Thursday, 4 February 2010

I've got a blog award!!!

OMG... The wonderful and talented Wipso at 'A stich in Time' has kindly awarded me my very first blog award - I can't tell you how made up I am.  I've only been blogging for just about a month now so am sooooo honoured to have received it and it is totally unexpected.  Here it is in all its glory:
For this award, Wipso has said that I now must list 7 interesting things about myself (this is probably been the hardest thing for me to do) and then pass on this award to 7 other deserved bloggers. So if you've been nominated in this post and want to play, here are the guidelines:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Place the logo on your blog
  3. Link to the person who nominated you
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
  5. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
  6. Send a message to let them know they've been nominated
 eek... here goes (I apologise in advance if you don't find it very interesting)

1.  I won a competition to be the 'voice of North East Derbyshire' and recorded all the prompts and messages on the new telephony system at North East Derbyshire District Council - then recorded an advert to be played on the local radio station.  Ever since, the Leader of the Council has affectionately called me 'Gob of the North' :O)

2.  My first born arrived on my 22nd Birthday (11th March) - it happened to be the same day of the week that I was born (a Thursday), and within half an hour of my birth time.  I'd been trying to concieve for 5 months and he was 5 days late - so he wasn't exactly planned to arrive on my Birthday 

3.  The number one single on my first birthday was Neillson "I can't live if living is without you".  The number one single on my Sons 1st Birthday (my 23rd) was Mariah Carey with "I can't live if living is without you".  He will be 18 on my 40th (next year).

4.  I've never been without a cat for a pet since I set up home with my husband (I was 18 and a half so that is more than half my life time ago) - we had cats as pets at home too and mum has also never been without a cat since I was in my very early teens.  We are cat lovers through and through...

5.  I sang a solo in a school production of Grease "It's raining on Prom Night" and had missed out on a major role in the play because I had laryngitis on audition day (those ENT probs have always haunted me)
6.  I have 2 tattoos (one on my shoulder and one at the bottom of my back which is a girly swirly thing with the initials of my boys on (A&K))

7.  I had my ears pierced 5 times (3 times I did them at home myself when I was still at school and still have all the holes despite only wearing a respectable one pair of earings these days) and I also used to have my nose pierced - however, the stud kept falling out so I felt this was trying to tell me something and let the hole heal up (you can't tell where it was now).  Also, being a professional in a business environment felt that it wasn't necessarily the look I needed to portray (Although I have to say I did look cute with it in) tee hee.

I typed had typed a couple of different ones out above then changed them as my Mum reads my blog!!!!!

Now, here are the people who I am awarding this award to and my little reasons why:

1.  Barbara at 'Hunnybunnycards'- if it wasn't for looking at Barbaras cards on the Docrafts gallery and following a link to a certain blog (see number 2), I would never have a) got into blogging and b) bought a cuttlebug.  Her creations using cuttlebug embossing folders inspired me to buy one

2.  Ikki at 'Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard' who has helped me, through her wonderful tutorials, to become a confident and competant bug user - I found her blog through a link from Barbara (above)

3.  Helen at 'It's all Fiddle Fart' who continually amazes and inspires me with her creations from unusual objects and bargain finds and the simplicity but effeciveness of her cards and crafts

4.  Linda - at 'A Crafting Jouney' who has me in stitches with her love of T!M and her shenanegans and the way she puts these across in her blog - and her art work is an added bonus!  She's mad!!!

5.  Nela from 'Cut, Nela, Cut' - She is such a talented papercrafter - using only a craft knife and her amazing talent to come up with wonderful creations - check out her blog - you'll be amazed.

6.  Pam from 'Pams Space' for being supportive with her comments and to cheer her up while she has a poorly shoulder - also because I love her creations too

and last but not least - 

7.  Monkey from 'Mums Monkey' as that blog has me in stitches.  It really cheers me up - you need to see the stuff he gets up to!!!

It was really easy - but tough at the same time (if that makes any sense at all) to choose my 7.  There were loads of others I would have chosen - but they had either been awarded it already from one of my fellow award winners or Wipso had already beaten me to it.  In fact, should I have not received it from Wipso in the first place - she would definately have been in my top 7.

I hope the recipients of my award accept it with hugs and thanks for all the various reasons given.

I'm just off to let all the recipients know of their award, then I'll do some blog hopping, in the meantime, bye for now and thanks for popping by.

Paula x x x 


  1. Thank you so much Paula ... how lovely of you to think of me ... in fact I am sooooo chuffed ... I am sending big squidgy hugs and sloppy wet kisses ... as soon as I have a spare few minutes I shall work out what to say and pass it on ... Thank you for making my day XXX

  2. Paula, Thank you so much for your compliments, that you find the Cupboard inspiring is reward in inself, so nominating me for this Kreative Blogger Award is an extra bonus. Thank you for your support which is much appreciated. Eileen

  3. Oh so now I are a tatooed, pierced, cat lover with a big gob :-) :-) :-)
    I wondered what I saw in you and now I know. :-)
    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and for making me smile. Your award was well deserved.
    A x

  4. Hmm Wipso is right - it doesn't paint me in a good light does it?? Thank goodness I actually changed two of them then????!!!!!

    I'm a professional really!!!

    Paula x x x

  5. I love that: Paula, Gob o' the North
    You should have business cards!!

  6. Thanks ever so much Paula, I am really honoured to receive this award and as soon as I can I will pass it on to my blogging buddies.


  7. Thank you soooo much Paula this has cheered me and my poorly shoulder up no end. I will be back later to collect, now I'm off to chase after a doctor who was supposed to call me at the end of her surgery at 12!!!!
    Hugs Pam xx


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