Saturday, 27 February 2010

New Stash Saturday!!!

Well for the second time I've decided to post what I've received over the last week in terms of stash.  All via the kind postie as I've not been shopping - I'm now finding it really difficult and uncomfortable to drive - so the post will do at the moment!!!

Here's a pic of this weeks stash


Back - new CD from Pink Petticote 'Old Fashioned Girl', small tin for 'altering', The Tim Holtz TSV from QVC, new blade for Silhouette cutting machine,  Front from left lovely lovely dumfing brooches from the Sisters Crafty Creations shop (I love all the stuff in there), then a note book with dumfing on the front then finally my momento inks from QVC.
Here is a lovely card from Twiglet - with some duming on the front (I love dumfing)

Here is a lovely card I received from Crafty Linby 

and this is what was inside:

I am such a lucky blogger to have such lovely and thoughtful blogging friends - all my cards and gifts are being added to my 'wall of fame' near my lovely poppy picture.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x


  1. Love all your new stash...just wish you felt rather better to really enjoy using it all. I have blogged my Monet inspired water lilly picture and will have a think about doing something with lavender on maybe next :-)
    I'm always up for a challenge.
    A x

  2. Hurray! I got my stuff from QVC today too, I can't wait to try it out! Love the dumfing brooches and notebooks. Also love the poster. I have a mug like that but it says now panic and freak out! I have almost finished stamping your trees and they will be on their way to you next week. Tracey x

  3. How fun!!! (And I love the "eat cake" thing!)

  4. Hi Paula
    Could you explain what is dumfing, it looks pretty good, sorry your not feeling too well, but hopefully this stash will cheer you up.
    Christine x

  5. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous crafting goodies. I couldn't decide about the TSV and didn't get it, I wish I had now!
    Clare x

  6. Lovely stash and I hope you soon get started using it all. I too have some cards from the crafty sisters and they are gorgeous.
    What would we do now without the internet for craft shopping??

  7. There's no stopping you gal! Hope that sitting to craft isn't a problem. Poor you. I think the secret to buying all the stash is to break it open and get stuck in..that way you don't look at it a year from now and feel hideous guilt!

  8. Lovely Stash Paula Im so sorry to hear you aren't feeling great. Hugs Pam xx

  9. Yummy stash Paula ;) Yes I love the dumfing too and am going to have a go when I get my embellisher out. Sorry to hear the driving is too painful now :( Enjoy playing :)
    Anne xx

  10. Glad you got the card etc - love the look of your stash and that little tin with the handle -uhm nice. Good luck for tomorrow.

  11. I hope the new stash goes some way to relieving your discomfort, you have a very kind postie though, bringing you all those goodies, I'll have to have a word with mine!! I love the little inks and have got one or two of those myself, ahem! What kind did you get? I also got a couple of new things this week, I'll try and post about them later today.

    Brenda x


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