Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WOYWW - 10th Feb

Hi Blogging Buddies....

Before I hope over to Julia's - hostess with the mostest of the WOYWW (Whats on your workdesk Wednesday), I thought I'd post this... I took all my photos then came to put them on the PC and found I had forgotten to put my SD card in DOH!  So I had to take them all again :O(

So here goes - and before you see, I haven't cleaned up especially, no no no!  I have taken to looking after my craft space and clearing up before I retire and sit on the sofa behind my desk and watch tv - my OH says i'm using the space more like a studio than anything else (I actually fell to sleep on the sofa the other night)!!!

Here is the desk view which takes in the wall (can you spy my little teddy bear that WIPSO sent me?) 100 points to everyone with the correct answer - tee hee!!

Next view is a bit closer so you can have a good nose about:


Here are my new inks that i'm collecting (slowly but surely)...

Here is a project I completed the other night - its a stationery (and its stationary!!) box made from the My Craft Studio CD - Wings and Things - it looks like an oriental peacock thingy?!?!?!  It's my first attempt and I know where it can be improved:

And here it is with the lid off:

My cuttlebug has a new home - the drawer set was from Wilkinson Hardware (or Wilko's) and was about £6.99 - bargain and easily fits A4 paper - the top drawer has all my cuttlebug folders, mats and nesties in, drawer two has my promarkers in (I understand that its better for them to store them flat so the ink doesn't all run to one end), and the bottom one has all my batteries, camera, card reader and leads in etc (still never found my camera lead so bought a card reader a couple of weeks ago):


Here's a peek at some of the shelves on my taller unit - The stuff has always been sorted - just never had a place to go neatly before:

This one contains all my base coloured cardstock 

This one contains all the little embellishments such as my beads, sequins, gems, brads etc - all colour co-ordinated in different boxes.  I bought these little boxes AGES ago - they only cost maximum £2 each

This is how/where I keep my adhesives.  The smaller box at the front contains all the bits I would use on a day-to-day basis so I just grab this, then put it away each time i've finished.

This is the inside of my box of CD's (my sister has some of them so there are actually more than this).  Brenda at Bulters Abroad asked how many I have - but I've never counted them!

This is my box of assorted envelopes and envelope making papers - all manner of sizes in here:

And finally - a picture of what made my top 10 (see previous blog award for details where I had to name my top 10 things)  My OH just bought these back for me - not knowing I had named them in my top ten.

PHEW - thats it.  You nearly know my craft room inside and out!!!  

Just as a final treat - i'll post you one of the before shots when OH was first sorting the conservatory as a craft room for me - be warned - its not a pretty site:

Righto - I'm off to Julia's with a cup of coffee then round some more desks for a good old rummage - join in! - Go to Stamping Ground - every Wednesday.

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  1. So what are the kitchen roll insidey bits going to be then? And that pen set (?) on top of the printer...things are getting serious! Great WOYWW!

  2. What a lot of stash you have Paula. I'd love to rummage through that lot :-)
    I don't know why or how but I'd missed the fact you'd already been given the :-) award. It just goes to show what folk think of you and how many positive vibes you have coming your way for the hospital visit you have coming up :-)
    I've spotted little ted but of course I would cos I knew what I was looking for :-)
    Big hugs.
    A x

  3. Hi Paula, firstly thank you so much for the award. I am going to blog that later today. I also love your stationary box, it looks so pretty and I want to have a go at one of those soon! I love looking through your stuff on WoYWW, you are so tidy, I have joined in too this week! Have a lovely week and thanks again for the award. Tracey x

  4. wow - what a great craft room - I love that writing you've got on the wall. It certainly looks as though you've got that room sorted - I keep changing my stuff around a bit to try and find what really works for me! (but never quite hitting on the right combination)

  5. Hi Paula, From out of the mess came order - gal, you did some serious sorting out here! Love your stationery box, and the new drawer set looks a good buy - good old Wilko's. But a bit worried you're collecting inks - it's bad enough being bitten by the Bug, but inks too! AND, I know - I started with one and now I've got 15 and there are more colours due to be released in start saving. ikki
    ps Where this TED?

  6. Hi Paula
    I do feel sorry for the OH having to sort all that out, You have plenty of stash thanks for letting us rummage around.
    Chris x

  7. Wow! you're organised. Lots and lots of stash, like me but yours looks so much tidier!

  8. All that lovely stuff so well sorted! Note to self - tidy room before I swing round and show everyone else next week!!! Our tiny dumflings are all beaded up and mounted on cards ready for the shop. I think I will ask daughter M to make some tiny brooches because her dumflings are daintier than mine! Julia suggested a bridal theme so thats food for thought.

  9. I love that last photo, your poor hubby looks a bit overwhelmed! Great achievement though... out of the chaos etc. Love the box, great colours. How are you getting on with the inks? I have a few Distress inks, Antique Linen is my favourite, I sponge it round the edges of everything not tied down! Put me out of my misery and tell me where the Ted is cos I can't see him for the life of me!!


  10. Paula your are so tidy, I may have to pop to my local wilkos those drawers are just what I need I did see some in Lidl a couple of weeks ago but they were near £10, Hugs Pam x

  11. love your stationary box!! and you have soooo many shelves of lovely stuff!! and you're soooo tidy!! I move one thing ut and I'm in a mess! (The cup had frothy coffee, with chocolate sprinkles and with added Nutella in it!! and was only first thing this morning, where as the tea was about an hour old!!)

  12. LOved the chaos pre organized area ...hubby looked bemused. Now you are so organized and I think your title on the wall is such fun.
    I too gave in to the MS TSV punches ...havent bought for ages and there are 3 scrappers under one roof so I got BOTH sets and turned the TV off lol

  13. Your room looks fantastic and I can see you creating alot in here may it save you time finding all your goodies love how color cordinated it is :) and I just finished my little tea caddies added them into my WOYWW post umm yes I did put all that back right after lol I tried to leave it to create the post but had to stop and clean it up before I finished lol
    hugs Nikki

  14. Hi Paula, ooh you are good tidying up each night ;) Great to see all your stash and I love your text on the wall. How lovely to work in the conservatory :) Fab stationery stationary box ;)
    Anne xx

  15. Oops should be stationary stationery box hehe
    Anne xx

  16. Now , I think I will have to come and have a good old nosey. as things are packed away far to much. A little pull out here and a good old move this here, soon will be looking like mine, lol . Thanks for the comments on y mess x

  17. Hi there Paula! First: I love writing letters and that stationary stationery box is so inviting and cheerful! Second: love the fact that you put the name of your blog on the wall as a stamp of your personal crafty space and I believe it inspires and motivates you every time you see it... As for organizing it I guess I'll copy some ides from you :)) since my space is still in my imagination!
    As for the 10 things, I'll do it today.... and happy, happy, happy to be your friend!

  18. ups... don't no about ides but I'll copy some ideas...hihi

  19. Morning! You can come and sit on my sofa anytime, I have a feeling we would get along well, we have so much in common! Thanks for introducing me to WOYWW, I had a blast yesterday! Have a great day! Tracey x

  20. What an organised workspace. I aim for organised but end up more in creative chaos

  21. What a gorgeous space you have to work in - I love what you did with the wall.

  22. Thought I'd pay you a return visit - just couldn't get round to everyone yesterday!! Love your light airy space for crafting, especially love your wall decor!! Juliex

  23. Wow what a lovely work space
    Kerry x

  24. Thank you for letting us have such a good long look around your craft stuff! What a treat.
    One day, my stash will be as nice and tidy as day.....


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