowers are amazing I must have a go at those thanks for sharing how to make them
    Your Jars look yummy filled with goodies , like a crafters sweetie shop !! he he

  21. You look very organised Paula! Love your flowers btw & your cute doggy! x

  22. Aw your little pooch is a darling...and I spy a moggie too :O)) Your workdesk is really tidy! And..answering your Q...I get my tags from LB Crafts...10 for £1.05 and they are the same size as the ones that that bloke called Tim uses :O)) I see you said you taking Tramadol...snap! Along with 101 other potions too..hope your pain isn't too bad hun x

  23. Aw Dylan is so cute especially with the new hair cut, my 2 could do with a trim but I was waiting for warmer weather although they do say it doesn't make any difference to the dogs. I have a couple of park dog walking friends with Bedlingtons.
    Your work desk looks very neat and especially the ribbon storage. I have made myself a follower I always like people who make me laugh and you did. Pat xx

  24. So many fab things on your blog Paula - loving your organza flowers - bet they're not as simple as you make them sound!! Love your silly o'clock cards too and the name!! I ordered the TSV but it's for me birfdee so have to wait!! Bet it'll be fab!! Take care, Juliexx

  25. Love your space Paula.. I am trying to get hubby to over haul one of our spare rooms. The one I am in at the mo is getting far too small. I love all your storage. Thanks for the ideas.

    Love your doggy..I like him with the curls though, what a cutie.

    Kerry x

  26. Hi Paula, I love your wall & jars & your dog is so cute!
    My penguin stamp was a birthday gift so not sure where it was from, but its a paper pretties clear stamp if that helps?
    Thank you for commenting on my blog x

  27. Great post Paula, I love all your ribbons, but that's not hard for me as I have a thing about ribbon anyway. Love Dylan too, what a sweetie. Is that him in the front window in your first swing? Love the new flowers and the leaves are so pretty, great colours. Hope whatever you're taking the Tramadol for eases up soon.

    Brenda xx

  28. Hi Paula,
    I hope Dylan has recovered - bless him.
    I adore your ribbons, I've just seen there is a post below showing how to make them - thanks for that.
    I wish my craft space was as close to the kettle and tea caddy as yours is!
    Clare x

  29. Never mind What's on your Work Desk.......I want a Dylan!
    Isn’t he gorgeous and doesn’t he look smart after his makeover…….Aww!

    As for my embroidery threads, it a shame you don’t live nearer. I would be overjoyed and you would be more than welcome to come and sort them for me…….. I’d even make you a coffee!

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the WWW.


  30. Thanks for sharing the pics of your workspace and your lovely dog Dylan!! He's adorable!

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I'm very grateful about the paper roses tutorial you posted about a week ago (I made a post about it, too).
    I've been busy crafting roses for the past couple of days, as you can see on my blog:

    Thanks for the inspiration and keep the posts coming!!!

  31. thanks for sharing a look into your craft space...beautiful dog...have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*


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