Saturday, 6 February 2010

OMG - Another Blog Award


The lovely Chrissie from Simply One of A Kind has awarded me a blog award... How lucky am I to get my second one in a week.  I am so thrilled that people out there think me worthy!!!   Thank you so much Chrissie - but credit where credit is due - I like your cards and creations, hence the comments and love I leave you...
is older than me..

I have to play the game again so here are some facts about me you don't know:
  1. I am married to my Childhood Sweetheart - Darren, who i've actually known since I was in Junior school.  We were engaged when I was 16 & 9 Months, married at 20 
  2. I passed my driving test 1st time after approx 8 lessons - but was almost 8 months pregnant. My son always claims he came with me on my test!!! (the reversing round a corner was quite difficult as my very large tummy was touching the steering wheel)
  3. I can whistle with my fingers louder than anyone I know (and people encourage me to!)
  4. (this is a silly one)... I was the last person to sing Kar-a-oke at Haven in Tenby in the 2009 season (tee hee)
  5. I had fairly big babies - my first born was 9lbs and second 9lb 8oz - that's why I didn't have a third!
  6. I eat midget gems and salted peanuts at the same time (don't knock it 'til you've tried it)
  7. I still have the teddy bear from when I was born in my bedroom - she's called Mrs Pinky
I know I now have to award this to 7 people - which is really hard so I am going to be a complete cop-out and award it to everyone who has left a kind and thoughtful comment on my blog and who has passed on words of support throughout this last month - and those crafters who have been kind enough to add themselves as a follower and read all my ramblings!!!!

However - if there were just TWO people I had to pass this award on to - it would be the funny and supportive Julia from 'Stamping Ground' - founder and cult leader of 'WOYWW' or Whats on your workdesk Wednesday.  Without me stumbling across her blog and joining in - I would never have been led to all of the other lovely bloggers who also take part in this feature and have become regular visitors to my blog.  Julia takes time out to 'visit' everyone who takes part and offers words of encouragement and leaves a comment.  It must take her ages - I know it takes me the remainder of Wednesdays and best part of Thursdays (because I am nosey)...  Thanks Julia - you're like a crafting speed date organiser!!! xxxx

And the second would be Wipso from 'A Stitch In Time' who has been equally supportive - who awarded me my very first blog award - so I couldn't award it back to her on that occassion - and who sent me the cutest little bear with a lovely little peom to take with me in hospital when I have my operation... (I go to see the thorasic surgeon on 1st March so watch this space)...  Thank you A with big hugs.  xxxx

Thanks for dropping by, please leave a comment or become a follower to keep up to date with my random ramblings,

x x x


  1. Gawd, I'm blushing...thank you. Isn't WOYWW a perfect example of how a perfectly silly idea can change your life. Sure changed mine for the better!

  2. Thanks Paula. I think I will have to have a long hard think about 7 more interesting things about me :-)
    I might just email you a few privately...there are some things are best not said in public hehehe
    A x

  3. You remind me of my friend you even look like her... whenever we meet she just keeps rambling and I just listen and enjoy it... same here I come and read all your rambling and enjoy while looking at all your creative cuties.... I thought many times of you and when I received a Sunshine reward for my blog I thought of you too... I didn't mention anyone specific but I am telling you directly when you read it do it as if it is written only for you... I really wish all goes well in March and keep on rambling!
    Love Sandra


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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