Wednesday, 17 February 2010

WOYWW - 17th February 2010

Afternoon campers (...opps I mean bloggers)!!!
Hows your day going today?

I bring you my workdesk on WOYWW - or Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday which is run by the hostess with the mostest - Julia over on Stamping Ground - Check it out if you want to join in the fun and have a nosey and rummage around crafters desks.

This is mine this week:

A bit of a mess this week... Lots of things on the go - namely the handmade roses for which I posted a tutorial (see previous blog post).

Some essentials on the desk (purse for buying stash!), babywipes and kitchen roll speak for themselves (hopefully).  The tins in the background are for a future project inspired by the lovely Linda from A Crafting Journey - she's been published dontcha know!!  AND in a few more sleeps will be meeting the talented god of ink - T!m Holtz...  She may have mentioned this on her blog a couple of times!!! Check it out here .  Hopefully she'll have taken part in the WOYWW feature so you may get to view her desk too...

Last week I was offering 100 points to anyone who could spot the bear sent to me by my blogging buddy Wipso, - well here he is (and was) - 100 points if you found him last week!!

 My Martha Stewart Punches - TSV on QVC last week...

Some more handmade roses - the purplish one at the front has been made in the same way but snipped before i curled.  Its looks a bit different doesn't it?
Pop over to Julia's to see hers and more work desks - leave a little comment on each (we all love that). Click here to link for a good old nosey and meet some lovely people.

I'm off to grab a coffee and have a nosey myself now - last week it took me rest of Wedneday and into Thursday to check everyone out, and I try and leave some love with everyone - as love makes the world go round and we all appreciate it from time to time!!!

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  1. It's nice to see other's mess ;) All the roses look fab hun;)
    Anne xx

  2. How lovely to look at your workspace Paula.
    Your roses are beautiful!
    Lucky you getting both the TSV's. I managed to order one set that is on back-order, so I'll have to wait a few weeks yet.
    Clare x

  3. That's one bus workspace this week Paula. Really love those flowers but as yet haven't had a minute to have a go...I will do though :-)
    A x

  4. Those roses look lovely may have to come and have a nosey on how to make them. I've got a stash purse too but never leave it within site of OH he may actally realise I have my own money to spend on stash rather than pleading poverty when he is with me!!! Thanks for you lovely comments. HUgs Pam x

  5. Hi Paula
    Those flowers look great I love the purple 1,
    Bit of a mess but I love it very creative mess.
    I was the same last week my bum was sore sitting on this chair commenting on all the blogs.
    Christine x

  6. Great flowers P, I've seen some similar tutorials and keep meaning to have a go. Great new punches! Martha Stewart and Ikea, where would the crafting world be without them!!


  7. Gorgeous roses. workspace after my own heart.

  8. Lovely Roses we are planning on making some of these at our retreat this weekend.

  9. loos like you've got some nice big punches, and one busy productive desk

  10. Love the roses...and OMG! Another one who is going to meet T!m!!! LOL......No chance of meeting him all the way down here...not many people make the journey!!! Have fun.

  11. Those roses are beautiful. Love your workspace. I've got some tins in preparation for a "linda" style make over too!

  12. Paula your flowers are adorable darling you are clever
    glad you were lucky to get your MS punches from QVC I already had some out of both sets they offered so didn't bother but the one punch I really wanted was the one with the big half daisys and today I caved and ordered it can't wait for it to arrive I look forward to seeing what you make with it
    Hugs Susie xx

  13. Hi Paula, what a great day Wednesday has become - but I'm getting a bit of a complex about being classed at tidy!! It's only my big sort out that has caused it honest, usually I'm in the push it back lot! You are welcome to nosey my shelves, and you were right the black and white card was from Chrissie. It's a beauty and I like to have cards from friends hanging about, makes me think of them. Did you notice my other friend, when I get to reinstating my piccy, (which seems to have disappear)it was taken outside of his house. Your roses are really good, and I love the purple one - it looks like a dahlia. So, you've got your purse ready - since Wednesday's allow you to be nosey, "what are you going to buy"? ikki

  14. Busy,busy workspace!!!
    Luvly & light & airy,thanx for your comment btw :o)x

  15. wow busy desk. Did you have to rub it in by showing those punches I missed out on - off to sulk all over again now!

  16. Beautiful roses - I tried these once but they didn't look anything like as good as yours! Am very envious of those lovely looking punches.

    The cut letters (spelling out your blog name, I think?) - look v. interesting - are you going to make a custom banner for your blog from them?

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I look forward to visitng you here again! You made me laugh - I hadn't seen it myself until you pointed it out, but yes, it is funny that I made all that mess and ended up with one of the most straightforward, simple and minimilistic cards i've ever made!

  17. Great industrious desk Paula, great and tutorial gob of the north! Still can't get over the light in your space. Now, that remote - gonna alter it, deprive the others of it or put it back wihtout a fight, huh? huh?

  18. Your roses are delicious ... never knew you could get punches :0) May have to get me some :0) and thank you for the love you share ... tis always gratefully received and right back at ya X

  19. great looking desk... :) think mine needs a tidy up! lol

  20. oh what messy fun!!Love your roses! and I'm glad I'm not the only one with TV remotes!

  21. Wow those roses are lush! And your desk looks well used lol. Yup I got the TSV - just the butterfly one though - the other punches were a previous QVC buy!

  22. ooh those flowers look just gorgeous - I have got to try my hand at those.

  23. Fabby roses, fabby punches & fabby desk. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my washing machine! ~blushes~ Enjoy your weekend....with T!m.xx

  24. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for your comment on my sketch challenge. You know if you tried out for my design teem and get accepted you would end up with stamps to play the sketch challenge with. From what I see you make beautiful cards.:D


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