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Handmade Paper Roses - Tutorial

I can't claim to have reinvented the wheel, but I thought I'd share with you my step-by-step 'guide' to making a lovely antiquey looking hand made paper rose. I wanted to achieve some of the stunning looks that fellow crafters out there achieve.

Please be warned this is a long post which consists of lots of photos - I apologise for the quality of some of them - I'm not sure what happened!!!

The first thing to to is get yourself 3 flower shapes the same size.  Also - to achieve the look in this tutorial - the flower shapes need to have 6 petals - and make sure that the flower shape isn't the style with long petals.

You can either draw the flowers and cut these freehand, use a punch or use a die cutter.  I cut my shapes out on my silhouette cutting machine but I did a page full of various sizes so this was quicker for me.  I think though, that a great look can be achieved by tearing the shape (I did some examples tonight while sat watching TV and I can see that they'd look great. Here is a pile ready to play with

Step one - fold the flower in half so that it looks like this (like a cloud!)  Repeat wtice more so that you have 6 sections to the flower:
Repeat this action on all three flowers

On the first flower, snip down one of the folds to the centre

On the second - snip one section away - it will look like a tear drop (well it does to me anyway!!)

On the third flower, snip two sections away.  This should look like a heart shape.  Don't throw these sections away as we need these later.

Now ink all the sections up on the edges - as much or as little as you want.  For this tutorial, I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink pad.
You can either ink at this stage or before you snip (I would have inked before I snipped but I forgot)!!!
Back to the first one - with wet glue, glue one of the sections next to the slit and lay the petal from the other side of the slit over the top.  This should make your flower slightly conical and look like it now only has 5 petals:
Like this
Repeat this for all flowers - each one should look more conical and reduce the number of petals:

here's all three - apologies for quality of photo

Snip the point of petal layers two and three - this enables them to sit inside each other better when assembled

Now we need to shape the petals:

I used a kebab skewer as it was the smallest this I had, but you could use a cocktail stick.  Do this to each of the petals on all three layers:

pop a drop of PVA glue in the middle of each layer - I found that using the pointy end of the skewer was easiest for this

Now place layer two in the centre of layer one, then repeat until the three layers are assembled as follows:

It's really starting to take shape isn't it?

Now, remember the bits we snipped out?  We need to curl these starting with the heart shaped one (2 sections)

First of all, slightly curl the left petal inwards towards the centre
Then curl the opposite side the opposite way - to make a funnel making sure not to make it too tight.  Then snip the bottom off: ('scuse inky fingers in this pic!!!)
Add glue to the bottom and place in the centre of the other 3 layers
Finally, with the last remaining petal, curl both sides inwards, then snip off the pointy bit:
Add glue and place in the centre of the last section you just placed in the flower
This is what your finished assembled flower should look like:
Apologies for the colour of the photo - but it does add a certain vintage look to it doesn't it?
Here's another one with a dab of the distress ink 'Worn Lipstick' which I did AFTER I assembled the flower:

In summary, here are the steps again:
  1. Fold
  2. Snip
  3. Ink (if this is the look you're going for)
  4. Glue (into cone shapes)
  5. Curl petals
  6. Layer on top of each other
This tutorial can be followed using your DP's or on your own printed out backing papers - also different textured paper.  However, I have used 120gsm plain paper here - 80gsm was a bit flimsy and cardstock was a bit too thick and wasn't as easy to shape although it can be done - play about with different weights of card stock - also with different sized petals.
I'm going to give it a try with some patterned papers and will post the results on here at a later time.

Please let me know if this tutorial has been easy to follow and what you thought of it - just as a heads up - this was only the second time I'd made this flower - the first time was on my previous post here. I was happy enough with my first attempt to put in on the front of this card - so don't be afraid to have a go.  The one on the front of the card was made using 80gsm, which I felt was too lightweight.  I'd used 'Old Paper' distress inks on that one.

If you like - please post a link in the comments box to any flowers you have made following this guide.  I'd love to see your achievements too.

Thanks for reading and hope you didn't nod off before the end!!!

Paula x x x


  1. Great tutorial Paula, easy to follow and precise. Thank you for sharing this one. I really like it. Nela

  2. What a fab tutorial. Very easy to follow Paula. Rather fancy having a go in a material...you know me, I'm more of a fabric girl than paper :-) If I manage anything succusful I will blog them for you.
    A x

  3. Lot of work there Paula, well done - great tutorial!

  4. I've found you another award :-) check out my blog. There soon wont be much I don't know about you :-)
    A x

  5. Hi Paula
    Thanks very much great tutorial, I have seen a few of these but yours has been the easiest to follow, great pics.
    Chris x

  6. Wow! what patience and what a fab finished effect!
    Fabulous pictures and a great tutorial!
    There's an award for you on my blog!

  7. It's a great tutorial Paula and lovely flowers. Hope you're having a good day ;)
    Anne xx

  8. Wow, really excellent tutorial, Paula. Thanks so much. I love this flower and had no idea of where to start. Handmade flowers are my favorite over all the purchased types, even better than Primas and this is really fantastc. Beautiful work and thanks again for sharing!

  9. Great Tutorial :) love your roses.

  10. WOWEEE< beautiful tutorial Paula will have to try this out Hugs xxx

  11. Just had to have a look how you made those fab flowers! Super tutorial. I can see Wipso will have me making a few of them next fun day Monday!! Thanks for sharing. - Jo

  12. A very detailed and fab-looking tutorial. i will certainly give it a go!

  13. great tutorial. I'll bookmark this for when I have an occasion to have a go

  14. thanks!=) this is really a big help.. =)good job!=)

  15. thank you so much for a great tutorial. i am smitten by flowers right now and your tutorial is so specific that i may actually be able to make some roses.

  16. I have had trouble with making paper roses, and when I found this tutorial I had my doubts that I could pull one off that even kind of resembled a rose, however your wonderful detailed instructions and photos helped me to make a pretty nice rose, and with a little practice I am certain I have found the method for me...thanks so much! - darlie


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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