Friday, 5 February 2010

My first altered Project for over 12 years!

I say my first project in over 12 years because when my youngest son was a couple of years old, and I only worked part time, I had an hour or two to kill while he was at nursery...  

Picture the scene...

The changing rooms phenomenom was big, Lawrence L-B was a heart throb, Linda Barker and Carol Smiley joined us in our homes each week (on TV - I wouldn't have let them in my place thank you very much) and I attended a weekly 'art class' where we crackle glazed, stencilled and sanded to our hearts content.  I made a footstool, personalised an old wooden school chair for my Godson, made a clock for my Goddaughter, a chalk memo board for my Sister, painted two massive topiary trees on the wall of the conservatory (in my last house) and basically stencilled everything to within an inch of its life - Oh, and everything got the 'bronze effect rub on cream' treatment!!!

Anyway, several years later we moved to a modern house where nothing is 'lime washed', 'antiqued' or given the 'vert de gris' treatment so away went the sponges, brushes, soldering iron and tubs of scumble glaze - oh and I started back to work full time and had two active and demanding boys - so no time even if I did have the inclination!

12+ years later after my initial dabble, I have altered a trug - and as I said in a previous post I would share it with you when I had finished - so here it is.  You may remember I gave you a sneak 'before' peek last week (sorry, a lot of eek sounds there) when it was on my workdesk.  

Here's a reminder:

The first stage was to paint it a pale pink - I used acrylic paints, then I covered it with diluted PVA glue - this is what it looked like:

I cut out some dotty paper - printed from the new Funky Hand CD 'Dreams Come True' then stuck it onto the trug and painted over with more PVA glue - this pic makes me giggle because the way I laid the paper for the shot makes it look like a pair of trousers!!!

... and left to dry.  Wetting the paper with the glue made some of the ink / colour run - which was OK.  When that was dry I gave it another coat of PVA.

I then painted the inside lilac and gave that a couple of coats (sorry, no pic).

A while ago, I bought some chipboard shapes from QVC and had never even opened the packet but knew when I started this project that I was going to make good use of them.  I didn't take a pic of them but here they are attached to the trug using princess pinflair glue gel (good stuff - i'm a convert).  I glued paper onto the flowers using PVA, allowed it to dry overnight then sanded back.  I decided to give one coat of lilca paint to one large flower and one small flower.  Once dry, I sanded back to reveal some of the white.  I painted the scrolly leaf shapes in lime green and while still wet, added some yellow to the edges, waited for this to dry then sanded round the edges.

The little flower to the right is made of buttons attached with pinflair glue with a large faux gem stuck in the middle.  The ric-rac ribbon stem was originally white so I coloured it using a green pigmant ink pad and added pale green buttons for the leaves.

I did both ends almost identical but coloured the flowers the other way round.  I put a large silver coloured brad in the centre for detail.  The small heart in the bottom left corner was cut using my silhouette craft cutter.

I added pink and purple ric rac ribbon to finish the edges off.  The next shot shows it off better.

You can also see that I wound a ribbon around the handle and added two butterflies on this side (which were also cut on my Silhouette cutter).

This is a view of the opposite side where I added her name - also cut on the cutter:

I finished the whole thing off by giving it several coats of spray and shine varnish.  I made sure that the products I used were non toxic and acid free as it was for a 3 year old.  I lay a piece of wrapping paper in the bottom to protect it before I put some little gifts inside:

These are the things I put inside which I had re-packaged especially:

Left to right - 2 hair slides, love-heart sweets, a hole bunch of hair accessories.

This is what it looked like when I wrapped it:

To finish it off I tied a lovely flower shaped pink helium balloon which said 'you are very special' to the bow which isn't on yet in this shot - I put it on after - but the photo was naff so I deleted itp.

I had also put a little moneybox in with a cute pink dinosaur on the top called 'chloe-saurus'.  She was really thrilled with it.  I also really enjoyed making it.  Its hard to buy for a three year old who seems to have everything a girl could need, so I thought i'd make something she may have for a few years yet and would be very unique.  I like to think that it had a shabby chic look once it was finished.

Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I love the design. You are so creative!!!

    Keep posting, I love reading about your projects!

    - Marija

  2. Oh how fab is that. I love it and it's just so personal. I'm sure any little girl would just love it. Thanks for sharing it.
    A x

  3. Wow Paula thats fantastic! Have a great weekend. Tracey x

  4. So glad you shared your finished project its fantastic love the colours and all the detail. Christine x

  5. What a great pressie; she'll use it for YEARS. How thoughtful..loved seeing the process!

  6. What a wonderful, thoughtful personal and special.. Warmest wishes


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