Saturday, 20 February 2010

New Stash Saturday!!!

Come on then - who's going to fess up the new stash they've received this week???
I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!!...

So, i've not been shopping for ages therefore I've had all mine delivered this week due to me not having been out of the house at all.  I've taken a pic of it apart from the promarkers I ordered cos I've put them away - basically it was just some I hadn't got and wanted to add to my collection.  I got mine from Joanna Sheen as she has free P&P plus dead cheap on the individual pens as well as the packs of 5 - if you want a great deal - pop over to Joanna Sheen.  Did you know they did a gold and silver one - I didn't until I looked so ordered - they're unbelievably metalic and was really impressed.  The just a bit more than the regular colours but every stash should have some!!!

Anyway, here's whats been delivered to the Gale household over the past few days - oh and I need to tell you about the swap of the week too so if you're intrigued; read on...

This is (almost) everything i've had delivered - I bet you're intrigued about the books...

First of all here is a mega box of flowers I received from QVC - they're by Petaloo and QVC were selling packs of 1000 of the little lovlies.  The choice of colours were brights, pastels or love.  I ordered brights and pastel.  Then my Mum said she'd share so we had half each - this is what i've got:


There are felt ones, foam ones, glitter, mulberry paper, texture paper and about 6 different sizes.  Also, there are a few of my home made roses in here too as this is where I will store them.


Right, these books were 20p each and my sister got them for me from a charity shop - its really hard to find backing paper with wording on - and some of the books I've read probably would have a few steamy bits on the pages so may not be appropriate so I thought I'd go for the classics - they really do look good inked up - something which I'll share with you in the next few days.  Anyway when my sister read the titles that were available - of course I said "mais oui"...

These are a couple of my latest colours for my growing collection.  I must say that i've found the lavender one to be very pale and worried that the ink was running out on it - so not sure about this one.

Here's an order I received from The Arts of Crafts.  The lovely Chrissie from Simply One of A Kind provided me with a link as I'd seen a flower she'd put on a card and it looked so wonderful finished with a stamen in the middle - she pointed me in the direction of this Leone Em punch.  The pokey tools... I've just always wanted a pokey tool and had never seen them on sale before so snapped them up.  The rings are because I want to make a journal of some kind so bought them while I saw them.

Right for the mega swap of the week.  Earlier I said that my Mum shared the petaloo flowers with me - well instead of paying me, she had something that I wanted - infact she's had it two years and never even used it - and probably never would... "so what is it?" I hear you cry... 



This'll come in handy for those journals I want to do - and will be perfect with the book rings and some other projects I have in mind.  Of course - I'll share them with you when I've done them.

So come on then - tell me whats in your stash this week - and why did you buy it.

Thanks for dropping by, big hugs,

x x x


  1. You lucky thing, I've only done a small shop this week mainly because my "stash purse" was nearly empty as earlier in the week I too purchased some new promarkers some from Joanna Sheen and some from Angel Craft (the do a bulk buy of 10 colours or 15.95), but I will probaly go to my local shop early next week as its closing as she had some 12x12 trays for £2.50 each so would love to get some. Hugs Pam x

  2. Hi Paula
    Oh I would just love the big bite, good idea with the books, and that punch looks as if it is going to get used a lot with all those flowers, you said to me about layering but the thing with that is, you then have to make a box for the card so you dont squish the flowers.
    Christine x

  3. Gorgeous stash Paula. Should keep you out of mischief for an hour or more :-) the best I can do is my share of some new wools with Twiglet. Think we could dumf for England now :-) A x

  4. I just bought myself a new punch and some pearls...that's it. Your stash looks like a lotta fun!!! Enjoy!

  5. well I bought some whiff of joy new stamps and I am still waiting for them - sniff!
    My dissertation is on Can the public sector be customer centric. Can't remember either if I told you or you asked LOL!

  6. Hi Paula, A funny thing just happened, I was looking up the info you wanted and when I went back I had just missed you. We must have been think of each other! Lovely stash - is the purse empty now? And, when may I ask are you going to have time to read?? Made me smile seeing Othello, it brought back a few memories - I did this at A level quite a few years ago now. Now, The borders you asked about - you will find pictures of the ones that I have on the labels sidebar under - Borderabilities, Pierceabilities, and Joy Craft Borders. The JCB are smaller than the Nesties, but cut just as well. Hope you're a "mice" day! Eileen

  7. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog recently, and so glad to have in turn fuond you!
    Your stash looks amazing, I am so envious! I am trying to be good at the moment, but it never lasts for long, as there is always something on my wishlist!
    Will be back to see what you create with all your goodies!!
    Love Sarita xx

  8. Oh my goodness that was nearly as exciting as having had it delivered myself! Well hubby took me away this weekend to the New Forest and guess what he took me to a craft shop! I got some distress inks, an x-cut shape cutter and glass board, papers, and the autumn version of those Kanban tree stamps you like!If you want me to stamp any of them for you just e-mail me. Have a great week. Tracey x

  9. Oh you lucky bunny all those new toys !! lol
    I have bloged a thank you for my award from you today with a like to your flower tutorial so it might get busy over here late !! lol
    Hugs Susie xx

  10. I got this on Friday from a local craft store. Had a 50% off coupon so I only paid $12.50, which according to this morning is 8.07 pounds! I have a Cropodile (a green one) but I have tiny little hands so I feel like a 5yr old when I'm trying to use it!


  11. I bought a book some time ago to use on projects; I've used it a couple of times so far and had been thinking of making some roses with it, though the paper may be too thin. Great swap there Paula ;) BTW the Milled Lavendar is very pale; I thought I'd bought a duff one; but I've just read on Linda's that Tim suggests using it DTP on white card/paper.
    Anne xx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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